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I've Made My Vision Board, Have You?

Happy New Years to the Satin Crystals community!  

Last year was tough for me, but among the challenges were priceless treasures. I married the man of my dreams, vacationed in Scandinavia, and had an Autumn wedding celebration in Budapest surrounded by international family and friends. We completed our flat renovations, and are holidaying in California...the happiest place on Earth.

This year is going to be all around amazing. Yesterday 12 of us gathered to engage in Vision Board creation. It was so much fun, and helped me focus on this year's goals.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a compilation of pictures, words, phrases symbols etc. that you make to reflect the things you wish to achieve.  All it requires is cutouts from magazines or internet images reflecting your dreams and desires.  Tape or glue them onto a cardboard sheet to form a collage.  Vision Boards can represent things you want in many realms of life including home, finances, work, school, relationships, spirituality, health, travel and more. There is no limit.

Why make a Vision Board?

The key to manifestation and law of attraction is to focus your intent on positive desires. Making a vision board requires you to organize your thoughts by tuning in to the important goals.  The act of making the vision board gives energy to these wishes, giving them life and momentum.  Finally, the finished product serves as a visual representation of the dreams in our head.

Every time I look at my vision board, I feel happy and motivated.  These are the images and patterns and colors and themes that I have chosen, because I love them.  It's easy to forget about our intentions, but when there is something in sight, it sticks in mind.  The more we focus on the thing we want and take actions to achieve them, the more we can manifest.

My Manifestations

My board focuses on establishing a happy place in the Bay Area.  There is a strong focusing on health and fitness.  There are reminders for me to enjoy the lighter things in life after emerging from two heavy years.  My board is about 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet, hard to miss! 

It has been about 5 years since I last made a vision board.  However, I do make manifestation lists once or twice a year.  These are hand written representations of what I want for the coming future.

I'm happy with the way manifestation has worked in my life.  I was born into an amazing family, have been deeply involved in Satin Crystals as a career I love for the past 12 years, and have am now married to my soul mate.  We are both not only fearless dreamers, but also avid doers. We understand that action is the fuel that lights the fire, and I'm so excited to see what the year has to offer.

Meanwhile, the moment is the greatest gift of all.  We must remember that the game of life ultimately comes to an end, as do the material pursuits.  The real trophy is feeling joy in the moment as we continue along the path.

Happy Manifestations to You and Lots of Love,

Lisa Satin








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