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Top 7 Handsome Crystal Jewelry Ideas

lava bracelet sets for menThese days men and women have the freedom to choose whatever they wish to wear. You don't have to stick into gender normal boxes. Here is a colleciton of the 7 of the most handsome jewelry suggestions for those who go for a more manly design (whether you be female or male).

Lava Bracelet Sets

The Lava bracelet set is easy to wear and provides an earthy, grounding energy to the wearer.

For the adventurous outdoor man, Lava bracelets provide a direct link to the rough exterior of planet Earth. It vibrates of rugged, masculine fashion sense. Emerging from the center of the earth, Lava stones are full of compelling pits and falls.

Lava occurs in either a reddish-brown tone or a solid black color. If you find them in a different color- that means they are dyed. When you choose Satin Crystals' Lava gift set, you get real, naturally toned pieces- one red and one black - strung on sturdy stretch bracelets.

lapis cufflinks for menLapis Lazuli Cufflinks

These Lapis Lazuli cufflinks are like the deep blue eyes of a dragon peering intensely through a fabric mist. They add power to the gentleman's formal outfit.

Polished into smooth round cabochons, the impressive Lapis Lazuli cufflinks are handcrafted with blue gemstones containing patches of white Calcite and sparks of gold Pyrite.

They are available in settings of antiqued brass, silver or gold. If you love variety, why not order all three?!

golden tigers eye bracelets for men Golden Tigers Eye Bracelets

Golden Tigers Eye bracelets are the ultimate example of masculine jewelry beloved by men.

Energetically, Tigers Eye is a great stone for those seeking confidence and courage in their every day lives. These rich, brown gemstones show a fascinating iridescent movement along the surface of the polished beads

Golden Tigers Eye stretch bracelets make an attractive gift that will surely mesmerize your guy. Plus, the bracelets come in a variety of bead sizes and wrist sizes so you can select the perfect fit.

black tourmaline gifts for men Black Tourmaline Bracelets

Give Black Tourmaline bracelets to men who are seeking that extra energy of protection.

Black is an easy color to gift and stretch bracelets are designed to fit every man. Black Tourmaline is a dark ebony stone with a liberal showing of organic nooks and crannies.  

The Black Tourmaline bracelet is strung with polished round beads on sturdy stretch cord, making it a flexible, easy-to-wear, everyday bracelet. 

bloodstone necklaces for men Indian Bloodstone Necklaces

In crystal healing, Bloodstone is known for its power to circulate both energetic and physical flow, as well as strengthening the Heart Chakra. 

Depending on your man's preference, you can present him with a short or long version of this beaded Bloodstone necklace. Strung with polished round beads, he'll love that each stone is a unique world of patterns and inclusions.

Understated and highly attractive, Indian Bloodstone is a dark forest green stone flecked with white, yellow and red minerals.

red jasper bull skull leather necklaces for men Jasper Bull Necklaces

Symbolizing male strength and power, the bull necklace is a perfect jewelry piece for men seeking such healing properties.

The adjustable leather necklace features a genuine Red Jasper crystal, mirroring the symbolism of the bull's physical strength and personal power. 

The Jasper Bull necklace is strung on a substantial brown leather cord and is conveniently adjustable in length. Choose between silver or gold bull skeleton charms or get him both so he can match his outfit of the day.

chunky gemstone metal rings for men Chunky Metal Gemstone Rings

Let him show off his large personality with chunky metal gemstone rings. These rings feature different stones like Leopard Jasper, Black Agate and Jet Stone. Choose the one that screams out your man's unique style. 

The great thing about these chunky metal rings is that they are adjustable, so even if you don't know your man's exact ring size, it works. They are secured with strong sugru adhesive. He can go about his daily tasks without worrying about flimsy construction.

Chunky rings make a grand crystal healing statement for any man.

Jewelry for Masculine Energy

The 7 suggestions above fulfill your gifting needs for men who enjoy stone jewelry. These handsome adornments all include healing stones that vibrate with masculine energies.

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Lisa Satin - February 22, 2022

Hi H.L., Thanks for writing to us :)

We unfortunately are unable to do custom orders at this time. However, we do have a Black Tourmaline 7-8mm necklace available here, which is faceted and genuine stones:

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Lisa Satin

H.L. - February 22, 2022

Hi Sheila I just would like to inquire if your making a Genuine Black Tourmaline 10mm Necklace. Please let me know. Thank you very much with respect.

Sheila Satin - January 9, 2020

No problem, Cristina. What size would you like? I will email you where to return the small set.

To get your accurate size for the replacement, here’s a guide:

Sheila :)

Cristina - January 9, 2020


I bought your beautiful trio of obsidian bracelets as a Holiday gift for a friend and it is
too small. The beads leave imprints on the skin. Is there a way to exchange for a bigger size ?

Thank you!

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