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7 Crystal Balls to call your Animal Spirit Guides

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Did you know that you can summon your animal spirits through your crystal balls? When you need a protective eye, a helpful hand, or an energetic nudge, call upon your animal guardians using gemstone spheres. There's so much to gain and learn from these wild orbs.

In this showcase, we feature 7 crystal spheres that correspond with 7 different animal guardians. Harness the positive traits and spiritual secrets of your fierce and fuzzy friends. Which ones vibe with you?

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Watch the Animal Crystal Ball Video

Click the Animal Spirit Spheres video for an overview on which crystals can be used to channel your favorite guardians. We also have tips on how to use these spheres in your healing practice. 

7 Animal Energy Crystal Balls for you

These special crystal balls connect you with important guardian animals, each with their healing traits to share.

#1 Septarian Sphere of the Dragon

Animal Spirit Guide: Dragon Stone is a nickname for Septarian Stone. Use this sphere to summon the energy of your majestic Dragon spirit guide.

Traits to gain: Leadership, power, admiration

Meaning: Dragons are the majestic animal of the emperors. They are the mightiest of beasts, present in most cultures and mythology. The dragon brings out your magical powers in metaphysics and career. Use the Septarian Dragon Stone sphere to get in touch with your strong, masculine energy. Gain the courage to be a fierce and respected leader. Harness fame, reputation, and power with this crystal ball.


#2 Spiderweb Obsidian Sphere of the Spider

Animal Spirit Guide: The Spiderweb Obsidian sphere is laced with webbed patterns. Use this crystal ball to summon your talented Spider animal.

Traits to gain: Tranquility, patience, manifestation

Meaning: Spiders embody patience and tranquility as is required to weave beautiful webs. Use Spiderweb Obsidian spheres to tap into the Spider's mysterious powers. Learn how to feel content by trusting in the moment. Everything will fall in place. The web itself is a catcher of dreams and accomplishments. Turn to this crystal ball when you are working toward a goal and need reassurance that rewards are on the way. Anxiety and doubt transform into peace with Spiderweb Obsidian orbs.


#3 Serpentine Sphere of the Snake

Animal Spirit Guide: Serpentine swirls and twirls with the personality of your Snake guardian animal. Use this crystal ball to call forth your serpent advisor.

Traits to gain: Wisdom, instinct, rebirth

    Meaning: Snakes are known for their wisdom and closeness to God's realm. Harness the messages and guidance of your Snake spirit guide through the Serpentine crystal ball. These creatures are very instinctual and will give you the power to trust in yourself. Don't recoil in doubt. Instead of second-guessing yourself, listen to your inner voice and strike while it's hot. The snake regularly sheds its skin and helps you shed old baggage. The Serpentine ball opens your eyes to new beginnings, experiences, and insight.


    #4 Onyx Sphere of the Ox

    Animal Spirit Guide: Onyx is home to your strong and steady Ox animal guardian. Use this sphere to connect with the sturdy Ox.

    Traits to gain: Stability, strength, ethics

      Meaning: When your life feels too chaotic, you need to summon your sturdy Ox spirit guide through your Onyx crystal ball. The Ox is a reliable and steady worker, dedicated to its mission and its family. This animal guardian is a strong protector for your own family and home. Place the Onyx sphere in a central location to stabilize your life and watch over your hearth.


          #5 Tigers Eye Sphere of the Tiger

          Animal Spirit Guide: Tigers Eye is bursting with Tiger energy. Use this sphere to summon your brave guardian Tiger animal.

          Traits for you to gain: Confidence, business savvy, focus

          Meaning: Tigers are brave, competitive, and strong. When you want to be king of the jungle, channel your tiger spirit animal through your Tigers Eye crystal ball. It helps you focus by honing in on your goals so you can pounce confidently to success. Your Tiger guardian animal shows you how to become business savvy and a life champion. It is wildly protective of your space and energy.


                #6 Crocodile Jasper Sphere of the Crocodile

                Animal Spirit Guide: Crocodile Jasper houses the eyes of a thousand watchful reptiles. Use your Crocodile Jasper ball to get in touch with your guardian Crocodile.

                Traits for you to gain: Protection, control, emotional strength

                Meaning: Your Crocodile Jasper channels one of the toughest animals to watch over you. The Crocodile spirit guide is observant, with eyes open as it lies hidden in the water. It teaches you to be in control of your environment, striking only when the time is right. As a water animal, your reptilian animal guardian helps you dive deep into your emotions, washing away the pain and trauma. The Crocodile Jasper sphere is a versatile friend, indeed.


                    #7 Safari Jasper Sphere of the Animal Kingdom

                    Animal Spirit Guide: Sometimes you need as much help and guidance as possible! Use Safari Jasper to summon the entire animal kingdom or any specific animal guardian you desire.

                    Traits to Gain: Guidance, hope, worldliness

                    Meaning: When you need a whole army of animals beside you, turn to your Safari Jasper sphere. The wild kingdom has your back as you go through a major crisis that requires great guidance. This bustling safari opens your eyes to new energy and ideas. Your animal tribe uplifts you with hope and reconnects you to your natural state of peace.


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                      Lisa Satin - September 12, 2023

                      Thanks for writing to us. For spiritual communication, you can try higher-chakra crystal balls like Amethyst, Lapis, and Lepidolite.

                      To connect with aliens, you might give Meteorites a try. If you’re talking about animal creatures, grounding orbs like Agate, Jasper, and Aragonite come to mind. For your sea spirit animals, you can use Larimar, Aquamarine, and Sodalite.

                      Check out these Occult crystal balls for even more ideas:

                      Minny J. - September 12, 2023

                      Which crystal ball will communicate spirits? Maybe asking them for help or asking creatures for help?

                      Lisa Satin - December 24, 2020


                      From what you tell me, she might be able to benefit from Fluorite crystals. Those are known to help one focus and concentrate. They also correspond with helping the head area- physically and mentally relaxing.

                      Some ideas could be to wear it to help focus, or do meditations (best!), even make a Fluorite elixir to drink water with.

                      Really though- if she’s open to these things, she can try! If not, it will be more difficult :)

                      Lisa Satin

                      Bear - December 24, 2020

                      Hello, i am a coach and have a female player which struggles with ADHD, severe cross allergy, being able to focus, and headaches.

                      I need some sort of solution that could help here improve. She goes from awsome some days to struggle the next. It os not instead of doctor and medicine. Just wanna learn more:)

                      Thank you

                      Bear - December 24, 2020

                      Hello, i am a coach and have a female player which struggles with ADHD, severe cross allergy, being able to focus, and headaches.

                      I need some sort of solution that could help here improve. She goes from awsome some days to struggle the next. It os not instead of doctor and medicine. Just wanna learn more:)

                      Thank you

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