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Moldavite Jewelry Gift Guide

three woman admiring their moldavite jewelryMoldavite is a dreamy and desirable gemstone that impresses your loved ones. When you're choosing a gift, you want something that will knock them off their feet. Get merry Moldavite jewelry for the special people in your life. They will love it to the moon and back!

Which person matches which Moldavite jewelry? In this guide, you find out how to choose Moldavite jewelry gifts according to personality. Check out the six starry Moldavite jewelry collections below. Discover which designs fit which personality types.

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Six Starry Moldavite Jewelry Collections

Read about the personality types who will enjoy each collection. Don't forget to treat yourself to the perfect Moldavite pieces while you're at it!

# 1 Garnet Lover Collection

Moldavite Garnet jewelry pieces vibrate with cosmic love. GET THE perfect Moldavite earrings, pendant, or ring. Gift it to a lover, family member, best friend, and those celebrating a big occasion. Go all out and get the entire set! The Garnet Lovers collection completes a Christmas or Valentine's Day ensemble.

Personality Match: Romantic, dreamy, and sentimental souls. 


# 2 Constellation Lyra Collection

This adorable duo is brought to you by Constellation Lyra. Five real Moldavite gemstones align perfectly with your destiny. Constellation Lyra is the harp of outer space, playing the melody of the Universe. The pendant and ring are set in sterling silver.  Pair them up to create a gift of a lifetime.

Personality match: Artistic personalities, spiritual loved ones, gentle souls

#3 Rough Tough Tektite Collection

Are you looking for Moldavite that matches a strong personality? The Rough Tough Tektite collection contains bold Moldavite statement pieces. Be front and center of the show with the Big Alien pendant, Keeper of the Universe locket, Real Deal pendant, High Vibration necklace, and Secrets of Space pendant.

Personality match: Mighty protectors, bold souls, innovative leaders of the galaxy. 

# 4 Twinkling Star Collection

The Moldavite Twinkling Star collection contains the Universe's finest faceted Moldavite gemstones outfitted in sterling silver designs. The Moldavite Moon pendant is a divine choice for astrology lovers. Match it up with Swinging Star earrings and a Halley's Comet bracelet. Animal aficionados will adore the Moldavite Alligator and Hedgehog necklace. These original designs make a lasting impression.

Personality match: Original, creative people who enjoy elegance, sparkling and savvy souls, animal and nature lovers.

# 5 Multi-Faceted Universe Collection

This cosmic Moldavite jewelry collection has sparkly multi-faceted pieces. When your giftee wears these gemstones, their astral bodies journey through time and space. The Moldavite Saturn ring is deeply sensual while the  Luck of the Irish pendant brings good fortune. The Stargazer ring is adventurously and the North Star necklace glistens with guidance. Mix and match to form the perfect gift combination.

Personality Match: Wise, intuitive, cosmically aware souls and multi-faceted individuals.

#6 Royalty Raw Collection

For friends and family who prefer raw Moldavite jewels that are sophisticated in style, shop the Royalty Raw collection. They gain the pure energy of Moldavite while remaining fashion-forward. The Brilliant Shooting Star necklace gives the gift of confidence and manifestation. The Moldavite Infinity pendant is a slim slice of space that holds big bang powers. 

Personality Match: Sophisticated, high-class cosmic citizens.

More Moldavite for you 

You just can't get enough of magical and mystical Moldavite. See your entire Moldavite collection to find unique jewelry and specimens too. Or shop right here, right now:

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Lisa Satin - November 24, 2023

Thanks for writing to us. Although we haven’t worked with Moldavite in terms of spirit entities, you might find it to be the right gemstone if your intuition is guiding you here. Moldavite is known for all kinds of manifestations and transformations.

To help you decide, please check out this:

Sheila is on Thanksgiving break and will be back in the studio later this week. If you’re still interested in pictures of the Moldavite pendant, let me know and I’ll ask her to send them to you when she returns.

Preston - November 24, 2023

Moldavite Pendant Powerful Secrets of Space Real Green Tektite im looking at this to place a spirt Entity his vessel is not that strong and i think this would be a great switch for him however im new to this so tell me what you think also when i buy can you send me a few pics so i can pick the shape i want i see there all kinda different.Thank you.

Lisa Satin - October 18, 2023

Thanks for writing, George. We hope you are enjoying the Moldavite pendant you got from Satin Crystals.

These 7-star Moldavite sets would be equivalent to small chips, as each piece is just 5-10mm each.

If you want to gift each person their own little piece, you could get additional floating cases in size small:

Just note that they are very small chips.

Our most popular Moldavite item, which is larger at about 10mm, is the Mini Martian:

You could go for a triple pack and get 2 additional floating display boxes to make 3 little gifts.

Please let me know if you need additional ideas or assistance :)

George W. - October 18, 2023

Hi and thanks for great service. Just want to know if you have moldavita chips for sale. I want to give small chips to my love ones. Thanks again for your help

Lisa Satin - December 15, 2022

Hello DHarmony,

It sounds like you want to wear the Moldavite as a pendant, so it’s best to listen to your intuition. Here is our current collection:

Since the safety of the stone is a concern for you, this one is the most protected Moldavite and least likely to incur damage:

As you mentioned a budget, the pendants that fall into your price range would be the one mentioned above and also this Moon:

The Moldavite on the Moon pendant is faceted and polished which makes it strong and more stable than the raw stones.

Also, we expect to receive refills of this raw pendant in size XS and Small in about 3 or 4 weeks. It’s raw and the most fragile of the 3 recommended in this email:

Finally, if you need further assistance with making a decision, we have this helpful video and article:

Please let us know if you need help placing the order :)
Lisa Satin

Harmony S. - December 15, 2022

Mam how can i use it… Shoul i wear as a pendant… And my budget is about $120. Which size and which type should i go for.. i like i mean i am interested in spirits world. And aliens attacks before.. and lots of paranormal things i have been faced before.. and i want to get fullfilled my wish. So please suggest me a proper one mam

Lisa Satin - December 12, 2022

I’d be happy to help answer your questions, Harmony.

1. Size and effects: Please read this article:

2. Yes, we have many Moldavite pendants for sale that our customers love. You are right in that it’s very delicate and there’s always a possibility of breakage. That’s the nature of this gemstone.

3. We offer a 30-day return window. You may be responsible for shipping costs, and as your profile indicates you are abroad, I would carefully study the return policy before proceeding:

4. Yes, it’s 100% real Moldavite: Is your Moldavite Real?

Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Harmony S. - December 12, 2022

Good afternoon.. i got lot of questions to ask . Does size matters in its effects… Can i wear pendant. As i have heard that it’s very delicate glass.. worried it can break than… If it doesn’t meet my expectations can it be refund.. and the main thing i want to ask about its size effects and it’s originality.. i mean size doesn’t matter… And it’s 100 percent original product

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