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The Top 5 Uses for Moldavite

5 green moldavite meteorites in a display case You are attracted to Moldavite and you've heard of its incredible healing powers.

Moldavite fascinates you because it is of alien origin aged at almost 15 million years old.

You cherish Moldavite because it is a rare Tektite meteorite that comes only from the Czech Republic and once it is gone, it is gone!

Perhaps you are looking to find real Moldavite for sale, or perhaps you are already an owner of this incredible mineral.

5 ideas on how to use your Moldavite

1. Hold Moldavite to Meditate and Astral Travel

Moldavite is a high vibration healing crystal. It resonates with energies that go above and beyond the earthly planes. Most people feel a strong tingling sensation just by holding Moldavite in the hand. That makes your Moldavite piece ideal for meditation.

Moldavite helps you raise your vibration so you can rise above the daily grind and be in touch with your spirit group. This green Tektite puts you in touch with your spirit guides, guardian angels, and higher self.

Because Moldavite is star-born, it is a perfect choice for astral travel. Astral traveling is when your physical body stays in place but your energy body travels out. Let Moldavite take you around the world, and even up above.

Moldavite frees your mind and encourages you to explore alternate realities. It is ideal for channeling Masters and Beings from beyond our world.

2. Wear a Moldavite Pendant to open the Heart Chakra

Moldavite resonates with your Heart chakra because it is green. To use your galactic gem for Heart chakra activation, wear a Moldavite necklace or a Moldavite pendant on your favorite chain and let it hang close to your heart. 

Moldavite opens the flow of your Heart chakra. It summons your true love- your soul mate who is written in the stars. This crystal teaches you to love mankind and all beings.

Moldavite benefits singles, couples, happy people, and unhappy people. Why settle for ordinary love when you can experience cosmic love?! 

3. Carry Moldavite in a Purse or Wallet for Protection and Wealth

Moldavite is a high vibration stone that resonates at the level of your protective spirit guides and guardian angels. Carry a piece of raw Moldavite in a pouch and place it permanently in your purse or wallet. The energy of your guides will be with you every step of your way.

Moldavite also resonates with the universal abundance. The Universe is rich in resources, and Moldavite wants to be used as a Law of Attraction tool. Program your Meteorite to bring you abundance and carry it with you. Let wealth and abundance rain down on you from the stars above.

4. Display Moldavite as Art and Positive Feng Shui

Whether or not you believe in the healing powers of Moldavite, it makes a fascinating display piece. Find a nice suspension box so that you can showcase your precious Moldavite gemstone or jewelry. The natural piece of art is sure to turn the heads of curious friends, family, and coworkers.

Displaying Moldavite in your room helps with positive Feng Shui. Program your Moldavite to the energy you wish to receive:

  • If you are looking for financial wealth, cash, and money- place Moldavite near your office or work desk.

  • If you are looking for a soul mate or relationship improvement- place Moldavite in the bedroom.

  • If you are looking for the spiritual evolution of your soul- place Moldavite in the place you do meditation or relaxation.

  • If you are looking for protection- place Moldavite near the front door.

5. Gift Moldavite Jewelry and Moldavite Stones to Men & Women

Holidays and special occasions just keep coming, but your original gift ideas have long run dry. Make it the Year of Moldavite and impress everyone on your gift list.

Moldavite makes an incredibly interesting gift for men, whether or not they believe in the healing properties of meteorites. Just about everyone is fascinated by the mysterious lure of deep space. Moldavite brings the mystic draw of the Universe to one's fingertips.

Pick unique Moldavite specimens and accessories to gift fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews, grandfathers, bosses, and coworkers.

Women adore Moldavite for its alluring green glow and positive energy. It is a coveted gemstone that makes one feel special. The gift of a Moldavite pendant or necklace is sure to win her heart.

If the lovely lady appreciates the spiritual aspects of Moldavite, perhaps a pair of natural gems for meditation is right for her. Moldavite is a favorite for mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, bosses, and coworkers.

Moldavite is exactly what you need to achieve gifting success at New Year, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, and Christmas.

It is the Year of Moldavite! 

Ready to buy Real Moldavite?

We hope these five tips helped you make the most use of your Moldavite gem. 

If you are not yet an owner of exclusive Moldavite, check out Satin Crystals Moldavite Collection to find the perfect pieces. Even better, shop real Moldavite right here:

female holding moldavite stone and wearing moldavite ringYour Moldavite Journeys

How do you use your Moldavite? How does it make you feel? Comment on the blog below. 

Meanwhile, here are additional resources for your meteorite knowledge: 

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - January 3, 2023

Hello Elvin,

We are unable to tell you if your Moldavite is real or fake unless you purchased it from us. When you buy from Satin Crystals, we guarantee 100% real Moldavite.

Here is an article about real vs fake Moldavite, which also explains how you can test it:

Please let me know how we can further assist you.

Elvin G. - January 3, 2023

I have a question I bought a moldavite but I don’t know if is fake or real and I pay a higher price for. How do I know I got ripped off. Can you please help me. Thank you.

Sheila Satin - June 23, 2020

Hi Varun, good question.

Yes, sweat will effect your Moldavite crystal. It won’t immediately be noticeable and a little sweat here or there won’t be a problem, but if there is prolonged sweat, the salt and chemicals of any perfumes/soaps/lotions you may use on your body may break down the Moldavite over time.

Keep in mind, this is a prolonged process, so if you are careful to clean your Moldavite in between, you most likely won’t see any ill-effects from sweat.

However, it also does depend on your piece of Moldavite. Because each specimen is unique in its shape, formation and inclusions, it will react differently to different outside catalysts.

Sheila Satin

varun - June 23, 2020

is sweat bad for moldavite

Lisa Satin - November 2, 2019

Thank you for the additional information. We are so glad that there was no physical effect on the stone. Don’t worry that it has been stripped of powers. Salt does “cleanse” out whatever energy had been gathered there, but it doesn’t take away the essence of the stone. Your Moldavite still holds its properties.

What was removed was any additional energy (negative or positive) that may have impacted it along the way when others touched it, or if it absorbed vibes from the environment. Now that your Moldavite is a “clean slate”, you can actually program it with your very own personalized intentions.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to program your Moldavite:

Here is a guide to Meteorite meanings, you can scroll down to see the innate properties of Moldavite that will remain with the stone no matter what:

K.R. - November 2, 2019

Hi , Nothing has happened to the stone but I was given to understand that salt robs the stone of its essence and powers , I am attaching a picture of the stone post salt immersion. Await your expert advise.

Lisa Satin - October 30, 2019

Thank you for writing to us about your experience.

Salt is not one of our top recommended cleansing methods because it can have an abrasive effect on minerals. However, it really depends on which stone. We have never charged Moldavite in salt, so we would appreciate it if you could give us a description of what happened to the stone or send a photo. That way, we can warn others and also advise you better regarding a possible solution.

For future reference, some safe ways of cleaning/charging/programming crystals can be found here:

K.R. - October 30, 2019

A friend had gifted me a moldavite from your site.
I had out of ignorance placed my moldavite in a bed of salt directly for 36 hours as a means of cleansing it, which I understand now is detrimental for the stone. Is there a way that I can reverse the damage, please advise.
Your advice will be deeply appreciated. Thanks

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