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Free USA shipping for orders over $55.

Your Guide to Anklets

bare feet on tip toe wearing three obsidian anklets

As the weather outside gets warmer and warmer, it's the perfect time to lift up those pant legs and adorn those ankles with crystal healing anklets.

Beaded gemstone anklets add a fun element of fashion to your new high heels, your trendy flats or even your bare feet. Choose from stretch and clasp anklets in select healing stones, colors and sizes here at the Satin Crystals boutique for yourself and your friends.

Measure your ankles and find the perfect anklet fit

  1. To properly measure your ankles for the perfect anklet size, have a soft measuring tape at the ready.

  2. Wrap the measuring tape around the area of the ankle that you wish the anklet to lie.

  3. Use this measurement to purchase your new Satin Crystals ankle bracelets.

  4. Alternative method for measuring for anklet size if you don't have a measuring tape handy is to use a piece of string and wrap it around your ankle. Use this measurement against a ruler to find your true anklet size.

General Anklet Sizing in Inches

Size       Length

Small      8" - 9"

Medium  9" - 10"

Large      10" - 11"

X-Large  11" - 12"

Anklet Guide - Sizing & Types - Satin Crystals Jewelry Boutique

Learn about anklet types

  • Clasp Anklets are beaded with natural stones and secured with toggle, lobster, hook or screw clasps for a durable wear. 

  • Stretch Bracelets are strung on flexible cord for easy wear. Stretch anklets are easy to slip on and off. Our stretch anklets are beaded with all natural stones and strung on sturdy cord for easy wear. Feature a single anklet on one ankle or layer them up for a powerful grounding energy.

Additional Jewelry Resources

Now that you have your perfect anklet size, you can go shopping in confidence. Follow the shopping links and guides:

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