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New Moon Arrival Crystals for December 2023

faceted citrine gems and new moon Discover 12 Jewelry + 12 Crystals for the New Moon on 12/12!

A New Moon on the double twelves
Let us dance with December elves
Magic is stirring in the sky
New gems and jewelry catch your eye 

6 bracelets handmade by Sheila with stones
6 designer jewels fit for Goddess Selene's throne
6 faceted Citrine and cabochons debut
6 healing stones to be loved by you

With many thanks and full of gratitude,
Lisa Satin

New Moon Arrival Jewelry & Crystals

We present you with 12 brand new jewelry designs and 12 fresh crystals for the New Moon of 12/12. To be informed of upcoming deals and crystal healing news, join the Satin Crystals VIP club

6 Brand New Beauties for Bracelet Lovers

Did you know that bracelets are the top-selling jewelry type at Satin Crystals? You just love them, and so do I. Sliding on a stretch bracelet is effortless, and yet the results are so rewarding. You gain crystal healing powers with a sense of style!
Check out these 6 new designs, each handmade by Sheila and custom fit to your size. 
  • The Iolite bracelet gives you a hand in money manifestation

  • The Azurite Malachite bracelet opens your eyes to world wonders

  • The Rose Smoky Quartz bracelet brings you protected love

  • The Tigers Eye bracelet enhances your pleasures and rewards

  • The Citrine Pyrite bracelet doubles up your abundance

  • The Howlite bracelet accelerates your evolution

6 Smiling Styles of Goddess Selene

Moon Goddess Selene has a smile on her face. And that smile is as natural as these real gemstone jewels. Why settle for synthetics when you can have authentic crystals that make a fashion-forward statement? These royal rings, pendants, and earrings are fit for the gods and goddesses above.
  • The Malachite sterling ring gives you a royal vibe

  • The Malachite sterling earrings have you swinging confidently

  • The 7-Chakra pendant brings you balance and harmony

  • The Green Calcite pendant induces a natural smile

  • The Rose Quartz pendant celebrates your many hearts

  • The Rose Quartz sterling earrings are a symbol of your love

6 Citrines & Cabs to Craze Over

It's easy to go crazy for Citrine. Not only is it as bright and alluring as the morning sun, but Citrine is famous for its powers of prosperity. We introduce 3 high-quality faceted amulets. And wait... there's more! See the 3 new sets of crystal cabochons that make life interesting.
  • The Citrine oval amulet is a masterpiece of abundance

  • The Citrine square amulet treats the marvelous you to money

  • The Citrine drop amulet is a wounded warrior for bargain lovers

  • The Brown Jasper cab set gets your spirit splashing with joy

  • The Rhyolite cab set encourages your everyday happiness

  • The Serpentine cab set delivers spiritual salvation 

6 Healer Stones that Win Your Heart 

Healing stones win your love because they are pretty and full of positive powers. This month, we have a medley of newbies ready to bless your crystal collection. What's your pleasure this New Moon?
  • The Rhodochrosite heart attracts your soulmate

  • The Rhodochrosite cabochon accentuates your sweet side

  • The Moss Agate tower awakens your inner fairy

  • The Black Tourmaline pendulum entrusts you with the truth

  • The Chalcedony amulet gives you a positive look and vibe

  • The Jasper amulet infuses you with solar energy






Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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