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Gemstone Egg Decorating Ideas

gemstone egg decorating ideas by satin crystalsGather all your favorite gemstone eggs. They are beautiful to behold, aren't they? The natural colors and patterns satisfy your senses. The powerful vibrations have you feeling joyous, and get you in an upbeat mood.

These genuine gemstone eggs have all kinds of benefits that you may have read about in our How to Use Crystal Healing Eggs article. They are exactly right for getting you in the Easter spirit, which you can learn about in Easter Eggs: A Celebration of Life

Now, we'd like to share more ideas with you on how to decorate with your crystal eggs.

Watch the Inspirational Egg Video

Click to watch our video on decorating ideas for your gemstone eggs and how you can display them in your home, office and healing space. 

Where to Put your Decorative Gemstone Eggs

Wooden napkin holders, acrylic crystal stands and stone rings make perfect display stands for your gemstone eggs. However, the possibilities are endless: display them in cups, baskets, bowls, planters, bottles, and anything you have around your house with a divet!

Here are ways to decorate your home with gemstone eggs:


Gemstone eggs are a natural fit for your kitchen. Eggs symbolize an abundance of fun, friends, and harvest. Here are some kitchen ideas to pursue that give your space a farmhouse touch:

  • Place your gemstone eggs in rustic egg cartons
  • Feature them in nested wooden boxes 
  • Display them on egg caddy stands
  • Charge them up in the sunlight and moonlight by lining them along your kitchen windowsill
  • Take it a step further and line them up according to the colors of the chakra

Dining Room

Get creative in the dining room using your gemstone eggs to create a colorful centerpiece. The dining table is the heart of your home, where friends and family gather to enjoy food and time together. Crystal eggs add to the pleasure:

  • Trail a long piece of moss down the center of your dining table and lie the eggs on top
  • Place gemstone eggs on cute egg cups. Elevate this look with gold jiggers or metallic shot glasses.  
  • If you are having a dinner party, place a gemstone egg in front of the guest according to what energies they need at the moment or whichever stone reminds you of their personality
  • At the gift-giving time, present your guests with the gemstone egg to take home.
Gifting eggs is a symbol of prosperity, both for you and the giftee. 

    Living Room

    The living room is your prime real estate for home decoration. Here, your gemstone egg collection can be featured front and center for everyone to enjoy:

    • Place gemstone eggs in an attractive basket on the coffee table
    • Create an indoor crystal garden with your favorite gemstone egg as the star
    • Incorporate gemstone eggs into your terrariums
    • Pick one solo egg to be the shining belle of the ball under a bell jar
    • Miniature plant pots make kitschy display stands for your gemstone eggs; fill them with a little moss or shredded wood excelsior for some padding
    • Have some vintage bottles or collectible vials? Top them with gemstone eggs!


    In the bedroom, choose two matching gemstone eggs and place one on each bedstand. This will balance the relationship with your partner. 

    If you are single and looking, have your egg by your bedstand for your manifestation goals. This way you'll remember to hold it whenever you are reciting your desires out loud to the Universe. 

    If you have trouble sleeping, try a small gemstone egg under your pillow. Choose sleepy time gemstone eggs like Amethyst, Moonstone or Celestite. 


    A place to unwind and rejuvenate, gemstone eggs can add a sense of serenity to your bathroom. Try these ideas:

    • Leave a set of your favorite healing stones in your bathroom to use for self-massage and guasha facials
    • If you already have a gemstone facial set you like to use, add an egg to the kit
    • Place the eggs in a cushioned box or drawer or line them up on the counter if you have space
    • You could even display them in your tea light candle holders

    Depending on the stone, you could even massage with oils or lotion. Make sure to clean them with soap and water after each use and dry them for storage. 


    Your office space could use an attractive gemstone distraction. Here are some ideas to fit your crystal eggs into the setting: 

    • Stand the perfect palm-sized pair of gemstone eggs on your desk for when you feel stressed. Squeeze them to release tension and simultaneously strengthen your hand muscles after all of that repetitive typing
    • If you are just starting out at a new job or business, display eggs on your desk or shelf. Eggs symbolize New Beginnings and will help you through the transition
    • Place crystal eggs that are known for counteracting electromagnetic pollution, like Smoky Quartz, near your computer
    • Large gemstone eggs are an impressive power piece for clients walking into your office. Display them front and center
    home decorating ideas with gemstone eggs

    Let the Decorating Begin

    Have you decorated with any of these ideas? Where do you display your gemstone eggs? 

    We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about your gemstone egg. You can email us directly or comment on the blog below. 

    Additional gemstone resources for you:

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    Lisa Satin - March 20, 2023

    Thanks for writing to us about eggs, Phil.

