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Sacral Chakra Crystal Healing

orange crystals, flowers and stones for the sacral chakra

Using the power of your Sacral Chakra, you can weave creativity and passion to form an invigorating tapestry of bliss. Let go of stressful frustration and live up to your full creative potential when you open up your second energy center.

Once you have balanced and grounded your first Root chakra, it's time to focus on the Sacral chakra. In this Sacral chakra guide, you discover the healing crystals, rituals, and practices that provide life long benefits.

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How can the Sacral Chakra Benefit You?

When your Sacral Chakra is open and balanced, you will feel: 

  • Happy in your relationships

  • Energized about life

  • Full of creativity

  • Accepting of your body

  • Passionate about your goals

  • Adaptable to all situations

  • Open to a universe of possibilities

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral Chakra is your second major chakra in a series of seven. It is best known as the sexual and creative energy center. It is associated with the sensation of touch. 

In Sanskrit, the Sacral chakra is referred to as Svadisthana. This means your own abode, your most intimate space. 

What is the meaning of Sacral chakra?

The Sacral chakra is the epicenter of life and creation. It is your connection with intimacy, both sexual exchange and a feeling of connection to others and the Universe. Whereas the Root chakra is all about our sense of security and belonging on earth, the Sacral chakra connects you with your fellow human beings through physical sensations and intimacy.

Your Sacral chakra is where you store your pleasure and pains. Like the Heart chakra, opening this chakra can be a draining experience because it holds both your sexual center and your unconscious memories. 

The Sacral chakra is not only the sexual center but also the hub of creative flow. It sparks your zest for creation and inpsires you to make a mark in the world. 

holding a carnelian pyramid at the sacral chakra
Where is the Sacral chakra located?

This chakra vortex spins through the reproductive system and is centered about 4 inches below the belly button. The energy flows in a clockwise motion through the front side of your body and out the backside.

Why do you need to balance the Sacral chakra?

The Sacral chakra is often overlooked by those wishing to work on the "spiritual" upper chakras, but you cannot be spiritually enlightened if you avoid the physical aspects of your being.

The Sacral chakra balances your sexual energy. As a human being, sexuality is one of the most important parts of your existence. Without sex, you would not be here. Despite it still being culturally taboo, you need to be in touch with your sexuality so that we can form healthy relationships.

Remember that sexual pleasure and orgasm puts you in a state of ecstasy unique unto itself. It is what binds you in flesh with your beloved partners, and weaves the fabric of all life on Earth. That alone should convince you to love your Sacral center, despite what you may or may not have been taught before.  

For those who do not engage in sex, there must be a creative outlet where these energies can be released. In the Sacral chakra, we also feel the passion that stirs manifestation. 

Those who vow to a life of celibacy must carefully release the pent of sexual energy through healthy creative activity and meditation. The energy of the Sacral chakra is a gateway for art, music, theater, business, artistic innovations, and all things creative. Make sure it is balanced. 

hand holding two carnelian massage wands

What causes Sacral chakra imbalance?

Your Sacral chakra can become imbalanced with stressful confrontations, traumatic experiences, or emotional upsets. These stressors will consume your mind, blocking off your creative and sexual desires. 

If you have an underactive Sacral chakra imbalance, you may feel: 

  • Lethargic
  • Unmotivated
  • Afraid to express yourself
  • Creative blockages
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Apathetic

If you have an overactive Sacral chakra imbalance, you may feel:  

  • Overly dramatic
  • Aggressive
  • Irrationally jealous
  • Consumed by addictions
  • Overly attached 
  • Moody

Whether underactive or overactive, your Sacral chakra will only thrive when it is in a balanced state. 

sheila of satin crystals holding carnelian at her sacral chakra
How do you know when your Sacral chakra is blocked?

Your Sacral chakra is blocked when you can't feel a connection with other people. You have no desire to create or manifest positive things in your life.

A closed or blocked second chakra leads to issues like low libido, displeasure during physical contact, fertility or virility challenges, and other sexual problems.

If you cut out sex completely, the energy that needs to be released is pent up, causing frustration and distorted thoughts. Therefore, you should not feel guilty about enjoying one of the basic life activities that connects you to fellow beings and keeps you sexually balanced.

When your Sacral chakra is blocked, you may have low self-esteem. Your subconsciously attracts abusive partners and toxic relationships. You feel like your physical self is not good enough and that it does not deserve your respect. You may detach your emotions from your physical sensations to "protect" your feelings. Jealousy may rage its ugly head when you have no trust and security in your partnerships. 

