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Ruby Jewelry Showcase for Royal Souls

two women wearing ruby jewelryJoin the ranks of nobility by adorning yourself in real Ruby jewelry. Show off your regal style with real Ruby jewelry. View this showcase and pick the pieces that are perfect for you.

Ruby gemstones have been revered across times. From the ancient kings of Asia to the modern celebrities of Hollywood, Ruby is a symbol of wealth, status, and love. Ruby jewelry is the epitome of glamour. 

Your soul is as royal as precious Ruby. Treat yourself to the best things in life. Not only is Ruby an eye-catching crystal, but it is also powerful in love and abundance energy.

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Why wear Ruby gemstone jewelry?

  • Ruby is deemed the most precious of God's 12 stones

  • Ruby elevates your social status and your energy

  • Ruby jewelry has you standing out from the crowd

  • Ruby jewelry helps you attract love, wisdom, and wealth

  • Ruby jewelry from Satin Crystals is 100% real

Ruby Jewelry Showcase

Ruby is rare and precious- just like you. Which ones match your vibe?

Ruby Spark of Light Sterling Silver Bracelet 

Let go of the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. This precious Ruby bracelet ignites your inner flame and your outer fire. The fine crystal gemstones wrap you in sparking sophistication. May your light shine bright with Rubies. LEARN MORE.

Ruby Royal Sophistication Sterling Necklace

Make this red Ruby necklace your new signature style. Radiating with royal air and extravagant sophistication, this precious jewel distinguishes you as one in a million. Each time you wear these sparkling gemstone Rubies, you fall in love with life again and again. LEARN MORE.

Ruby Raw Passion Romance Sterling Pendant

Your passions are as raw and real as this red Ruby pendant. Celebrate your wild loving nature by wearing this sterling silver gemstone jewel right next to your heart. Do you only live once? Or do you live a thousand lives? Either way, seize the moment and make your dreams come true with Ruby. LEARN MORE.

Ruby Zoisite Rich Luxe Sterling Silver Bracelet

Rich green Zoisite reveals spots of royal red Ruby in this super-luxe gemstone bracelet. This faceted Ruby Zoisite jewel with sterling silver clasp is for those who desire the finer things in life. Go ahead, treat yourself. LEARN MORE.

Ruby Zoisite Lucky in Love Sterling Silver Necklace

Who doesn't want to be double lucky in love? Your precious yet powerful Ruby Zoisite necklace offers you the love energy of not one, but two major Heart Chakra stones. Green Zoisite hosts Red Rubies in finely faceted shimmering gems that are fastened to a real sterling silver chain.  LEARN MORE.

Ruby Zoisite Transformation Earrings

Glistening with a colorful personality, these Ruby Zoisite gems are the catalyst for positive transformation. They are the eternal reminder that even the plainest caterpillar can become the prettiest butterfly.  LEARN MORE.

Ruby Zoisite Power of Happiness Earrings

No matter what you do, the world keeps on spinning. Why not enjoy the ride? These Ruby Zoisite earrings teach you how to live from the heart, doing only the things that make you truly happy. Reclaim your happiness with the power of Ruby Zoisite.  LEARN MORE.

Ruby Zoisite Glorious Feelings 14K Gold Earrings

Feel like a million dollars as you glisten in these new Ruby Zoisite gemstone earrings. Set on 14 karat gold, the glorious gemstones become your messengers of power and prosperity. Who said you can't have it all? These Ruby Zoisite earrings say you can.  LEARN MORE.

Ruby Zoisite Royal Lovers Gemstone Bracelet

Gallant Green Zoisite meets blushing Red Ruby to tell a magical love story through your gemstone bracelet. When two royal lovers collide, their passion lives eternally. This crystal treasure is meant for those seeking their soul mate and those renewing the vows of their current bond. LEARN MORE.

Your Jewelry Journey

Which precious Ruby gems call your name? Do you prefer Red Rubies, Ruby Zoisite, or both?

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

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