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Top 10 Most Recommended Crystals

Crystals are so beautiful in their natural state, color, design, and texture. Coming from the earth, they possess greatness and hold energy that cannot be found anywhere else. With each crystal the earth has created, it possess tiny crystals within that are constantly radiating energy. The beauty in the natural color of the stone can change the state of your mind. For example, the color yellow found in yellow Jasper can make you smile and allow your spirit to feel lighter.

For many years, crystals have been the focal point of healing long before hospitals were built and doctors were practicing. Think back all the way to the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks; they all determined that crystals could be used for many ailments. They were used for ceremonies and celebrations, ground into powders to heal the body, or carried around.

Top 10 Most Recommended Crystals

Top 10 Crystals

If you are a beginner starting a collection of crystals for healing, here are the top ten most often used and why.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is recommended for love. It freely opens the heart to receive and to send positive energy. Wearing Rose Quartz constantly, for example as a piece of jewelry, allows the stone to touch your body and will elevate your inner frequency which ultimately could increase your metabolism and have a positive effect on weight loss.


In it's natural beauty, Amethyst has powerful vibrations that can help you open your third eye. If you suffer from insomnia or dreams that keep your mind from resting at night, Amethyst may be able to help you. This beautiful purple stone may also help with addictions too.


This is a crystal that you want with you at all times because it grounds you. If you are around others who have negativity, this stone will separate their negative energy from you. When hematite has consumed all the negative energy it can hold, it will crack. When you see the crack, it's time to get a new one. Carrying around a cracked hematite will no longer absorb the negative energy, leaving you vulnerable.


This beautiful crystal offers several benefits. First, it can bring out your self confidence, helping you become more successful in everything you do. It can attract positive energy in money, It can bring self love as well as joy, and it can hold off negative energy. Citrine can aid in the treatment of depression as well as digestive ailments and conditions involving the endocrine system.


In Egyptian times, it was believed that Lapis could provide protection to those who carried it around so when someone died, the Egyptians would place Lapis around the deceased to protect them in the afterlife. Lapis can also be used to help resolve any type of life issues that occurred in past lives. Lapis is also good to assist with migraines, general physical body healing, and acid reflux.


This beautiful crystal is beneficial in grounding your emotions so you can handle anything life throws your way. It is available in a few colors; each color having it's own benefits. Green Aventurine can help to eliminate general body aches and pains that occur. Green Aventurine can aid in relaxation at bedtime and provide comfort. Red Aventurine can improve your creativity, and yellow Aventurine helps to balance the overall energy as it opens the third eye. Blue Aventurine helps you work on your self-discipline and promotes a positive energy.


This beauty is easy to identify as it is dark blue with white layers of calcium. Sodalite offers harmony in your day. Athletes carry this stone to promote endurance as well as general strength. It can aid in the treatment of thyroid imbalances and hypoglycemia. Writers find it's energy to be positive and lucky.


This stone has several healing properties. It can provide courage, calm you down when you feel angry, controls spiritual communications, protects against evil energy, promotes financial growth, and protection. Bloodstone can be carried by pregnant women for protection during pregnancy. It is used for a positive circulatory system and blood disorders.


This wonderful crystal can be used for sinus complications, improve energy, and place the auric fields back on track. Fluorite is also used in conditions involving the kidneys, promote bone health, and aid in respiratory conditions and ulcers. Fluorite works to keep back negative energy around you.


Serpentine is known as the healing stone. This beautiful crystal is green in color and can provide physical, spiritual, and emotional balance. It can aid in finding what you search for in life such as love, healing, prosperity, and more. It can assist in regressions of past life and improve the memory.

These and many other healing crystals can be found here at the Satin Crystals Boutique. We have a fresh selection of crystal healing jewelry, polished stones and raw minerals for your energy healing practices!

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Sheila Satin - June 29, 2018

Hi Clinton, Thanks for your message. Carnelian is a popular crystal used for career purposes. We are happy to point you in the right direction as far as what other people have found effective once we know what energy you seek! But, of course, each of us has different vibrations, so what may work for one person may not work as effectively for another. Therefore, I always suggest experimenting and starting with the stones you are naturally drawn to!

Sheila Satin

clinton smith - June 29, 2018
It is very informative knowledge about the crystals that you shared. Thanks for sharing. I had purchased a crystal from Ayana Wellness and gifted it to my brother for a progressive career. Its effect is really amazing. I have become a fond of healing crystals and I will surely buy one Crystal from you as well. Kindly suggest which crystal will be best.

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