You find it hard to follow your desires. You may have dreams for yourself, but they are stuck in your head, in a loop of self-destructive thoughts. The Sacral chakra houses your hidden memories and unconscious fears. 

sheila of satin crystals holding out a bouquet of orange flowers and carnelian

How do you know when your Sacral chakra is open?

An open second chakra ensures a healthy sex life, strong bonds, and an important flow of physical energy.  

When your Sacral chakra is open, you accept your body for its possibilities rather than dwell on its limits. You are open to physical sensations. You let your emotions flow free, not worrying about societal judgments. 

An open Sacral chakra allows you to create freely. Whether you are creating a baby or a meditation garden, cooking a feast or grilling a bbq, painting artwork or a building, you harness the focus and desires from your Sacral chakra. Your ideas, imagination, and desires flow. 

You easily adapt to different situations, knowing you belong. You are always in the "right place at the right time." There are no mistakes, only lessons learned and forks in the road. Whichever path you take, you know that you will succeed because of your strong willpower and openness. 

What color is my Sacral chakra?

The Sacral is associated with the color orange while encompassing tones of brown and darker yellow. It is a warm blend of red from the Root chakra and yellow from the Solar Plexus chakra. 

What crystals are good for the Sacral chakra?

Let's keep the Sacral chakra open by surrounding it with the exciting energy of corresponding crystals that vibrate with vitality.

Here is a list of top healing stones good for the Sacral chakra: 

amber to open the sacral chakra

Amber oozes with orange confidence that is needed at your Sacral chakra. It is the golden gem of ancient trees, carrying with it the wisdom of centuries gone by. Activate your Sacral chakra with Amber and feel a deep connection with the primal energy of the Earth. 

carnelian sphere

Carnelian is the ultimate Sacral chakra stone for its fiery orange energy. The inspiring stone opens you to the infinite world of creative passion. Carnelian supports you in whatever artistic or business ventures you want to pursue. 


copper to open the sacral chakra

Copper is a conductive metal element. It was prized in temples, used to adorn Gods and Goddesses, and prized in Alchemy. Today, you can program Copper to charge up your Sacral chakra with its bright and shiny energies.


jasper to open the sacral chakra

Jasper is also known as the Supreme Nurturer. This is the stone you want to use when your Sacral chakra issues are painful to deal with. Jasper will gently promote a release of the past and healthy sexuality for the future. 

moonstone to open the sacral chakraMoonstone is the mother of all gemstones. It is closely associated with the cycles of the moon, fertility, and the female reproductive area. Using Moonstone at the Sacral chakra aligns it with healthy sexual energy and a strong feminine identity. Whether you are male or female, Moonstone beckons the divine, yin energy you need to balance your yang. 

orange selenite sphere

Selenite is sometimes found in this glowing orange color, perfect for lighting up your Sacral chakra. Known to seal the aura from energy leaks, let Orange Selenite keep your creative juices contained within your personal space. Instead of giving too much of yourself, this healing crystal makes sure you have enough power to thrive. 

sunstone to open the sacral chakra
Sunstone is the stone of light and happiness. Its glowing orange tones are perfect to activate the Sacral chakra. Use Sunstone when you want to infuse the life-giving energy of the sun into your aura. 


How do you open the Sacral chakra with crystals?

Once you have collected your desired Sacral chakra crystals, you'll need to know how to use them.

With crystals in hand you can: 

  • Visualize your Sacral chakra like a ball of orange light. Imagine the light getting stronger and stronger as the crystals infuse the Sacral chakra with strength. 

  • Visualize yourself bringing smiles, friendship, and love wherever you go. Imagine a warm orange spotlight following you wherever you go. 

Here are some practical ideas on where to put the crystals: 

  • Lie down and place the crystals at and below your navel area

  • Hold Sacral chakra spheres and use scrying methods to open up the Sacral chakra

  • Use Sacral chakra massage wands to massage the lower abdomen

  • Hold gemstone eggs in each hand and visualize the Sacral chakra opening

  • Place Sacral chakra tumbled stones in your pockets

  • Place a Carnelian pyramid over the Sacral chakra and lie in meditation.

  • Surround yourself with Sacral chakra stones and lie in a crystal grid

  • Create a Sacral chakra crystal mandala

  • Drink a Sacral chakra gem elixir 

  • Bathe in water infused with Sacral chakra stones, or have them surrounding your tub
sheila of satin crystals holding a large carnelian slab

How should I wear Sacral chakra jewelry?

