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Dream Symbols: Meaning, Interpretation & Crystals

hand holding blue calcite sphere and selenite circle Do you ever remember your dreams? Are they vivid? Or just a blur?

What do they mean?

This reference guide helps you interpret magical dream symbols and recommends the crystals that benefit you best. The interpretations can also be applied to the symbols that you see during your meditations.

There are universal themes that often appear in dreams and meditations. Some of these symbols include animals, planets, elements, and spiritual figures. Once you unravel the mysterious meaning of your dreams, you can manifest them into a beautiful reality.

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Why do I dream?

Everyone dreams. Sometimes your dreams make sense to you. Other times, they can be full of riddles and symbols. When you can understand and interpret your dreams, you gain massive wisdom that carries over into your everyday life.

Dreaming is done from the deep subconscious mind. Your brain processes your daily experiences and files them into your memory bank.

Meanwhile, you produce dreams that often relate to your real-life situations. The story may be rewritten strangely but it has meaning to you.

Sometimes, your dreams are so wild that they seem to have come from nowhere! That could be your Higher Self or spiritual clan delivering wisdom to you from the other realm. Pay special attention to these dreams. Don't miss out on important tips and guidance.

Give conscious thought to your subconscious visions and the Universe becomes your playground.

Your Dream Dictionary A-Z

Here you will find some of the universal symbols that appear in dreams. Find the meanings and messages of each symbol. Then, discover which crystal can best help you manifest your mission best. You can also use this guide to interpret symbols that appear in meditations

The dream symbols and meanings are listed in alphabetical order under each category: Animals, Celestial Bodies, Elements, and Spiritual Figures. 


Have animals entered your dream or meditation? Find out what they symbolize. 

crystal dog figurines


When a bear appears in your dream, it often means that you feel uncomfortable with the current situation in your domestic life. The bear is here to help protect you, your friends, your family, and your home.

  • Jet and Bear Figurines: Use Jet crystals to ward off evil. Jet helps keep you safe while diminishing your fears. As it is a type of Petrified Wood, it summons the natural protective forces of the mighty bear. You also benefit from bear figurines by placing them over your home and hearth. Overcome harmful obstacles with Jet and the Bear.

Bulls and Oxen

When bulls, oxen, and/or cattle show up in your dreams, you are meant to confront a problem head-on. This is no time to be shy; figure out what's blocking your path and tackle that problem with full force.

  • Onyx and Sardonyx, Bull and Ox figurines: Onyx and Sardonyx summon the strength of the bull to help you power through your problem. When these animals appear, wear Onyx and Sardonyx jewelry so you are ready to stand your ground whenever you're challenged. Place bull figurines in your spaces to keep you protected and powerful.

Cats, Tigers, Lions, Felines

When any member of the feline family shows up in your dreams, it's time to put your brain to work. Cats, tigers, jaguars, and other felines are asking you to act smart. There is a goal you need to achieve in your life right now. Hone in on it and pounce when the time is right.

  • Cats Eye, Tigers Eye, and Feline Figurines: Now is the time to surround yourself with all crystals that channel the cunning cat! Use and wear Cats Eye and Tigers Eye to increase your confidence to conquer your goals. Place cat figurines, tiger figurines, and lion figurines in your working spaces to elevate your thinking and give you an edge over others.


When a dinosaur appears in your dream, there is something in your past that needs reckoning. It could be deep trauma that you are meant to deal with. It could also be something that goes so far as past life trauma. What is it?

  • Fossils and Dinosaur Figurines: Crystal fossils and dinosaur figurines help you delve into the deep past. Do a regressive meditation with fossils and dinosaur figurines to find out what issues are haunting your dreams. Get a past life regression done by a professional to go even further.


When this loyal canine appears in your dreams, it means you are seeking love or companionship. You desire a deep connection with a special someone, a loving pet, or a group of friends.

  • Rose Quartz and Dog Figurines: Attract the right people and pet companions into your life with Rose Quartz. Balance the Feng Shui in your home with friendly dog figurines. They help you feel connected and open you to truly lovely bonds.


