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Crystals that Calm your Anxiety

woman meditating with aventurineAnxiety. It strikes us all at one point or another.

Do you experience anxiety only occasionally, or are you suffering from anxiety daily? We can all benefit from the soothing and healing vibrations of crystals to help quell these worrisome feelings.

When do you feel most anxious? Whatever the cause, it is time to focus on the solution. Calm your body and relax the mind with stress-relieving stones.

How do crystals help my anxiety?

Healing crystals can help with anxiety caused by the stresses in your life. Certain crystals have been known to vibrate with a calming energy. This energy can help you transform your anxious vibrations into soothing ones. 

Even if you don't believe in crystal healing powers, just having a stone to focus on reminds you to physically calm your body.

Like Chinese medicine balls and fidget spinners, calming crystals help channel your turmoil.

Unlike synthetic tools, crystals have the natural advantage of direct Earth energies. We all need to recharge and ground our energies with nature to stay balanced and to live in the present moment. 

girl meditating with quartz hearts
Which crystals calm my anxiety?

Read on to learn about the 7 best crystals for calming anxiety. They have been tested by healers for centuries with favorable effects.

Like anything in the metaphysical realm, trust your instincts and  experiment to find your favorite calming crystals. 

#1 Sodalite for Generalized Anxiety

Generalized anxiety is when you worry about a wide variety of things, from school to work to money to the news and more. Your mind defaults to worry and negative outcomes when you are a victim of generalized anxiety.

Sodalite calms the mind and balances your mental state. Use Sodalite crystals to bring yourself back to reality. Rather than stressing over something that hasn't even happened yet, have gratitude in your present moment. 

If you are suffering from generalized anxiety, you can benefit by carrying Sodalite tumbled stones with you at all times in a purse or pocket. Wear Sodalite jewelry daily, and do meditations and breathing exercises with Sodalite stones. Sodalite teaches you that everything is okay and not to be stuck in an imaginary scary future.

#2 Fluorite for Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is very commonplace. You have a big event coming up and you're nervous. Performance anxiety can strike before or during a test, interview, competition, speech, or any major function.

Fluorite helps calm your mind and keeps you focused on the task at hand. Don't let your nerves ruin your concentration.

Fluorite reminds you that you are prepared and there's nothing to worry about! Program Fluorite tumbled stones and jewelry before your big event so you can carry and wear them during your performance. Do visualizations and relaxation techniques beforehand with Fluorite stones. 

#3 Rhodonite for Social Anxiety

Do you get nervous before a party or a social event? Maybe you're a mental wreck before a date or you hate going to school? If getting together with people makes you anxious, you suffer from social anxiety. It could be that you fear being judged or not belonging. That is no fun.

Rhodonite eases you into a comfortable state before and during social gatherings. Carry Rhodonite tumbled stones and wear Rhodonite jewelry to these functions to keep you cool. Meditate and visualize with Rhodinte stones beforehand. Rhodonite helps you create a social circle that you're comfortable with and love.

#4 Aventurine for Financial Anxiety

Money stress...that's a big one! Do you feel financial pressure, and is your mind spinning out of control? Are you uncomfortable regarding a debt or worried about a worst-case scenario situation?

Financial anxiety is prevalent around the world. Don't let it get the best of you. Stressing about money doesn't make it magically appear. Doing manifestations is a better idea.

Aventurine can help ease your financial fears and even alter your mindset to positive abundance. Program your Aventurine tumbled stones for prosperity. Carry these crystals with you and make crystal grids in your financial-related areas like on the work desk or in a money safe. Wear Aventurine jewelry often.

Have the stones with you as you do money meditations and abundance affirmations. Aventurine replaces your financial anxiety with a money-positive mindset.

#5 Lepidolite for Panic Attacks

It feels like the world is closing in on you. Everything's spinning out of control. You can barely breathe because you are consumed in fears- it's a panic attack. You know that the fear which has caused your physical body to react so strongly is rooted in your mind. You must snap out of it.

If you're prone to panic attacks, include Lepidolite crystals in your meditations and anxiety relief practices. The best way to deal with a panic attack is to prevent it by constantly keeping your mind relaxed.

Spiritual Lepidolite eases you away from the stress of everyday life and reminds you of your higher purpose. Carry Lepidolite tumbled stones and should you feel your anxiety creeping in, hold it in your hand and breathe deep. Wear Lepidolite jewelry and use these purple gemstones for your crystal layouts and rituals. Lepidolite helps you escape the fears of your mind and return to a state of bliss.

#6 Jet for Phobias

Do you have a longstanding phobia you just can't shake? Know that you're not alone. Some common phobias include the fear of heights, fear of flights, fear of spiders, fear of being alone, fear of crowds, and the list goes on.