    The smallest pieces can be found in Jade, Quartz, and Fluorite:

    You can view our entire egg collection here:

    Phil A. - March 20, 2023

    Hi there, I’m looking for small eggs about 20m – 25mm. Would you have this size?

    Lisa Satin - May 22, 2022

    Hello Ankita,

    You can store crystals on any safe surface. Tumbled stones and less fragile items can go together in pouches or boxes. More fragile items can be place in individual pouches and cases. Meanwhile, sphere and eggs can be displayed on stands. Here are some examples of storage ideas:

    As for the actual surface materials, if you’re concerned about it being on wood vs plastic etc, that doesn’t make a difference. However, you can store them on top of other crystal clusters and chargers so they keep revitalizing energy. Our Selenite plates are popular for charging stones. Here are some ideas:

    Crystals do not change properties from country to country. However, crystals from different countries can have different properties. For example, Amethyst found in Brazil may vibrate differently than Amethyst found in India or Africa. They still share the same healing benefits. You can find out more about crystal healing meanings here:

    Please let us know if you have any more questions or need assistance with an order. :)

    Lisa Satin

    Ankita - May 22, 2022

    Ive revently discovered the crystal world and its quite fascinating. Wanted to know which is the best surface to store/keep crystals on. Thank you again :) Also, does the effect of the crystals differ from country to country?

    Lisa Satin - January 21, 2022

    Hi Bright,

    Thank you for contacting Satin Crystals. Unless your purchase was made from our store, we do not do mineral identification over the internet or through pictures due to inaccuracy. We suggest your post your photo on so a trained gemologist can assist you. Here is an article with helpful resources:

    Bright - January 21, 2022

    My egg stone is hard,but I don’t know what’s made of

    Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

    Hello Heidi,

    Thank you for writing to us and sharing your experiences.

    It’s so nice to hear that you’re about to embark on a new career adventure, and it sounds like reflexology may bring you more satisfaction than your previous profession! We’re happy to help you on this exciting journey.

    As for egg recommendations based on what you’re looking for:

    Eggs for financial abundance: Aventurine (hope to get more soon), Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Malachite, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Jade

    Eggs that will protect you as a healer: (This is very important so you don’t absorb negative energy from future clients) Obsidian

    Eggs that are popular for spiritual healing: Lapis, Angelite, Quartz, Moonstone, Labradorite, Malachite, Amazonite

    Of course, each egg has its own specific powers and you can read about them in the individual listings. The absolute best way to pick, however, is to go with your own intuition. Here is a video we made about how to pick crystals:

    The size depends on what you’re comfortable holding. For me, I like between 2 and 2.5 inches. If you are going to use them physically on clients while you do reflexology, that could affect the size you pick as well. Here is an article and video about crystal sizing:

    Eggs can be secured on stands or in individual pouches. Here is our selection:

    Unless you are getting bigger eggs like 3 inches and up, the smaller stand actually works better on eggs. This would include the 3 ring wood stands or the 5 hematine rings. The decorative wood pastoral stands also come in size 1" but that may or may not fit your eggs, depending on the size. Once you figure out which eggs you’d like, we can assist you further in finding the exact fit.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Heidi - November 25, 2021

    Hi ladies! I seek your advice….. I am about to retire in a year from a life long career as an underpaid and over worked traditional health care worker. Good riddance!

    I plan to reinvent myself and start a “rest of life” career in alternative healing arts. I need to manifest financial abundance to create this. I plan to take a reflexology class amongst other things. During a reflexology treatment, the practitioner has me hold Himalayan salt eggs in my hands. I want to use mineral eggs in my practice as well as for meditation.

    I am drawn to Labradorite and your sold out 70.00 green aventurine egg( I’m on the email list for when you have them again). I’d also
    like a third egg. Suggestions??

    I eventually want ALL your eggs. Good thing I joined the VIP club! Also, what is the best size egg for a woman’s hand and what holders do you recommend?

    I’ll order the labradorite and another egg when I hear from you. So excited to explore the powers of the earth element!


    Lisa Satin - December 24, 2020

    Hello Amish,

    That’s great that you have similar natural eggs- they are nice to look at and give off positive energy. If you want to sell them, we recommend you list them on

    If you think you have something of value but unsure of what it’s worth, you can consider taking it to your local gem shop to get it appraised. That will give you a better idea of what it is and what you should sell it for :)

    Lisa Satin

    Amish - December 24, 2020

    I have like same that type of eeg look a like . But this is stone and that is not mead by man my grandfather’s dad keep it at home . Now i see that if i want to sell it can any body buy it? i don’t know the price at market

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