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How to Make a Crystal Vision Board

how to make a vision boardMaking vision boards is a perfect way to manifest the major life changes you desire. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a fun activity with friends and family- that works too! A vision board is a powerful tool for all involved.

Vision boards solidify your New Years resolutions with visual images and reminders. They are a fun craft that can be done alone or with others.

Although New Year is a popular time to make vision boards, you can embark upon this project whenever you desire. The power of manifestation never sleeps!

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What is a vision board?

A vision board is a compilation of pictures, words, phrases, symbols, etc that you make to reflect the things you wish to achieve.

All it requires is cutouts from magazines or internet images reflecting your dreams and desires. Tape or glue them onto a cardboard sheet to form a collage.

Vision boards can represent things you want in many areas of life including home, finances, work, school, relationships, spirituality, health, travel, and more. There are no limits.

Why make a vision board?

The act of making a vision board gives energy to the wishes in your mind. It helps transfer your thoughts to tangible images. Making vision boards releases tension and creates a positive vibe.

The key to manifestation and the law of attraction is to focus your intent on positive desires. Making a vision board requires you to organize your thoughts by tuning in to the important goals in your life. 

The finished product serves as a visual representation of the dreams in your head. Look at your vision board throughout the year to stay on track with your goals.

What crystals are best for vision boards?

To amplify your manifestation abilities, surround yourself with crystals and healing jewelry while you make your vision board. You may even choose to glue or attach stones to your board. This not only energizes it but transforms your vision board into 3-D art!

What priorities are you focusing on?

Here are 9 popular life goals and their corresponding crystals:

#1 "I want to earn More Money"

Ahhh...the eternal quest for abundance! Creating wealth is a worthy goal that you are capable of achieving. With the right mindset, actions, and crystals, you can fast-track to prosperity.

Here are your top 3 crystal money helpers:

  • Jade: Increase your flow of green energy. Jade brings wealth, luck, and good fortune.

  • Aventurine: This is called the abundance stone. Manifest your money goals with Aventurine gemstones and jewelry.

  • Citrine: Called the Merchant Stone, Citrine keeps the cash flowing. You want to make money and spend it too. If you wish to start or improve a business venture, don't forget to include Citrine in your board-making.

#2: "I want a Romantic Relationship"

When you're ready, your soulmate shall appear. But don't wait around. Include your romantic dreams in your vision board and get yourself out there!

Whether you're looking to find new love or improve the one you have, these 3 crystals help you the most:

  • Rose Quartz: This pink beauty is the stone of love. It improves your self-love, romantic love, and even your bond with friends and family.

  • Rhodochrosite: Known as the Soulmate Stone, wear and use Rhodochrosite during your vision board session to summon your soulmate or improve your existing relationship.

  • Moldavite: This meteoric gemstone brings love from above. It calls upon your cosmic lover to fulfill your destiny.

#3 "I want to buy a Home"

Big ticket purchases can be exciting yet scary. Build up your funds and your confidence so you can indulge in life's luxuries.

Whether you're saving up for a home, car, or fancy guitar, these stones help you manifest:

  • Iolite: This crystal is your financial planner. Big purchases should fit well into the budget. Surround yourself with wise Iolite to figure out how you will go about your endeavor.

  • Garnet: Are you afraid to pull the trigger on a big buy? Garnet eases your fears and reminds you to indulge in life. You deserve material comfort and abundance, it's a part of the human experience.

  • Agate: This grounding and rooting stone can help you in several ways. Agate is one of the most earthy stones and is talented in manifesting material things to the physical realm. It also has rooting energy that's ideal for homebuyers.

#4 "I want to Learn a New Skill"

Are you looking to learn a new hobby like digital art, mountain biking, or crystal healing? Perhaps you want to pursue education.

These stones sharpen your mind for success:

  • Fluorite: It's the stone of concentration, a specialty for students and learners in life. When you need to study or take an exam, wear Fluorite to focus.

  • Sodalite: This blue beauty sharpens your mind. Gain both logical insights and intuitive visions. 

  • Red Jasper: Learning a new skill takes energy! This is especially true for physical hobbies and sports-related talents. Even book-reading burns energy. Fuel up on Red Jasper. It's your gemstone version of Red Bull.

#5 I want Better Health

Happy health is your foundation for manifestation. You don't want to struggle to survive, you want to thrive. Include healthy habits and routines in your vision board.

These crystals are your energetic cheerleaders: 

  • Obsidian: The strongest protector out there, Obsidian guards you against negativity that tries to overrun your mental health. It is a Root chakra crystal that also invigorates your earth energy for physical health.

