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How to Use Crystal Healing Eggs

tim of satin crystals with a large druzy quartz septarian stone egg in front of his face

Crystal eggs draw us in because they remind us of the mysteries and miracles of life, new births, and new beginnings. 

Discover the fascinating story of egg-shaped stones, their symbolism, healing properties, and how to use these gemstones in both your holistic and everyday lifestyle.

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Watch the Crystal Egg Video

Join us for a highlight reel of this article with real-life examples of gemstone eggs in the How to Use Crystal Eggs video.

What does a crystal egg represent?

A crystal egg represents new beginnings. Eggs bring life through birth. Just look at the divine, innocent, and adorable baby chick that hatch from its cozy shell to join us on Earth. 

When you are looking for a fresh start, crystal eggs are perfect. 

Because life is a miracle, we associate eggs with magic. When you are looking to infuse miracles and magic into your life, crystal eggs are perfect.

Eggs are a symbol of spring. Eggs represent fertility, virility, and a flourishing life force. In Christianity, they symbolize resurrection and eternal life. When you are looking for youthfulness, virility, and life force chi, crystal eggs are perfect.

How to use crystal eggs for Spring and Easter?

Easter is the celebration of spring. Eggs symbolize this holiday and it is tradition to give eggs on Easter.

For children, chocolate eggs are classic. Painting Easter eggs has been going on since the 13th century. More recently, plastic eggs with gifts inside have become popular.

Adults celebrate Easter by gifting eggs too. Traditionally, hen eggs were given. Porcelain eggs are charming collectible items such as the famous Faberge eggs. If you're opting for something more natural than the branded porcelains, crystal eggs make marvelous Easter collectibles.

Crystal eggs come in a variety of different stones that are naturally colored- no need to dig out the paints!  Decorate your home with pink Rose Quartz eggs, blue Lapis Lazuli eggs, brown Tiger's Eye eggs, and Clear Quartz eggs.

Get ideas on how to best benefit from your gemstones this Easter in our Crystal Egg Rituals article.

How to use crystal eggs for acupressure?

Crystal eggs are a great choice for acupressure. Practitioners sometimes use special tools to help apply pressure to the key points on the body's meridian. Crystal eggs are ideal because either end can be used. The pointier top can be used to apply pressure to the tension points. The rounded bottom can be used to rub large muscles for blood and energy circulation.

The goal of acupressure and Asian bodywork is not just to relieve pain, but to ultimately restore a holistic balance of the yin and yang energies. The modality is focused on total wellness. Crystal eggs bring vital elements to the healing process.

Every crystal has unique healing benefits which become incorporated into the session. Acupressure with crystal eggs brings double healing.

You can also use crystal eggs for Gua sha energy flow in the face. Just like gemstone facial wands, using stone eggs gets the blood flowing and rejuvenates your skin for a youthful glow. You can even place your egg in the fridge or freezer before your session! 

Lisa's personal experience with crystal eggs

I don't use crystal eggs as often as crystal balls, but they became of utmost importance to me during my pregnancy. Knowing that nothing would beat a crystal egg during this transitory time, my little blue Lapis Lazuli egg and little green Bloodstone egg became my best buddies. 

When I was pregnant, I knew nothing about babies or kids. Did I even have a single motherly instinct in me? My Lapis Lazuli egg opened my Third Eye chakra and the flow of natural intuition. It alleviated doubts that many parents-to-be experience.

My Lapis Lazuli egg kept me mentally strong through the moods of pregnancy. Whenever anxiety reared its ugly head, I would take hold of my blue crystal egg. It washed away my fears and prepared me for a new chapter of life.

Physically, pregnancy was a trying time. That's when my Bloodstone egg stepped up and kept me healthy. Bloodstone helped me clear a visit to the ER, endure several risk factors that arose, and survive labor and delivery.

I am grateful for my angelic crystal eggs that guided me through pregnancy so I could experience the miracle of new life. Baby Andrew was born strong, handsome, and perfect. 

tim of satin crystals using a blue calcite stone egg for healing at the third eye chakra

How do you use crystal eggs in healing?

Besides decoration, gifting, and massage, you can use crystal eggs in your healing practice. 

Here are some ideas for your crystal egg uses:

1. Breaking old habits with crystal eggs

The crystal egg stands for rebirth. It is the best tool for breaking old habits and forming healthy ones. Set your will on shedding old negative patterns, and then surround yourself with crystal eggs. The egg allows you to focus on better thoughts and lifestyle choices. Breaking an old habit takes time but is essential to your soul's growth.

2. Writing manifestation lists with crystal eggs

It is a wise practice to write a manifestation list every few months. This clarifies your life goals so that you have a direction for achieving your dreams.

Manifesting new things is what crystal eggs love to do. They are all about new beginnings. Hold the egg while you read the list aloud. Saying affirmations every day with a crystal egg in your hand speeds up the process of manifestation.