When a mighty elephant appears, you are about to run into great luck. The Universe is sending you a sign to keep your eyes open for a lucrative opportunity. Don't miss out on taking advantage of this fortunate dream symbol!

  • Jade and Elephant Figurines: Immediately gather your collection of Jade crystals and jewelry for use and wear. You want to cash in on your lucky omen. Obtain crystal elephant figurines to deck your home and office so that lady luck doesn't pass you by. You could win big in money, love, manifestation, or all of it.


When the fox appears in your dreams, it is a time to stop and reflect on your spiritual journey. The wise fox has a message to tell you. You need to stop and listen. Follow the fox.

  • Shaman Stones and Fox Figurines: You are due for a shamanic journey. Hold Moqui Marble shaman stones for a spiritual meditation or a walkabout. You might be due for a spiritual retreat. Fox figurines can help whisper wisdom into your intuitive ear.


When the frog appears in your dreams, you are ready for travel and adventure. Life has gotten a bit too stale and you need to do something different to break out of the rut. The change will do you good. 

  • Aventurine and Frog Figurines: Aventurine helps you attract an abundance of experiences that have deep meaning to you. Get adventurous with Aventurine crystals and wear Aventurine jewelry while you're on the go. You'll draw in interesting people and good luck as you journey. Frog figurines help keep the energy of your spaces circulating. Don't let it get stale again.


When the majestic owl appears in your dreams, there is an urgent message awaiting you directly from God. You must pay attention to this life-altering animal should it come before you. This is a message of top priority.

  • Lapis and Owl Figurines: Lapis Lazuli will open up your Third Eye to the intuitive insight needed right now. You must tap into your psychic abilities and see what urgent message is being sent to you from above. Place Lapis above your forehead to find the meaning of the owl. Also, use owl figurines in your ritual. Owls are the "Messengers of God", after all.


When you dream about rabbits, it means you are about to embark on a new chapter in life. You are ready to spring into action and start a new adventure or travel. Rabbits also symbolize fertility so it could be that you or someone close to you is thinking of expanding the family.

  • Unakite and Rabbit Figurines: Unakite is the stone that accompanies you on lively journeys. This springy crystal looks like flowers in a field. Wear Unakite as jewelry if you are ready for a travel adventure. Place  Unakite stones in the bedroom if you want to use them as fertility crystals. Rabbit figurines in your space inspire you to create a new life, literally or metaphorically.


When the snake appears before you, it is time to rise above. You are involved in something sly or immoral and you're feeling guilty about it. The snake tells you to quit this underhanded scheme and get back on track. 

  • Serpentine and Snake Figurines: You need to raise your energy. Use Serpentine crystals and jewelry to tap into your base Kundalini energy and let it rise higher. You have spiritual work to do and karma to make up for. Snake figurines help you stay on the straight path and avoid falling back into temptation. 


When the slow and steady turtle appears in your dreams, it means you need to take a breather. You are overwhelmed and stressed out by life. Slow down the pace- nothing horrible will happen if you relax a bit. 

  • Fluorite and Turtle Figurines: Fluorite will break you from that dizzying spell and help you focus on what's truly important. Slow down and concentrate on your goals with the help of comforting Fluorite gems and jewelry. Place turtle figurines in your home and bedroom- they remind you to take it easy. A little self-care will go a long way in gaining longevity and happiness.


    When the wild wolf appears in your dreams, it means that you need to step up as a leader. Now's your time to shine in work, home, and/or life in general. Take the reigns on a special project and be the one others can look up to.

    • Obsidian and Wolf Figurines: Obsidian is a stone of manifestation. Gaze into Obsidian to gain innovative visions. Be a strong leader and one who is protected within the pack. Wolf figurines help you harness the power of this fearless wild animal. 


    Have the celestial bodies entered your dream or meditation? Find out what they symbolize.

    hand wearing stretch bracelets holding selenite circle


    When the Earth is a part of your dreams, it means your instincts are trying to get through to you. There may be something missing from your life that your body craves. It could be a certain food, fresh air, physical contact, or one of many callings.

    • Chrysocolla: Not only does this gorgeous gemstone resemble the lush earth but it also has special powers that help you connect to nature. Wear or place Chrysocolla at the Heart chakra to discover what your heart is yearning for. Use it at the Throat chakra to ask Mother Earth to deliver it into your reality.


