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New Moon Arrivals for July 2023

hematite round slab with new moon imageDear Friends,  The New Moon of July wants you to fly! Look up and rise to the sky.

This month, we have 14 new arrival crystal healing treats for you. Fresh gems and jewels help you start anew. 

What projects will you begin? What journeys shall you embark upon? And which of these crystals will come along?

Keep in touch,

Lisa Satin

14 New Moon Arrivals 

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Superbly Stoney

Your new healing treasures await! The brand new Hematite charger resembles the July New Moon itself. Looking into a Larimar crystal ball is like gazing at the Caribbean skies. Need a splash of color? Rainbow Kyanite gems invigorates your aura while Rose Quartz towers are beacons of true love from above. 

#1 Hematite Slab Circle My Territory Charger

Hematite is a powerful stone that will help you to establish boundaries so that you can keep negative energy out of your spaces. With this protective charger stone, you will be able to create a safe and secure area for yourself and your loved ones. Not only can it keep out intrusive energy, but it can also charge up your smaller stones. You can even use it as a coaster, chakra plate, or grid base. With the Hematite, you are in control and you have the power.

#2 Larimar Sphere Turtle Back A+ Crystal Ball

The high-quality blue Larimar turtle back crystal ball takes your breath away. It's a window into the depths of the Caribbean Sea, a place of healing and renewal. Whether you're looking for protection, clarity, or self-discovery, the powerful energy of Caribbean Larimar will help you on your journey. The Larimar crystal ball is the perfect companion on your journey to self-reflection and inner peace.

#3 Kyanite Raw Crystal Peacock of Positive

This unique and beautiful Kyanite stone is perfect for those seeking a creative boost or a burst of confidence. Place it in your home or workspace to add a splash of color and positive vibes. With its vibrant hues and powerful energy, Kyanite is sure to bring a smile to your face and harmony to your space.

#4 Rose Quartz Tower Wand Point to True Love

Your heart has all the answers, and the Rose Quartz wand is here to guide you. Let it lead you to the path of true love and never give up on your journey. Keep your faith strong and the universe will provide. With every step you take, the pink gemstone tower will be there to remind you that you are not alone and that love will always find a way. 

Jewels that Rule

Are you feeling spiritual or worldly? How about both? The Lepidolite pendant opens your third eye to intuitive insights while the Tree Agate necklace offers a rush of grounding earthy powers. Both rule.

#5 Lepidolite Pendant Look Into My Spiritual Eye

This pendant is a reminder to open your eyes to the beauty of the world and to trust your intuition. The Lepidolite gemstone will guide you on your spiritual journey and act as a calming influence. Its unique color and golden setting attract positive vibes and energy, allowing you to connect more deeply to your inner spirit. With this pendant, you can look into your spiritual eye and discover the beauty that lies within.

#6 Tree Agate Necklace My Neck of the Woods

Welcome to my neck of the woods! This Tree Agate necklace is the perfect accessory to help you fit in. Not only does it look amazing, but it also exudes an aura of warmth and hospitality. It encourages people to come over and get to know you better. It's like a sign that says, 'Come on in and make yourself at home.' With this necklace, you'll feel confident and collected in any social situation.

I Heart Crystals

You love crystals and you adore crystal hearts. I have some great news! This month, we have a medley of crystal hearts for you to fall in love with. Take a look at this colorful collection and don't hold back. Say "Yes" to love this July New Moon and always.

#7 Carnelian Heart I Love Your Spirit Orange

This bold Carnelian heart boosts your energy levels and increases desire to take action. It is known to help promote courage and creativity, and can also inspire motivation and ambition. With its vibrant energy, this Carnelian heart can help you to stand out and be noticed. You feel the positive vibes from this captivating gemstone, and know that your shining spirit is something to be loved!

#8 Gold Sheen Obsidian Heart Spark of Joy

This Gold Sheen Obsidian heart is an incredible reminder of the love and joy that surrounds you. Its powerful energy helps you focus on the positive and to trust in your highest self. Its energizing vibrations can help to attract abundance and positive relationships. Its shimmering beauty is a reminder that the world is filled with endless possibilities.

#9 Fluorite Heart Best Love Lavender Yttrium

This Yttrium Fluorite crystal heart is a powerful symbol of love that will last a lifetime. Not only is it a stunning shade of lavender, but it also has a calming energy that is sure to bring a sense of serenity to any space. It's the perfect way to show your special someone that they deserve the best and that your love is unconditional. Treat yourself or your loved one to this beautiful and unique Fluorite gem today.

#10 Fluorite Heart Guru of Love Relationship

This Fluorite Heart is a powerful tool for understanding love and relationships. It provides insight into the deepest secrets of the heart and helps you to explore the complexities of love. With its calming and comforting energy, Fluorite helps you to gain clarity in relationships. 

#11 Apache Gold Heart Love is Meant To Be

The Apache Gold crystal heart is a powerful source of energy that can open up the heart to the healing power of love. Its golden  composition creates an aura of protection and security, calming your worries and fears. This stone can help to restore balance and harmony to your life, reducing the pain of past traumas and bringing peace and joy. 

#12 Ruby Kyanite Heart Floating Sky Dream

As you focus on the beauty of your Ruby Kyanite heart gemstone, let yourself be enveloped in the blissful energy that it radiates. Feel the love and joy that it brings, and allow it to fill your heart and soul. Imagine the positive energies and affirmations that you are sending out into the universe. As the pleasant vibrations wash over you, you will find yourself feeling lighter and more content than ever before. 

#13 Opal Heart Pink Melt Me Love Romance

Pink Opal is a powerful stone for matters of the heart. This heart attracts unconditional love and helps to heal your emotional wounds. If you're looking to open your heart to new possibilities, Pink Opal is the perfect stone for you. Its gentle energy can help you to become more accepting of yourself and others and to gain an understanding of relationships. Using the Pink Opal heart encourages passion and joy.

#14 Larimar Heart Eternal Honeymoon Love

The Larimar Heart is a reminder that relationships need to be nurtured and nurtured with care. Its aqua tones evoke feelings of serenity, joy, and love, all of which are vital for a healthy and strong relationship. While it might seem small and fragile, this Caribbean treasure helps to reignite the spark in relationships and put you in eternal honeymoon mode.

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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