Phobias don't disappear overnight but you can practice overcoming your phobias. Your rational mind knows that your phobia is irrational yet it's rooted deep in your subconscious.

Use Jet stones during your meditations and crystal healing sessions to help tackle these unfounded fears. Do crystal layouts and meditations with Jet. Wear Jet jewelry and keep Jet stones in the home. Jet helps you tackle your darkest phobias so you can live in peace.

#7 Serpentine for Post Traumatic Stress

Do you have a checkered past? Perhaps you witnessed or experienced a terrifying incident and now you experience nightmares or severe anxiety. Sometimes PTSD goes away on its own over time, sometimes you need to enlist the help of a therapist.

Include Serpentine alongside your PTSD therapy. Serpentine is known to help solve issues of the past by engaging you in regressions or allowing you to simply move forward with healing vibes.

Carry Serpentine tumbles with you on your healing journey. Wear Serpentine jewelry as a reminder of your strength. Keep Serpentine stones near your bedside to combat nightmares, and use them in your everyday healing. Serpentine helps you move forward into a better future.

Anxiety Relief Techniques

Once you have collected your favorite calming crystals, you are armed with the ability to switch your mood from frantic stress to a collected cool. Here are a few suggestions on how to put your crystal collection to use:

  • Whether you are anxious about an upcoming test, an oral presentation, or a first date, you can program your calming crystal to bring you a sense of peace. Whenever you touch the crystal throughout the day, you will be reminded to take a deep breath and let your stress drain to the center of the Earth. 

  • Wear your calming crystal in jewelry form. Let it touch your skin to vibrate steady energy whenever your body spikes in adrenaline. While everyone else will take you for a stylish fashion idol, you will know that your choice in accessories is for a power beyond the physical appeal. 

  • Perhaps you are worried about a lost pet, an ill relative, or an impending storm. Find the biggest piece of crystal in your calming stone and hold it to visualize your desired outcome. Channel your positive energies and thoughts into the crystal and out into the Universe. Should your desired outcome somehow not be granted, at least your mood will shift and you will be able to curb your worry into a positive frame of mind. 

  • The most popular practice to calm your mind these days is to meditate. Choose your favorite calming crystals to meditate with and hold the chosen stones during meditation. As you clear your mind, let the energies of the crystal fill the void with a cooling rush of relief. 

  • Another popular energy healing practice involves crystal layouts. For this ritual, you will need several pieces of your calming crystals that you can place on and around your body as you lie in the circle of stones. You can use tumbled stones, raw stones, large polished pieces, or even pieces of jewelry to place strategically in a grid around your aura. As you lie in this safety net of nurturing energies, imagine all of your stress releasing the hold on your brain and muscles in your body. 

  • Depending on what area of your life is stressing you out, you can focus specifically on calming certain chakras. Perhaps you are anxious about your love life, place a Rhodonite over your Heart Chakra. If you are over-thinking everything, place Lepidolite or Sodalite over your Third Eye Chakra. 

Sheila's experience with calming crystals

One of my recent triumphs with a calming crystal took place during my motorcycle riding test. Considering I had not taken an official test in over two decades, I was extremely nervous about being watched and judged by the class and instructors.

The morning before the test, I programmed my Fluorite pocket stones with a focused and calming energy. I placed them in my shirt pocket close to my heart. 

Throughout the practice and during the test course, I would remember the Fluorite crystal working silently at my Heart Chakra. Every time I was reminded of the stone, I would take a deep breath and imagine all of my nerves coming to a standstill. This helped calm my worries and ride in a relaxed mode. 

Whatever you want to attribute to my passing of the rigorous motorcycle test, all I know is that some of my classmates did not pass. They also did not use crystals to calm their anxieties. 

Use every advantage that you can get and elevate your mood to a spectacular calm. Like an elated Angel, you can watch as stressors glide right off of your relaxed nerves with the magic power of healing crystals. 

Lisa's experience with calming crystals

I've been prone to generalized anxiety for as long as I can remember. Therefore, I love to surround myself with blue and purple stones. These crystals have a calming and cooling vibe that can balance out my frantic mind that often likes to burn like a wildfire.

Some of my favorite calming stones are Sodalite, Aquamarine, and Ametrine. I plant Tumbled Stones all over my work office because I spend so much time in front of the computer. These pieces are also easy to slip into my purse or pants pockets so I get a calming vibe no matter where I go.

Your Journey to Calmness 

You have learned about the Top 7 Calming crystals. But, as we said, you must experiment with stones on your own to see which energies relax you the most. Shop the Calming Crystals Collection or find your favorite stones right here:  

Continue your journey to Calm

Are you plagued with stress?

Have you used crystals to calm your anxiety? What is your favorite stress-relieving stone? We would love to hear about your experiences. Contact us through the form below. 

Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.