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9 Blue Crystal Balls for Zen Healing

woman holding lapis and labradorite spheresAwaken your intuition, imagination, and emotions with blue crystal balls. These beautiful gemstone orbs resemble planet earth. They capture the essence of calm skies and deep seas. They have you shimmering with nature's finest energy.

Blue crystal balls open your Throat chakra to expressive communication. They activate your Third Eye chakra to powerful spiritual experiences. 

Be a bearer of peace by utilizing blue crystal balls to find your inner Zen and inspiring others to do the same.

Below you will find 9 blue crystal healing balls. View the entire Collection of Blue Spheres at Satin Crystals.

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9 Blue Spheres for Crystal Healing 

#1 Iolite Crystal Ball of Financial Freedom 

Just when you thought you've seen it all, you lay eyes on this rare and beautiful blue Iolite ball. Fall in love with this mesmerizing crystal that teaches you how to live debt-free. Find the freedom of spirit when you free your financial burdens, holding tight to your blue Iolite rarity. FIND OUT MORE.

#2 Apatite Crystal Ball for a Healthy Self

Feel inspired when you take hold of this stunning blue Apatite sphere. It is your cheerleader for a healthy fit body, mind, and soul. The rich blue colors laced with red fire veins are pulsing with energy, motivating you to move to the rhythm of progress. FIND OUT MORE.

#3 Lapis Crystal Ball Royal Third Eye 

Tune into the energy of the Ancients by holding this powerful Lapis Lazuli sphere in your hands. It is the best stone for psychic exploration. Lapis has been cherished over the ages and across civilizations. The smooth blue crystal ball makes the perfect centerpiece to invigorate your space. FIND OUT MORE.

#4 Angelite Crystal Ball of Divinity

In times of trouble, your blue Angelite sphere soothes you. Be reminded of your own divine nature when you hold this gemstone orb in your hands. Communicate with your higher self, guardian angels, and the angelic world above. It feels good to know you are never alone, always supported. FIND OUT MORE.

#5 Aquamarine Crystal Ball of Bliss

The serene blue hue of your Aquamarine crystal ball brings instant bliss to your soul. Pick up your precious gemstone and feel the anxiety melt like ice. Your Aquamarine orb gives you a peaceful perspective and the wisdom to overcome any challenge. FIND OUT MORE.

#6 Blue Calcite Crystal Ball Air Elements

Are you overcome with panic, fear, and anxiety? This dreamy Blue Calcite beauty brings Zen to your den. It fills you with blissful energy and reminds you that life is a sacred blessing. Your Calcite sphere makes you feel light and happy as you fly high on its Air Element qualities. FIND OUT MORE.

#7 Dumortierite Crystal Ball of Intuition

Loosen up and trust your inner-self with the help of this mystique Dumortierite sphere. When your ego is running rampant, the deep blue beauty puts your skewed perspective on pause. Get in touch with your inner wisdom and channel your flow of intuitive knowledge- it's all there within. FIND OUT MORE.

#8 Sodalite Crystal Ball Night Sky Magic

Do you want to know what magic feels like? Hold this smooth, stunning Sodalite sphere and release the magic of the night-blue sky. Stir up enchantment and experiences that strike your soul. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to inspiration with this Sodalite crystal ball. FIND OUT MORE.

#9 Arfvedsonite Crystal Ball of Manifestation

Ahh, the elusive Arfvedsonite. Imagine gazing into this rare gemstone sphere while you hold it in the palm of your hands. Flashy blue sparks catch your eye and light your heart in fireworks. Pursue your dreams while under the protective wings of this stunning Arfvedsonite crystal ball. FIND OUT MORE.

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Lisa Satin - April 12, 2022

Hello Briana,

Thanks for your inquiry.

You can visit this article for crystal ball techniques and ideas:

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance :)


Lisa Satin

Briana G - April 12, 2022

Hello. I was wondering how to use my crystal ball I bought. I also like the rainbow quartz ball but I don’t have money for that right now. I got drawn to your site. I’m a empath. I have lots of different empath abilities.

Sheila Satin - April 6, 2022

Hi Pam, we leave your crystal reunions up to the Universe. So far so good!

Here is more on crystal ball gazing/scrying:
and how to use crystal balls in general:

Feel free to ask any other questions as you go along!

Pam G - April 6, 2022

Made my order. Y’all pick me some big beautiful ones. Also how do you know which one’s are the one’s for the person who purchases because we’re not able to physically see them and fill the energy from them, just curious lol I’m quite sure that they are all beautiful because they come from Mother Earth. But i am very new to scrying and working on myself spiritually and I’m just so excited and can’t wait until they arrive. Also just wanted to let you know that you have the Best explanation of how to scry… Thank you and i may ask more questions later if that’s ok

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