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How to Wear Moldavite Jewelry

sheila of satin crystals layered with moldavite necklaces What if you could travel through space, touch the stars, and tap into the great unknown? With Moldavite jewelry, you can.

Wearing this special Green Tektite opens a gateway to the cosmic Universe. Take the leap and explore as you've never done before.

Whether you are flashing a pendant, showing off a ring, or layering these rare gemstone necklaces, Moldavite has you rocking and rocketing beyond this world.

How do you wear Moldavite?

Today we feature three ways to wear Moldavite jewelry and how each style can benefit you metaphysically. 

The Benefits of wearing Moldavite Pendants

Moldavite pendants provide you a front-and-center portal to the cosmos. These gemstones have no limits- the pendants can be worn on your favorite chain, choker, or cord at the exact length you desire. With pendants, you get the freedom to switch out your chains at will. 

Do you want to wear Moldavite near your Throat chakra so you can communicate with your guides and angels? No problem, sport it on the choker of your choice.

Do you want to wear Moldavite near your Heart chakra for cosmic love? Perfect! Wear your pendant on a chain that lies front and center of your chest.

Do you want to wear Moldavite near your Solar Plexus chakra to give you emotional purpose and a sense of meaning to your everyday life? Place your pendant on a longer chain that adorns your torso.

The Benefits of wearing Moldavite Necklaces

Moldavite necklaces can be layered by length or worn alone as a statement piece. For those who like their jewelry as a finished set, necklaces make perfect sense.

Your Moldavite necklace becomes the prize of your collection, lighting up your aura no matter where you go. Feel like one-in-the-universe when you choose rare and spectacular green Moldavite as your jewel. Each Moldavite piece was created during a one-time meteoric event 14.7 million years ago, formed and solidified for eternity. 

Necklaces encircle your aura with the energy of Moldavite. Place your hand over the meteorite when you need a reassuring vibration during your day. 

The Benefits of wearing Moldavite Rings

Moldavite rings are your best bet when receiving and transmitting extraterrestrial energies. Whereas necklaces and pendants are easily admired by others, Moldavite rings are easy for you to gaze into throughout the day. Gain inspiration and innovation by looking into the green rippling soul of Moldavite.

Do you want to channel messages? Write powerful affirmations and gratitude quotes for your spiritual growth? Blog about metaphysics? The Moldavite ring can channel the correct words from the cosmos and out the tip of your fingers.

Each hand and each finger has a different significance when it comes to wearing stones. Check out the Metaphysical Ring Guide and discover the whole wide world of crystal healing with rings. 

Why Wear Moldavite?

Choose Moldavite when you are feeling small, alone, and insignificant. This rare gemstone helps you realize that you are a fascinating and unique creature, an important part of the Oneness. 

Wearing Moldavite provides you with a sense of belonging. It is your connection to the vastness of the Universe. It is your link to the mysteries of life. 

Another plus side of wearing Moldavite is that it's different. People notice, people compliment, and your style stands out.

What happens when you wear Moldavite?

Besides feeling like a million bucks, you may feel the Moldavite Flush when wearing Moldavite jewelry. This is a sensation felt by those who are sensitive to energies.

If you are open to the vibrations of the universe, you may feel Moldavite Flush. Your body floods with warmth, tingling, buzzing, or any other unusual sensation. This means that the Moldavite is raising your vibrations and opening your chakras. It is nothing to fear, but if it gets too overwhelming for you, take a break from your Moldavite jewelry and wear it again when your body has calmed down. Learn what stones pair well to balance the Moldavite Flush in Moldavite Gemstone Meanings

how to wear moldavite jewelry

How do I care for my Moldavite jewelry?

While Moldavite itself can be cleansed in water, be aware of your jewelry components. Visit How to Care for your Jewelry for more information.

If you are using your Moldavite jewelry for energy healing, make sure to cleanse, charge, and program your gemstones before use. See how in Crystal Care

How can I tell if my Moldavite jewelry is real?

The market is flooded with fake Moldavite. Buyer beware! If the price is too good to be true, it is.