    When the Moon is a part of your dreams, there is a psychic message trying to get through to you. Someone needs to speak to you and deliver important news. This could be a spiritual being such as a master, angel, guide, or passed loved one. It could also be someone here on Earth that you know or don't know.

    • Moonstone: Moonstone is the strongest crystal to connect you with the Moon. Use Moonstone to open up your intuition and psychic channels. It will help you identify the person or being that is trying to reach you and decipher the message you were meant to receive.


    When the planets appear in your dreams, you may have been astral traveling. Sometimes your soul leaves your physical body while you sleep and goes on a journey of exploration. You were meant to expand your mind and open your horizons.

    • Meteorites: Tap into the power of space stones to learn new truths about this Universe. Your spiritual self is being allowed access to greater wisdom and Meteorites can help you unlock these large secrets. Meteorites will also protect you while your etheric body is astral traveling.


    When the Stars or even one Star symbol appear in your dreams, this is your subconscious reminding you to follow your dreams! You may have hidden desires and goals that you felt were unachievable or just got pushed aside. You are telling yourself that now is the time manifest your dreams.

    • Libyan Desert Glass: This natural yellow Tektite holds the power of the stars, sun, and sand. The star energy  of Libyan Desert Glass encourages you to reach for your dreams. The sun element gives you the power to do it and the sand element allows you to manifest those dreams to reality  here on earth.


    When the Sun or a Sun symbol appears in your dreams, it means that you are due for self-care. You need to recharge your batteries on the physical, mental, or emotional planes... maybe all three. The best thing you can do right now is focused on your health and happiness.

    • Sunstone: This crystal is the most powerful stone to harness sun energy down to your realm. Use Sunstone to uplift your spirit and increase your happiness factor. Infuse yourself with a healing light that you need and deserve. 


    Have Elemental forces entered your dream or meditation? Find out what they symbolize.

    hand holding copper wand

    Air and Sky

    When you dream of the air or sky, you are seeking freedom. This often occurs as flying dreams. You may be wanting to escape a current uncomfortable situation or simply looking to expand your horizons.

    • Quartz: For crisp clarity on what this type of dream means to you, use Quartz. Quartz will help you tap into your mind while connecting you to air elements. Gaze into Quartz for visions and wear Quartz jewelry to enhance your feelings of freedom. 

    Dirt and Mud

    When you dream of dirt or mud, you need grounding energy. Your head may be stuck in the clouds or your energy off balance. This is an internal reminder from yourself that you need to anchor back to a healthy reality.

    • Agate: This versatile and widely available crystal is the grounding stone that you are subconsciously calling upon. Center your energy with Agate. Do rooting rituals to get back to a balanced state of being.


    When a flower appears in your dreams, you are experiencing or ready to experience growth. It is a symbol that an important lesson is to come. Take the opportunity to blossom.

    • Chrysanthemum Stone and Lotus: The Chrysanthemum stone is perfect for you right now. Learn from an important lesson so your skills and talents can expand during this prime opportunity. If it's a spiritual blossoming you seek, do crystal healing with a lotus carving after you dream of flowers.


    When fire appears in your dreams, it could mean several things. Fire may be a warning for you to get out of a dangerous situation fast. It could also be your passion calling for you to make a physical connection. Finally, fire could mean the end of an old idea or relationship.

    • Carnelian: Connect with fire elements through Carnelian. This gemstone will help you translate the meaning of your dream and then act accordingly. Carnelian protects you against people or situations of harm. It is also a stone of love and passion that can help you find that physical pleasure you're yearning for.

    Lava and Volcanoes

    When you dream about lava and/or volcanoes, it means something is rumbling deep within your core. There may be an unresolved issue or calling that you need to deal with immediately before it erupts into something bigger.

    • Lava: Lava crystals help you dig deep within your core to find out what's bothering you. They also protect you from anger and tension. After dreaming of Lava, wear it in jewelry form and use Lava stones to help you resolve and heal from pending issues.