2. Praying for miracles with crystal eggs

Eggs represent the miracle of life. They can bring you other miracles as well. When in prayer, hold a crystal egg in your hand. The vibration of the stone intensifies your prayers and sends a message out into the Universe (or straight to God's ears, depending on your beliefs). 

4. Crystal egg placement for fertility

Since eggs bring fertility, they are perfect for those wishing to conceive. The crystal egg is ideal in the bedroom. Continue to keep the egg in your bedroom through pregnancy and birth to benefit from its positive effects.

jamie of satin crystals holding two blue angelite stone eggs in her hands for meditation

How do you use crystal eggs in everyday life?

Besides their metaphysical energies, gemstone eggs have practical uses in home and life. Here are some ideas for crystal egg uses:

1. Crystal eggs for home decoration

Eggs make wonderful decorative crystals for the home. Chickens and eggs are popular themes for kitchens in particular. Eggs inspire a feeling of family, life, and nature. They make artful pieces in traditional homes, modern living, and even trendy urban farmhouses.

2. Crystal eggs for the office

Alternatively, eggs are good for the office or place of business when you are starting a new venture. They put you on the path of courageousness and success. Need something to hold down your paperwork? Use an attractive crystal egg as a paperweight. Add a crystal egg holder for a professional look! 

3. Crystal eggs for massage

You don't have to be an acupuncture practitioner to enjoy the healing benefits of a crystal egg massage. The pointier top end of the egg is great for digging into the pesky deep tissue pains. The smoother bottom can be used to gently rub muscles. Try a circular motion for specific pain relief. Try an up-and-down motion to get the blood flowing.

4. Gemstone yoni eggs

The recently resurrected trend for crystal eggs is to use them as yoni eggs. Kegel exercises with Yoni eggs may strengthen the pelvic floor. Because it is discouraged by medical professionals, Satin Crystals does not sell crystal eggs for this purpose.

We respect a woman's individual choice and recommend you talk to your doctor before engaging in the sacred and sensual ritual. Learn about the do's and dont's of yoni eggs to make an informed decision regarding yoni eggs alongside your doctor.

5. Gifting crystal eggs

Crystal eggs make the perfect decorative and meaningful gift for Easter. Naturally bright and springy tones like pink Rose Quartz, pastel green Amazonite, and raspberry Rubellite Tourmaline pair well with this holiday.

Crystal eggs are excellent gifts for graduates who are about to embark on a new chapter in life. Bold eggs that provide courage and confidence are ideal, such as green Aventurine eggs for financial success, orange Carnelian eggs for goal realization, and blue Lapis Lazuli eggs for innovative thinking.

Crystal eggs are beloved by healers all year round. Find the perfect present in the Satin Crystals Egg Collection.

hand holding up a green diopside egg for crystal healing
Sheila's personal experiences with crystal eggs

I have always been fascinated by the idea that crystal eggs can heal imbalances in your aura. I imagine an egg wobbling around in your energy field, trying to find its balance. Kind of like Humpty-Dumpty on his brick wall. 

I use crystal eggs for massage. I am a big massage person and usually resort to self-massage if I don't get the motivation to make an appointment and commute to a real masseuse. Sitting hours at the computer or bent over the bead board, leave me with tiny knots at my neck.

I like to use a palm-size crystal egg and untangle those pesky knots. The smaller side of the eggs can get in deeper and the large side is more soothing over a large surface of the neck. I especially like Amethyst eggs because they are durable and correspond with the upper chakras.

How can I display crystal eggs?

Need ideas on how to decorate with your crystal eggs? Watch the Gemstone Egg Decorating video and be inspired!

How do you cleanse and charge a crystal egg?

The type of stone your crystal egg is polished from will determine how you can clean it physically. For softer stones like Selenite and Angelite, you will only want to use a soft cloth or maybe even something as airy as a feather duster. For harder stones like Quartz and Agate, you will be able to use water and soap or even an organic glass cleaner. 

To energetically cleanse, charge, and program your stone eggs for healing, you can choose from a variety of methods. This includes water (for the harder stones), incense, crystal clusters, and the power of the moon or the rays of the sun. Check out our Crystal Care guide to learn more. 

How do I buy crystal eggs?

Satin Crystals is the leader of crystal eggs. We have a wide selection of gemstone eggs for all your healing needs. Simply look through our listings to see what energy is right for you. Don't miss out, add to your collection today:

Are you wishing to give a crystal egg as a present? A Malachite egg mesmerizes with its green patterns, a Pyrite egg dances with its reflective gold surface, and a Moonstone egg shines with its iridescent sheen. When you gift a Satin Crystals egg, we can have it shipped directly to the special receiver.

What is a Thunder Egg?

Despite its name, a Thunder Egg is a round-shaped stone. It is a natural concretion filled with Agate inclusions. When it is sliced open, it reveals mesmerizing patterns within the rocky shell. 

woman holding malachite egg
You and your crystal eggs

Do you own a crystal egg? What gemstone is it made of? What do you use it for? Where do you display or store your egg?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about your gemstone egg. 

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