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3 Labradorite Magic Spells

hand wearing labradorite bracelets holding a labradorite sphere and polished stoneAre you ready to cast magic spells with your Labradorite stones? Read on to learn about this mystic gemstone and its powers to manifest healing, summon the supernatural, and awaken the third eye. 

What are Magic Spells?

Magic spells are words that you recite to awaken supernatural powers. Traditionally, these incantations were sometimes recited in archaic languages and often had poetic characteristics like metaphors and similes.

Magic spells are similar to blessings and curses. However, magic is believed to come from summoned supernatural forces rather than just the power of words.

When you think of magic spells, you most likely imagine witches and their brewing cauldrons. What you will be learning now is the modern day version of casting spells.

You don't need to dress up and prepare any special potion (but do so if you want!). You will be summoning magic through crystals, words, and the brilliant power of your mind.

What are Labradorite Magic Spells?

Labradorite magic spells harness the energy of this metaphysical gemstone to awaken supernatural forces. Labradorite is the choice gemstone for magic spells because it aligns with Wiccan energy.

Labradorite opens the labyrinth of the spiritual realm and the vast visions of your Third Eye. That is why it holds the nickname 'Stone of the Supernatural.'

While the notion of magic spells can have scary connotations, Labradorite magic spells are used only for positive manifestation and doing good. It is unrelated to black magic or curses, because crystals have positive vibrations that were not created for harming yourself or others.

Labradorite magic spells awaken the best in you and those you enchant.

3 Magic Labradorite Spells to Perform

Each of the following three spells involve crystals, rituals, and incantations. Here you find the outline of how to perform the spell. You can change and elaborate the spell as you wish, according to your intention and circumstances.

Before beginning, make sure you have the right Labradorite crystals. You can find a magical selection of Labradorite Stones and Jewelry at Satin Crystals. 

#1 Labradorite Healing the Distressed

Purpose: Using your talents in crystal healing and spirituality to help someone who is in distress. This spell is meant to be done with the person in your presence. Ideally, they are laying face forward so you can place stones on them.



  • Dim the lights and set a candle
  • Place chakra stones from your kit on the client's 7 chakras (optional)
  • Place a Labradorite heart on or near client's Heart chakra
  • Recite incantation a minimum of 5 times
  • Between each incantation cycle, spray Labradorite elixir over client's body
  • After all incantations are complete, strike the tuning fork and place it on the Labradorite heart while it vibrates (optional)
  • Blow out candle to end the session


"The light of the candle keeps you protected. The light of the candle clears the air. The light of Labradorite heals your wounds. The light of Labradorite awakens your dreams.

Your chakras are flowing. Your heart is free. Your spirit is glowing. Water cleanses your chi."

Note: If your client has come for a specific healing purpose, you can address this by expanding the incantation and targeting it to heal their particular pain. 

#2 Labradorite Summoning the Supernatural

Purpose: Communicating with a non-physical being. This can be done with any entity you desire, such as a past loved one, spirit guide, alien life form etc. In this example, we summon your spirit guide. This can be done alone for yourself, in a group, or you can perform it on a client.



  • Cleanse your space with sage to make a protective space where only positive entities can be summoned
  • Gaze into your Labradorite crystal ball for 1 minute and hold the pendulum in your non-dominant hand
  • Recite the incantation 3 times. You can read the incantation while the pendulum moves in your hand. Alternatively, memorize or record the incantation and keep your eyes fixed on the crystal ball throughout the session.
  • After the recitation, keep gazing into your ball until your experience is over.


"I come in peace to connect with my spirit guide. I come in friendship to connect with my spirit guide. I come in love to connect with my spirit guide.

Show me your presence through the movement of this pendulum. Show me your message through the crystal ball." 

#3 Labradorite Awakening the Third Eye

Purpose: To awaken the psychic forces in your Third Eye or that of a client.



  • Light incense to cleanse your space, and keep it lit through the session
  • Place a Labradorite stone on your Third Eye if you are lying down, or tape/secure it to your Third Eye if you are sitting
  • Place one or more pieces of Labradorite jewelry on a mirror that is lying flat
  • Recite the incantation 3-5 times
  • Blow out the incense after the session is complete
  • Wear the Labradorite jewelry for lasting psychic effects as you continue your day or night


"The magic of Labradorite awakens my Third Eye. The powers of Labradorite open my intuition. The rainbows of Labradorite color my visions. 

The mirror of the universe is reflected into my jewelry. The mirror of time is reflected into my jewelry. The mirror of my soul is reflected into my jewelry."

Continue your Labradorite journey

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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