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Chakra Balancing Rituals

Chakra Tutorial - Woman lying with chakra hearts

Looking for practical ways to balance your chakras? We have easy ideas for you through crystal meditations and rituals. Keep your chakras clear of debris and you'll be smiling in a state of balanced happiness for the rest of your life. 

Are you new to chakras? Visit the Chakra Tutorial for beginners. 

Why should I use crystals to balance my chakras?

Crystals are the perfect tools to balance your chakras because they are easy to relate to. Whereas meditation is a little more obscure, crystals are physical items, easy to touch and feel and sense. 

tuning fork and chakra set

How do I use crystals to open my chakras?

The first thing to do when using crystals to open your chakras is to collect the appropriate crystals. Because the major chakras correspond to the colors of the rainbow, it is easy to choose your crystals accordingly.

Here is a quick reference guide of where the chakras are located and what color crystals they vibrate with: 

Crown Chakra
Location: top of the head 
Crystals: violet, white or clear

Third Eye Chakra
Location: above & between eyebrows 
Crystals: indigo, dark blue

Throat Chakra
Location: base of the throat
Crystals: blue

Heart Chakra
Location: center of the chest 
Crystals: green or pink

Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: just above the navel 
Crystals: yellow, brown

Sacral Chakra
Location: just below the navel 
Crystals: orange

Root Chakra
Location: base of the spine
Crystals: red

Remember to clean, charge, and program your crystals before starting your rituals.

chakra set on selenite, tuning fork, singing bowl, crystals

How do you use chakra crystals?

Once you have your chakra crystals with you, you can use them for the following rituals. It is easiest if you have a partner to work on you, but if not, these rituals can also be done on your own. 

Here are some crystal healing ideas for your chakras: 

  1. Lie with chakra stones. Lie on a yoga mat, bed, or comfortable flat location of your choosing.  Add two at your feet for grounding. Breathe comfortably and imagine the crystals lighting up your chakras. Lie for a minimum of 10 minutes, but the longer the better. If you fall asleep, all the more relaxed your chakras will be! 

  2. Use a chakra tuning fork set. Hold the tuning fork by the stem and activate it on a rubber surface (bottom of a shoe will do). Place the tip of the tuning fork on the crystal and vibrate its energies into each of your chakras. Do not touch the fork tines or the vibrations will stop. 

  3. Chakra crystal massage. Choose massage wands, palm stones, or crystal eggs that correspond to each of the chakras. Physically massage the chakra areas, infusing it with the stone's energy.  

  4. Wear chakra jewelry. Choose jewelry that incorporates all of the chakra stones. Program it and wear it with you throughout the day for indirect healing. Because you can see them throughout your day, chakra bracelets are especially handy in reminding you to relax and let go of blockages. You can also choose to wear chakra rings, one for each chakra (and three extra if you want two handfuls!). 

  5. Crystal bowl chakra opening. Place the corresponding chakra crystals in your singing bowl. If you have a partner, have them activate the bowl over your chakra. If you are on your own, hold or place the bowl on a table and imagine the vibrations opening your chakras. 

  6. Meditate with chakra crystals. This is best done holding one chakra's crystal at a time. Get into a meditative state and imagine the crystal glowing at your chakra, pulsing with power. You can also listen to a guided chakra meditation and activate each that way. 

  7. Create a chakra mandala. Choose a beautiful array of chakra healing crystals and create an intuitive work of art. Do this in the corner of your space that won't be disturbed. You can leave the meditative mandala up for as long as you want. Every time you gaze at it, you will be reminded of your chakra opening goals. 

chakra stones on selenite with tuning fork

Here are chakra crystal rituals where you will need a partner: 

  1. Opening chakras with crystal wands. Choose any wand with a sharp tip so your partner can direct their healing energy. Both of you should be in a calm and peaceful state of mind. Your partner will rotate the wand over your chakra in a clockwise manner to open each energy wheel. (note, clockwise according to your partner's view). 

  2. Chakra crystal massage backside. While it's easy to massage your Crown chakra, Root chakra, and the frontside chakras on your own, the backside will need some assistance. Have your partner use your massage stones at the back of your Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye chakra. 

  3. Crystal Tuning fork backside. Same as the massage, it will be difficult for you to get the backside of your chakras on your own with a tuning fork. Have your partner vibrate the crystal's energies into your hard-to-reach chakras for you. 

How can I check my chakras?

Your chakras should flow in a large clockwise motion where the energy is being received from the front of your body and going out the back. At your Root chakra, the energy will flow clockwise up your body from the earth. At your Crown chakra, the energy will flow clockwise down your body from the sky.

If the chakra is flowing in an oblong motion or is not moving at all, there is a blockage. If you can't tell how blocked your chakras are after reading about each one, you can also have someone check your chakras with a pendulum

Your Chakra Progress

To learn in-depth about each of your seven major chakras, click on the guides below. 

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