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2022 Solar Eclipse and Sun Crystals

Sheila of Satin Crystals behind a stick hanging with yellow jasper, red jasper and bloodstone sun earrings How does crystal healing during the 2022 Solar Eclipse dramatically enhance your fate? Just imagine what your solar-charged sun crystals can do for you during these rare Solar Eclipses. Do not miss out. 

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While Supermoons and Lunar Eclipses are popular, Solar Eclipses are even rarer and more powerful. The sun is 400 times larger than the moon. It reigns king as the center of the solar system.

Nothing brightens your day like the glorious sun. And nothing enhances its energy like natural gemstones. Get Sun Crystals at Satin Crystals now so you have them in time for the rare Solar Eclipses of 2022.

When are the Solar Eclipses of 2022?

There are only two Solar Eclipses for 2022. They are as follows:

  • April 30th (Partial)

  • October 25th (Partial)

Depending on what part of the world you live in, you can find out exactly when the eclipse starts and ends.

What is the spiritual meaning of the sun?

The sun is a steady source of life and comfort that you can count on. Even when the clouds block your view of the sun, you feel good knowing it rises each morning and sets each night.

The sun is the source of all life on earth and possibly the entire Milky Way. It has been worshiped since the start of humanity. The sun is considered a creator. It shines life down through many deities of historic traditions. Think Apollo, Ra, Horus, Surya- all of the Sun Gods of different cultures. They symbolize Life, Power, Energy, Force, Clarity, and Self.

Whereas the moon is believed to possess feminine yin energy, the sun is connected to the ultimate masculine yang energy.

On a personal level, solar energy is used to bring clarity to your life situations if you ever find yourself lost or confused. It also brings you motivation to get up, start the day, and be productive. 

The sun activates your Sacral chakra and Solar Plexus chakra in crystal healing. It opens the flow of sexuality, creativity, and emotional happiness toward everyday life. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a Solar Eclipse?

When the Solar Eclipse takes place, it is spiritually a time for you to see the light. New revelations come to the surface. It's an ideal time for your soul to grow.

The everyday routine may be comfortable, but your larger purpose as a human being is to learn lessons throughout life. The Solar Eclipse is the perfect time for artistic creations, business innovation, and starting healthy life habits. 

Get off the sofa, get out of the rut, and be the creator you were meant to be!

The moon plays a prominent role in the Solar Eclipse. It is a rare moment when the sun and moon team up. They send a message asking humanity to come together after being apart for too long.

The eclipse shows you that we are all one, under one sun. The Solar Eclipse creates a ring of fire that ignites your inner chi energy. It brings you complete balance between yin and yang, individually and as a society on earth. 

What are the best sun jewelry crystals to wear?

Do you want the power of the sun on you at all times, day or night? You'll love sun jewelry because it charges your auras effortlessly and automatically.

Sun jewelry shines at your emotional Solar Plexus chakra so that you feel good and look good.

Visit the entire Satin Crystals Sun Jewelry collection to see the offerings.  Meanwhile, here are some of the hottest hits:

What is the meaning of the sun in astrology?

Being the glowing beacon of the solar system, the sun is the puppet master of the Milky Way. It is the astrological ruler. Sun activity plays a prominent role in your zodiac sign. 

Every month the sun brings a new adventure for you to enjoy. Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club to receive your crystal horoscope report free to your inbox monthly.

What are the 7 Sun Crystals?

Sunstone is the stone that aligns perfectly with the energy of the sun. Did you know that a few other crystals also resonate with bright sunny vibes?

Here are your top gemstone choices for sun activities and events:

sunstone sphere

Sunstone: This crystal holds the power of the Sun God Apollo. It is an almighty crystal that nourishes and gives life to you and your other stones. It is a crystal you must have during every solar event.


amber circle

Amber: This crystal channels the timeless nature of the sun, giving you a chance to enjoy the present moment. It brings clarity to your life choices and guides you spiritually towards the Light.


orange carnelian sphere

Carnelian: This stone steams with the fire element, life force, and creative powers of procreation. Carnelian draws to you the passions and sexual forces of solar vibration that are needed for life to be sustained. When you have Carnelian, you feel like a blazing ball of energy.


citrine sphere

Citrine: This gemstone brings you abundance in life and material wealth. It harnesses the sun's "chi forces" and you see growth on all levels. Citrine promotes the creator within, your internal artist.


calcite sphere

Golden Calcite: This sun crystal is a perfect choice for working with the Light. Hone in on your crystal gazing techniques. The clear Golden Calcite refracts light and energy while the solid Golden Calcite is more stabilizing and grounding.


jasper yellow sphere

Yellow Jasper: This crystal brings you the energy of the sun and earth. It illuminates your aura while keeping you grounded. The stone reminds you to cherish and respect all life, above and below.


golden yellow quartz ball

Golden Quartz: This crystal brings you clarity over your life crisis, showing you which way to choose when you're confused. This golden gemstone shows you the path to success. It is an excellent choice for manifestation work.

What are the 3 Solar Eclipse Crystals?