    When you dream of metals or metallic objects, a magical transformation is coming. Metals are the tool of alchemists, who are masters of transformation. 

    • Pyrite, Copper, Sterling Silver, Apache Gold: If you have metals in your dream, don't ignore the calling. Get jewelry or pieces in Pyrite, Copper, Sterling Silver, Gold, and other metals. Allow change to flow through you and open yourself to an unexpected future.


    When water appears in your dreams, you are undergoing a cleansing. This could show up as a body of water like the sea, a shower, or a glass of water on a desk. Old baggage has built up emotionally and toxins may be clogging you physically. You are in need of a cleanse and detox.

    • Aquamarine: As its name states, Aquamarine infuses you with water elements. Destress your mind with Aquamarine after dreaming of water. Use it to heal your body by doing a layout and wearing Aquamarine jewelry.


    When wood appears in your dreams, it means you should focus on material success. You might see wooden furniture or even trees. Right now is a time for you to thrive in this world.

    • Petrified Wood: This stone is actual fossilized trees, connecting you to the flourishing power of wood. Place Petrified Wood crystals near your workstation or creative space and materialize the abundance and success you know that you are capable of.


    When wind is in your dreams, it means you are facing a tricky challenge. Something is stopping your path and flow of energy. Wind can present itself in flying dreams or as hurricanes, storms, etc. Take time to carefully think this through and come up with the correct solution.

    • Sodalite: Blue Sodalite helps you navigate the whirlwinds of life through mental preparation and craftiness. Face your challenges wisely and overcome them with logical precision.


    Have meaningful figures entered your dream or meditation? Find out what they symbolize.

    hand holding tigers eye buddha head on raw tigers eye


    When an alien appears in your dreams, it has a transformational message to give to you while you sleep. Pay attention to what is happening in the dream- sounds, sights, colors, words, and additional symbols that can help you translate the important message from Beyond.

    • Moldavite: Moldavite is the transformational meteoric gemstone you need to get hold of as soon as you have an alien dream. This green Tektite will connect you right to the source so you can understand the major message that was meant for you.


    When an angel appears in your dreams, it means you are feeling lost and in need of spiritual guidance. You might have forgotten your life or spiritual purpose. You might have slipped into a sad state. The angel is meant to protect, heal, and help you back up.

    • Angelite and Angel Figurines: Angelite creates a direct channel between you and the angelic realm. Place Angelite at your Throat chakra to communicate with your angels and to understand what they are saying to you. Wear Angelite jewelry to keep protected and guided during this time of trial. Protect and brighten your spaces with angel figurines.


    When a ghost appears in your dreams, it may mean there is an unresolved issue haunting you. If the ghost sends you a message in your dream, it may be someone from the Other Side that wants to warn you or guide you.

    • Tourmaline: If you feel fearful or haunted, protect yourself with Black Tourmaline. Most importantly, get to the reason why this ghost appeared and what you must resolve. If you were visited by a friendly ghost, use Pink Tourmaline to connect to its important message.


    When God or a Master symbol such as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, or Kwan Yin appears before you in a dream, you better listen up! There's something about to happen that will change the entire trajectory of your life. The message may be hard to interpret but all the signs and symbols are there.

    • Amethyst and God Figurines: If you have a grand dream that features a God or God-like presence, it is time for you to enter deep meditation. Use Amethyst to open your Crown chakra and communicate with the spirit world. Listen and learn about your new mission. Adorn your spaces and do meditation with God figurines.

    The Dead

    When someone dead appears in your dreams, it is usually because they want to warn you about upcoming danger. This could be someone you knew who passed over or even a stranger from Beyond. Take a look at your current life situation and protect yourself from bad vibes.

    • Skulls: Crystal skulls have been used over centuries to communicate with the Dead. Do a meditation session with a crystal skull to find out more about the warning message. Then, place it in your home as a protection stone.

    woman lying with labradorite hearts
    Additional crystal resources for you

    What are your dreams?

    Here you seen any of the above symbols in your dreams? Have you attempted to find meaning in your dreams? What was the result?

    We want to hear about your dreams and your dream crystals. If you have experiences to share or questions you need to be answered, write to us below and we will gladly reply.

    Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.