Here at Satin Crystals, we have exclusive relationships with Moldavite vendors in the Czech Republic. This is how we know that the real thing is being more regulated and the price is increasing to meet the high demand. We are doing what we can to keep authentic Moldavite jewelry in stock for you. Read more in Is Your Moldavite Real? 

Where can I buy authentic Moldavite?

If you are ready to adorn yourself with authentic Moldavite, you've come to the right place. This fascinating Green Tektite awaits you.

Shop the Moldavite Jewelry Collection or pick your special pieces right here on the blog: 

Keep Connected with Moldavite

Here are some additional Moldavite resources to increase your Meteorite knowledge: 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.


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Lisa Satin - May 10, 2022

Hello Ana,

Here is information about the natural inclusion in your Moldavite:

A lot of times Moldavite comes to you with brown or white minerals on the surface, or even embedded within. Consider yourself lucky, because your Moldavite has accumulated additional healing properties.

The brown inclusions on Moldavite are revered by collectors. They are usually pockets of Sandstone that have formed over millions of years.

The white spots on your Moldavite could be clay or other minerals. They too add additional elements to your Meteorite.

The brown dirt Sandstone should never be cleaned off, it could damage your special piece.


That information comes from our Moldavite meanings page. I suggest you read it to learn even more about your special piece.

Here is the link:

Ana F. - May 10, 2022

I received my Moldavite pendant and it’s beautiful! But I do have a question. My piece seems to have a tan inclusion in or on it not sure how to describe! Can you tell me what that is?

Lisa Satin - January 28, 2022

Hello Nadia,

You can check out our Ring Guide for answers. It all depends on what kind of energy you want from your stone:


Lisa Satin

Nadia - January 28, 2022

Hi there! I need to know, please!…. which hand is best to wear my Moldavite ring? For Metaphysical and Healing purposes?? Thanks so much💜 (it’s quite a rock and custom made)

Lisa Satin - January 21, 2022

Hi Jen!
I’m happy to hear about your crystal journey and your personal connection to the Czech Republic- source of all real Moldavite!

The Alligator necklace is truly a unique one, you won’t find that anywhere else as it’s one of Sheila’s personal designs. :)

It comes only with the faceted Moldavite, which is actually well-liked and hard to get too.

We hope you will gift yourself with the special stone for your birthday, I think you’ll love it. If you have any questions or stories to share, reach out at any time.

Jen - January 21, 2022

Good morning Lisa!

These links are great, thank you so much for sharing. I am a novice crystal enthusiast and love learning more about them. I seem to be drawn to the Moldavite, coincidently my ancestry comes from Czech Republic and I have been recently interested in connecting with my roots. I did not realize Moldavite was from Czech Republic until seeing your videos. And, I think it is fate that you have a Moldavite pendant with an alligator, crocodilians are one of my favorite reptilians and I studied them in grad school. (The universe may be telling me something 😊) Is this piece ever offered with natural moldavite or only available with faceted stone? I look forward to treating myself for my upcoming birthday in March. Please let me know if you have any suggestions about choosing Moldavite.

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hello Darby, Thanks for writing.

Yes, you should certainly clean, charge, AND program your Moldavite with the positive intention you desire.

If you are working with the Mini Martian Moldavites you got from us, a good method is to put them over uncooked brown rice or sea salt to clean, in the windowsill to charge (you could even do it on the full moon coming up two days from now), and then program with what you want it to do for you.

Here is an article and video showing you various ways to clean, charge, and program your crystals, meteorites, and Moldavite:

darby - November 25, 2021

Hi, I bought a moldavite crystal half a year ago and unfortunately it has been nothing but downhill so far and crazy bad things have been happening instead of good :( I think I need to cleanse the stone or I may be too sensitive. How do I cleanse moldavite? There seems to be so much contradicting info online how to do it correctly. How do you know if you’re too sensitive? Thank you for your help 🤍

Sheila Satin - March 26, 2021

Hi Jessica, we don’t put any specific significance on how you wear or use Moldavite, but you can learn more about ring and placement here: Some people do like to know which finger symbolizes what energy when they wear rings!

Jessica O - March 26, 2021

Hi I read this article ok how to wear moldavite on your website. Question do you know what it means when you wear moldavite on your hands as a ring?

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