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Jolly Jasper for your Holiday Jubilee

red jasper sphere, wooden nutcracker, gold angel, green malachite sphereA grand celebration of life is more than warranted this holiday season- and Jolly Jasper is just the stone to usher in an era of fun festivities.

The year ends with much to appreciate and much to be hopeful for. You may have faced new challenges through 2020, but you have come out stronger and wiser.

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How is Jasper so versatile?

Jasper is one of the broadest collections of gems out there. It is a widely available stone, bursting with an array of colors, patterns, and variations. There is no doubt that you'll find one or several forms of Jaspers to fall in love with.

Are you looking for festive Christmas Jaspers? Red Jasper is one of the brightest stars of the mineral world. Pair it with jolly Green Jasper and your mood lights up with the spirit of the season.

Are you seeking Jasper for love? Turn your attention to Pink Jasper, amorous yet stunning. Take your love beyond the limits and pick up brown Jasper to strike up your Sacral chakra. This stone is known for bringing prolonged sexual pleasures. Don't be shy, put it right by your bedstand or wherever you desire an adventure.

Not only does Jasper encompass the color spectrum, but it comes in complete picture paintings and profound patterns:

  • Picture Jasper, Picasso Jasper, and Polychrome Jasper inspire your inner artist.

  • Check out Mookaite Jasper, Sesame Jasper, and Ocean Jasper for a whole world of fun.

  • Feel closer to nature with Dendritic Jasper, Crocodile Jasper, Leopard Jasper, Safari Jasper, Snake Jasper, and Dalmation Jasper- they harness the best of flora and fauna. 

A countless medley of Jaspers exist to win your heart and energize your aura. Jasper is also versatile in that it comes from every nook and cranny of the planet. America, India, Madagascar- name a place and you have a Jasper!

The versatility of Jasper makes it easy to love. Explore the giant world of Jasper and find your perfect match!

How tough is Jasper?

Not only is Jasper a pretty tough cookie on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, but its energetic properties are something to boast about. Jasper is known to be an earthy, grounding stone.

Sure, most people in the metaphysical world tend to flock to fluffy, floaty spiritual crystals. But Jasper has news for you: you're a human being too- and that's something to celebrate!

Look what Jasper is known to do:

  • Jasper anchors you to reality when you're being overly dreamy or analytical. 

  • Jasper reconnects you to Mother Earth when you've become too engrossed in material life and technology.

  • Jasper teaches you to take pleasure in the planet's abundance rather than feel shameful, poor, or undeserving.

  • Jasper helps you overcome stress, fears, and anxieties. It destroys negative thoughts that your mind created and places you back into the Power of Now.

Jasper crystals takes your soul to boot camp. Jasper knows you have a life mission, and makes sure you are on track to achieving your purpose.

How fun is Jasper?

All work and no play make Jack and Jane feel dull. But, once they use Jasper crystals, they are filled with go-getter attitude and an energy of fun!

Jasper gemstones remind you that after a satisfactory day of manifesting, you should enjoy the happy hour of life.

The colorful nature of Jasper makes it the perfect pick to lift your mood and spirit. It's fun to wear Jasper jewelry because it's a stone that pops. Jasper demands to be noticed and cherished- and so do you.

Adorn yourself with Jasper earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, ankles, and even cufflinks! There is a color and a style of Jasper for each outfit. 

Fit your home and office with a medley of Jasper stones.

  • A fire-filled Red Jasper ball attracts the attention of all.
  • A Jasper egg in the kitchen brings a smile to your face as your busy preparing the holiday fixings.
  • A Jasper pyramid in the office funnels prosperity and respect while striking up interesting conversations.

When you're looking for a stone that says it all, let Jasper do the talking. 

Is Jasper right for you?

The holidays are here and you're more than ready to celebrate with Jolly Jasper. Think "Jasper!" as you shop for gifts- there's something to fit every soul on your list.

Over the next 3 weeks, you're about to be surrounded by Jolly Jasper knowledge.

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  • Jasper Holiday Meditation

Jasper is versatile, Jasper is tough, and Jasper is fun. What a beautiful and colorful stone to bring balance and bounty to you and yours. Cheers to that!

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Lisa Satin - May 31, 2022

Hello Tori,

Thanks for writing to us.

We currently are not taking custom orders. However, we thank you for your interest and hope to assist you in finding the right stone.

Please check out our current Jasper gem and jewelry offerings here:

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Lisa Satin

Tori - May 31, 2022

Hi good day. Do you do custom jewelery? I want to purchase a Poppy jasper but in a ring.

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