If you are not actively engaged in a crystal healing session, but you want the benefits of Sacral chakra crystals with you throughout your day, consider wearing orange gemstone jewelry.

Here are some ideas for wearing Sacral chakra jewelry: 

  • Wear Sacral chakra bracelets and rings (these fall at your second chakra when you are upright or have your hands in your lap)

  • Wear Sacral chakra stones on your belt

  • Wear Sacral chakra waist beads

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Sheila's personal experiences with the Sacral chakra

As a child, I was always the "creative one". I loved to draw, write, make up stories, games, and performances. Somehow puberty and moody teenage boredom go the better of my Sacral chakra and had it blocked up for years. 

It was not until I discovered jewelry making in 2007 that my Sacral chakra was re-awakened. At that point, we were already in business for quite some time, and while I did engage in some marketing and ideas for Satin Crystals, I did not realize that my passions were so blocked until I took this jewelry making class. 

From then on, I actively worked on opening my Sacral chakra by wearing intentionally programmed Carnelian rings and bracelets. I kept the creativity fires alive by jumping full force into the jewelry making world and now enjoy every moment of photo shooting, creating and connecting with positive customers. 

Lisa's personal experiences with the Sacral chakra

Although I am in love with bold colored stones like orange Carnelian, my most memorable moments are with Moonstone when it comes to Sacral Chakra healing. When I was pregnant, I had a rocky first and third trimester. I needed the gentle and nurturing energy of motherly Moonstone to help me get through the physically and emotionally tough times. I would hang onto my peach Moonstone necklace, whenever I need a morale boost.

Bed ridden and depressed during parts of my pregnancy, I knew that I should do some crystal layouts despite my lack of motivation. Placing stones like Orange Selenite, Carnelian, brown Tiger's Eye, and even an ordinary brown rock right on my bulging belly helped me feel mentally hopeful and a little more productive and empowered. 

I am thankful to all my Sacral Chakra stones that helped me through pregnancy, which resulted in a healthy, thriving, smart, and extremely active baby boy.

orange selenite whales and bullfrog with orange flowers

What is the mantra for the Sacral chakra?

If you are doing some manifestation work at the Sacral chakra, here are some affirmations to get you started. Chant these mantras to attract your desires: 

  • I am a shining star in life

  • Creativity flows through me with ease

  • I make meaningful bonds with my partners

  • I attract the best friendships

  • I embrace my passion

  • I appreciate every breath I take

  • I accept my physical body

Learn How to write your own Mantras

carnelian bull figurine
How can you strengthen your Sacral chakra?

Alongside your healing crystals, there are many other ways to keep your Sacral chakra balanced. Have your gemstones by your side while engaging in other creative exercises like: 

  • Journaling. Without thinking, just let the words flow free through your pen or computer, no one else has to ever see it. 

  • Gazing at the color orange. Make a game of finding all of the orange colors as you go through your day; like a holistic version of  the children's game "I Spy."

  • Apply citrus essential oils like orange or lemon or the peaceful aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang to your Sacral chakra. 

  • Specific tai chi, qigong, and yoga asana poses to balance the Sacral chakra. 

  • Meditation can call upon your higher frequencies to assist you in your Sacral chakra balance. 

  • Sunbathe. This solar energy invigorates your Sacral chakra. 

  • Hang out with carefree children, rolling down the green grass and shrieking with joy.

  • Indulge in your hobbies or try out new ones like experimental cooking, ecstatic dance, or urban gardening. 

  • Work on releasing your sexual past with a crystal healer, hypnotherapist, or a clinical psychologist. 

oranges, orange flowers and orange crystals

What food is good for the Sacral chakra?

The Sacral chakra is associated with the Water Element, making seafood a great fit to balance the area. You can also choose organic pleasure-enhancing foods that make you feel alive and good about yourself, rather than the processed ones that make you crash or feel gross afterward. 

Additionally, naturally orange foods like oranges, carrots, nectarines, sweet potatoes, etc are stimulating to the Sacral chakra. 

Being connected to water, the Sacral chakra needs constant hydration. Make sure you are drinking enough liquids throughout the day to keep the Sacral chakra lubricated. 

What note is the Sacral chakra?

Every chakra vibrates at a specific frequency. The Sacral chakra vibrates at 480 Hz or the musical note B. At this vibration, you can align the Sacral chakra to flow open.

Use tuning forks, musical instruments, and singing bowls specific to the Sacral chakra's note to balance this area. 

Your Chakra Progress

Once you have opened your Sacral chakra, you can move on to the others. 

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