  • Howlite: This stone is all about healthy habits. When you need to break down old patterns that sabotage success, Howlite helps you retrain your thought waves. Find new and better routines with Howlite.

  • Apatite: This beautiful blue gemstone specializes in healthy body image and weight management. If you're looking to get fit, glue Apatite to your vision board and then hold it close all year round.

#6 "I want to Travel and Vacation"

OOH! What's your dream destination? Don't forget to include an image of it on your vision board.

The following crystals not only help you manifest your ideal vacation but also guide you as you globetrot:

  • Turquoise: This is a travel stone that guides you spiritually on your path. Carry Turquoise with you on every trip and you will never feel lost.

  • Moonstone: Another travel crystal, Moonstone lights your way no matter what corner of the Earth you are treading. It's also a powerful manifestation crystal that helps you plan before you head out.

  • Jet: Jet out and hop on the next jet with your Jet crystals in hand. Jet helps you overcome the fear and stress of travel while keeping you protected from bad elements while you walk that big bad world.

#7 "I want to Spiritually Evolve"

This is one of the most worthwhile goals of all. Your purpose on earth is to improve, evolve, and grow. When you focus on your spiritual evolution, everything else falls into place.

Use these gemstones on your spiritual journey:

  • Amethyst: This purple crystal is the most beloved in the world. Sparkling Amethyst opens up your Crown chakra to spiritual development. Use Amethyst for crystal healing, meditation, and everyday joy.

  • Lapis: When you're looking to open your Third Eye chakra, this deep blue stone does the job. Gain wisdom and insights by working closely with Lapis.

  • Quartz: This crystal is the Master Healer and the ruler of the crystal kingdom. It helps you see clearly on all levels, opening all chakras. Fill your crystal collection with various Quartz gemstones and jewelry and your spiritual world shall flourish.

#8 I want a Stronger Social Life

Happiness is about feeling connected, loved, and purposeful. When you keep a rich social life, you don't feel alone.

To manifest more fun and friends, use these stones:

  • Rhodonite: This pink crystal specializes in strengthening your social bonds. Don't just attract friends, attract the right ones. Surround yourself with positive people and your world expands.

  • Tigers Eye: Are you feeling a little shy? Gain confidence with Tigers Eye. Wear this shimmering jewel to social events. Keep Tigers Eye close by to gain the energy of the bold tiger.

  • Labradorite: This is a leadership stone. Are you talented at social organizing and leading the pack? Wear Labradorite to show your skills.

#9 I want a Pet or Child 

Absolutely include future pets and kids in your vision board. There's more than enough love to go around.

When you're looking to add a dreamy new family member to your pack, these crystals are best:

  • Unakite: This is a stone of creation. Unakite energizes you on your pregnancy journey. Wear Unakite to grow a healthy family.

  • Carnelian: Activating the Sacral chakra, Carnelian strikes up the physical desire. Place Carnelian in the bedroom to inspire the baby-making process! 

  • Green Jasper: This natural beauty summons the energy of plants and animals. Manifest a pet with Crocodile Jasper gemstones. Rejuvenate your plants by adding Green Jasper to your garden.

How do you make a vision board?

Making a vision board is a simple and fun project.

Here are the instructions for a group vision board-making event:

1. Ask everyone to bring various types of magazines, newspapers, and advertisements that they have lying around.

2. Provide or ask everyone to bring a large piece of paperboard or cardboard, scissors, and glue.

3. Set the mood. Surround yourself with your favorite manifestation crystals. Vision board making can be done gleefully with wine and music or in a cozy setting of hot chocolate and laughter.

4. Have a jolly good time together as you look through the magazines to find images that align with things you want for your life- each person according to his/her desires of course.

5. After you have trimmed out the magazine pictures and words, arrange them over the board and glue them down. Don't forget to use the crystals mentioned above while you make your board. Better yet, attach them to your board.

6. Take pride in your new work of art. Show it off and place it somewhere highly visible.

Alternative options for the digitally inclined: Make a Photoshop collage. 

Share your Vision

Here are pictures and experiences of my 2017 Vision Board project. Looking back, some things manifested, some did not, and others are ongoing projects.

Create your ripples, but ride with the tide.

We would love to see your visions too! Have any questions, stories, or comments about how to create a vision board? Want to show off your work? Feel free to contact us by filling out the box below and Sheila, Ann, or Lisa Satin will get back to you. 

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