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Choosing the Right Crystals

finger choosing a crystal out of a pile

There are so many different types of crystals out there that it can get overwhelming. It is even more daunting if you are an indecisive person. Luckily, with a little guidance and trust in your intuition, you will choose the right crystals every time. 

How do I choose the right crystals as a beginner?

If you are a total beginner, the whole wide world of healing stones will leave you in a dizzying array. It doesn't help that every single stone has a bunch of different crystal meanings. 

For you beginners, you can find the most popular, basic starter stones in the Top 10 Most Recommended Crystals

Watch the crystal choosing video

Click to watch the video and Choose the Right Crystal Every Time. I will also take you on an easy intuition-trusting exercise. 

How do I use my intuition with choosing crystals?

Once you get a feel for working with crystals, you begin to realize which ones you are naturally drawn to. This is your subconscious mind connecting with the colors, energies and textures you need in the moment. 

Each crystal vibrates at a unique frequency, just like you do from all of the other humans in the world. Once you find those the stones that you vibe with, you just know it. This knowing is your intuition at work. It is your Third Eye chakra telling you that your Higher Self approves. To develop trust in your Higher Self, we recommend opening and balancing your Third Eye chakra

Intuition is such an abstract concept. The best way to use it in choosing crystals is to close your eyes, clear your thoughts, open your eyes again, and see which crystal your mind is immediately drawn to. Whether you are looking at an ecommerce shop on a computer screen or you are standing at a booth at gem show, your mind will tell you which crystals you should have in your life. 

This can also be done with your hands hovering over the crystals, closing your eyes, and stopping when you feel an energetic sensation. This is related to Reiki energy where you give and receive energy through the palm of your hands. 

And then, don't second guess your decisions. Second guessing leads to you to regrets. Following your intuition leads you to success. 

sheila of satin crystals holding a healing crystals book
How do I choose crystals by meanings?

If you are having trouble following your intuition, you can also choose crystals by meanings.

Research which crystals will suit your current problems. Study the meanings of the different crystal shapes, colors, and how they are used in healing. 

We recommend starting with Crystal Meanings and watching the the A-Z Guide to Crystals videos

How do I choose crystals by chakras?

The seven chakras are another way to match crystals to your energy centers that need healing. The seven major chakras correspond to the colors of the rainbow, making it easy to choose stones for each one.

So whether your Heart chakra is blocked with heartache or your Sacral chakra has an overactive imbalance, you can find the exact crystal for your symptoms by heading to the Chakra Guides

amethyst pendulum in palm of hand

How do I choose crystals with a pendulum?

This is a method you'll see people using in metaphysical shops or gem fairs. You program your favorite crystal pendulum so that you can use it for dowsing. It will access your subconscious mind to make a yes or no decision. 

You hover the pendulum over the crystals in front of you and mentally (or out loud) ask, "Is this crystal for me?". Depending on how you had programmed it to answer, you will then get a yes or no. 

Learn more about Pendulum Dowsing

How do I buy crystals online?

Because you can't feel the crystals in person, online shopping can be a little more difficult. However, you can use the same methods as described above.

Instead of using your intuition in person, you can see which crystals you are drawn to first online. Instead of waving your hands or a pendulum over a table of crystals, do the same in front of the screen. This is similar to long-distance healing practices. Healing energy knows no time or space. 

If you have had a history of good judgment with the internet, you will continue to do so with crystal shopping online. Plus, if you buy from Satin Crystals, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and a whole world of healing to gain!

Video on your crystal calling

This is how we said it in 2011. So long ago, and yet such timeless information! Click to watch the video on Choosing Crystals for Healing

Continue the crystal healing journey

The more you know about crystals, the easier it will be to choose your next batch of crystals. Here are additional links for your journey: 

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