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Top 5 Third Eye Chakra Jewelry Collections

woman wearing lapis ring and earringsDo you want your intuition flowing day and night? Third Eye chakra jewelry keeps your spiritual vision sharp.

When you slip on these powerful Third Eye chakra jewels, your ideas are brighter. Your goals are clearer. You connect to the grand Universe in a more meaningful way. You're a looker and a seer!

Check out these 5 brilliant Third Eye chakra jewelry collections. View the entire Collection of Third Eye chakra jewelry at Satin Crystals.

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5 Third Eye Chakra Jewelry Collections

#1 Kyanite Mystical Mirror Collection

Kyanite is a Third Eye crystal that gives you access to the mystical world. Gaze into these dreamy blue jewels and gain a better awareness of your spiritual nature. Kyanite jewelry keeps you cool and wise.

#2 Lapis Sharp Visions Collection

With these Lapis Third Eye jewels, you look sharp! You gain crisp visions of a bright future while looking the part. Follow your intuition to success; it never leads you astray.

#3 Labradorite Psychic Moon Collection 

Harness the psychic energy of Goddess Luna through Labradorite moon jewelry. Glistening with New Moon power, these pieces connect you with the intuitive moon day and night. You're simply magical.

#4 Sodalite View from the Clouds Collection

Sodalite Third Eye chakra jewelry calms your mind and allows you to see things from the bigger picture. Instead of drowning in earthly worries, step up into the clouds and tap into the spiritual purpose of each day. Your Third Eye will thank you.

#5 Complete Chakra Collection

The Third Eye is your spiritual seer. Yet you cherish all 7 chakras. Chakra jewelry helps keep you holistically harmonious. Plus, the Selenite set serves as a charger for your Third Eye chakra jewelry and other gems in your collection.

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Sheila Satin - March 21, 2022

Hi Troy, thank you for your email. It sounds like you could use some Heart chakra healing. Here are two articles that may be helpful:

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a positive money-mindset and to attract with abundance, you can start here:

As for physical ailments, we do not recommend crystals for physical symptoms, but if there’s something emotional she is working on, we can help guide your sister as well.

Troy - March 21, 2022

My name is Troy I live in AUSTRALIA I’ve just by chance found your site.
I am a fan of bracelets.
If I can give you some insight on me.
Mum and dad both passed away last year within one month of each other. I was caring for both for mum for 10 years.
I am trying to somehow find myself as you can probably imagine the pain.
I am financially struggling severely as well as physically on top of this I am single.

Anyway the reason I’m writing to you is that I am going to purchase a couple of items from you which are the bloodstone and citrine.

I would like to ask you if it’s not too much of a bother is there any bracelets you could recommend to assist me with my many mentioned barriers.
Also for my sister who has very severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Very kind regards

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