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Free USA shipping for orders over $55.

Arfvedsonite Sphere Blue Firework Manifestation Crystal Ball

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  • Ahh, the elusive Arfvedsonite. Imagine gazing into this rare gemstone sphere while you hold it in the palm of your hand. Flashy blue sparks catch your eye and light your heart in fireworks. Pursue your dreams while under the protective wings of this stunning Arfvedsonite crystal ball. It is the epitome of metaphysical beauty. 

    Positive Affirmation: "I am ready for new adventures in the spiritual world"
    Intentions: Protection Crystals
    Primary Chakra: Third Eye Chakra


    You have selected a natural Arfvedsonite sphere. Arfvedsonite is a little-known stone, black with long needles showing brilliant blue or silver flashes. It is often mislabeled as blue Astrophyllite. Each sphere will differ in its flashes, some will be bluer, some more golden with hints of blue. You may also find hints of red Garnet and other mineral inclusions within the black stone. 

    Stone Treatment:
     Natural, Untreated

    Each stone is unique in its colors, inclusions, shape, divots, and patterns.

    Don't let it roll away, Add a display stand.


    In crystal healing, Arfvedsonite is a great stone to help you reevaluate and reorganize your life. When you feel at a crossroads, use this healing stone to find a clear path. Learn more about this rare stone in What is Arfvedsonite?


    -You are attracted to rare gemstones
    -You seek spiritual growth
    -You want a stone with protective energy

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    The crystal ball is a foundation stone for true healers, psychic readers, and the spiritually inclined. Use your sphere for gazing, meditation, massage, and Feng Shui. Learn more about How to use Crystal Balls.


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    Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.


Ask a Question
  • Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your article on this divine stone. I was told that I was purchasing blue Astrophyllite but I realise now that I in fact have an absolutely gorgeous Arfvedsonite sphere. It was an intuitive purchase so the name at that point was unimportant - but my experience of manifestation, transformation, rebirth and release since purchasing it completely align with what I've since read about Arfvedsonite. Just wanted to say thankyou for the insight and knowledge! now I'm off in search of an equally lovely Astrophyllite sphere. :) Nic xx

    Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for writing about your experience. Sounds like your intuition was right, and lead you to a beautiful piece. 
    We hope the Astrophyllite crystal ball brings all you wish to manifest.
    Lisa Satin

  • Is this Arfvedsonite stone is available in India

    Hi Sagar,
    I'm not sure if Afvedsonite stone is available for sale in the Indian gem stores. It is a rare stone so you would need to ask at the local shops.

    We currently only have these spheres available, which can be shipped to India though the shipping is a bit costly. 
    Lisa Satin

  • Hi I wanted to inquire about purchasing some of your blue lace agate spheres how do I reach you? I tried calling your store and also having my friend stop by at your San Francisco location and it is closed. Are you still in business? How can I reach you to discuss? Kind regards, Lisa

    Hello Lisa,   Thank you for your email. We are in business as an online store, and no longer have a physical store. All the products you see on our website are currently available (unless they are marked as sold out).    We would be more than happy to give you information regarding the crystal spheres. Please just let us know which ones are of interest to you, and any questions you may have.   Email is the best way to contact us.   We also have Facebook Live Chat. We may not answer live chat right away but we'll get back to you as soon as possible.    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,   Lisa Satin

    p.s. you may still see our physical storefront on google and yelp, they refuse to remove old listings for whatever reason, but we are here for you virtually!

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