During the Total Solar Eclipse, you may observe what is known as the "ring of fire". This ring is a symbol of infinite wisdom, cycles, and new beginnings. It puts you back in touch with your soul's purpose and asks you to think philosophically.

You can use any of the Sun Crystals above during the Solar Eclipse, but these red fire stones are best aligned to the energy of rare Solar Eclipses: 

red jasper sphere
Red Jasper: The reason Red Jasper is the stone for the Solar Eclipse is that it best represents that bright and eternal red of fire. As the sky basks in a momentary glow of red, your Red Jasper will absorb these powerful rays and store them within its crystalline structure. 


fire quartz sphere

Fire Quartz: Like Red Jasper, Fire Quartz brews with the rays of the sun. Encased in clear crystal, the fiery minerals ignite your passion for life, learning, and the Universe. Not only a beauty to behold, but Fire Quartz is also a stone of neverending fascination. 

red garnet sphere

Garnet: Red Garnet is a luxurious Solar Eclipse stone. This gem reminds you that life is precious and short. The sun provides you with all the material wealth you need. You should indeed indulge in the fine wines of the earth while you're here. The abundance element of the sun becomes yours through Garnet.

    hands stacked with sunstone stretch bracelets

    What are the best sun crystals to use?

    Below are some of the best crystals to use to harness the power of the sun. Use sun crystals 7 days a week; the sun never skips a day nor should you. 

    Sun stones are specifically designed to bring you the benefits of solar force. Use them for emotional healing, energizing your spirit and body, creating grids of happiness, and empowering your finances or career.

    And when the rare Solar Eclipse comes around? Supercharge your sun crystals for maximum benefit! 

    Visit the Satin Crystals Sun Collection to see all the offerings. Meanwhile, here are some bestsellers that you'll love: 

    What is Sunstone used for?

    During the rare Solar Eclipse, it is the time to shift your thinking and progress as a person. Sunstone opens your mind to monumental change.

    This gemstone is so sunny that it is also known as Heliolite, named after the sun. It is not a common stone, so you may not be aware of its mesmerizing aventurescence until you are basking in its beauty. 

    Sunstone opens your Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. The Sacral chakra is your energy flow of sexuality and creativity. Like the sun, it has the functions of life and creation. The Solar Plexus chakra (literally named after the sun energy) is about finding happiness and emotional balance in everyday life.

    Just as the sun shines every day, happiness is yours to grab each day. Even when it's dark out, the sun is working. You MUST have Sunstone for all solar eclipses and solar events. 

    Where can I buy real Sunstone crystals?

    Real Sunstone is available at Satin Crystals. We select our Sunstone pieces based on beauty, authenticity, and power. You deserve the best Sunstone for charging under the Solar Eclipse.

    Check out the entire Collection of Sunstone Healing Gems, or choose from these fan favorites:

    How do I charge sun crystals in the Solar Eclipse?

    Most crystals are energized and charged by the sun. When a Solar Eclipse takes place you get dual energy of both sunlight and moonlight. These vibes infuse your crystals with superpowers.

    Visit our Crystal Care Instructions before you charge your stones in the Solar Eclipse. This way, you will know how to clean them energetically beforehand.

    On the morning of the Solar Eclipse, place your crystals in the garden or windowsill. Leave them there throughout the entire event of the Eclipse.

    Once they have been charged by the Solar Eclipse, you can program your crystals with the intentions you desire.

    What is the definition of a Solar Eclipse?

    A Solar Eclipse is when the moon travels between the sun and earth. From our view here on Earth, the sun becomes partially or fully blocked. A shadow is created that looms over the Earth, darkening it. It can happen only during the New Moon.

    What is an Annular Solar Eclipse?

    During an Annular Solar Eclipse, the moon covers the center of the sun. Only the outside ring of the sun is showing, creating a ring of fire. This ring is called an "Annulus."

    Depending on what part of Earth you are on, you might be lucky enough to see the total Annular phenomenon. It will look like the moon is just partially covering the sun from most views. 

    What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

    Whereas in the Annular Eclipse the sun is partially blocked, in the Total Solar Eclipse the New Moon completely blocks the sun. It casts the darkest shadow, known as the "Umbra", and Earth becomes as dark as night. This will happen at some point on Earth, while at other locations it will appear as a partial Eclipse. 

    Can I gaze into the Solar Eclipse?

    No. You should never look at a Solar Eclipse directly, as the UV radiation can burn the retinas in your eyes. This causes damage or even blindness. You need proper safety equipment like special eclipse glasses or pinhole projectors.

    The only time you can look at an eclipse with the naked eye is during the Total Eclipse. Even so, just during the time that there is totality and not when the sun begins to emerge from behind the Moon.

    Do your research before attempting to look at any eclipse, with or without equipment.

    Will I see the Solar Eclipse?

    See the interactive map to find out if you can observe the Solar Eclipse from your location. A Solar Eclipse will look different depending upon where on Earth you are.

    Even if you can't see the eclipse from your place, the solar energy spreads equally across the Earth so you will feel it, and so will your crystals. 

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