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7 Mother's Day Necklaces by Personality

mother and daughter wearing crystal necklacesMother's Day 2023 is near. Crystal necklaces for mamas are here!

This Mother's Day, the mamas in your life deserve exquisite gemstone necklaces. Moms are lovely and real- their necklaces should be too.

I'm a mother. I have a mother. I know lots of other mothers! Motherhood is a demanding role!

Mothers come in all different types of personalities but share similar traits. For the most part, mothers are loving, selfless, and hard-working. That's why it's important that they are acknowledged and celebrated on Mother's Day.

Do you know a mama?

I think you do!

Who is she?

Here are 7 Mama personalities to choose from. Which one best defines the mother you have in mind? If you know many mothers, pick one for each person and show your love by treating her to a crystal necklace.

7 Mama Personalities

Pick the personality of the mama you have in mind. Then scroll down to see which crystal necklace is her match...

Goddess Mama

Hot Mama

Royal Mama

Angel Mama

Mama Bear

Sugar Mama

Whoa! Mama!

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Top 7 Mother's Day Necklace Gifts

Now that you've picked your mama's personality, see which necklace suits her best:

#1 Goddess Mama Pearl Necklace

She's a true deity!  Adorn her with this Raku Goddess pendant hugged by a string of pearls. Mama, you're the best. LEARN MORE.

#2 Hot Mama Carnelian Necklace

She may be a Mama but she sure knows how to keep it hot. Carnelian is her calling. She's full of passion, feeling, and endless energy. LEARN MORE.

Surprise her with a set! Get the Carnelian Bracelet and Carnelian Earrings to match.

#3 Royal Mama Malachite Necklace

Garlands of precious Malachite accentuate Mama's royal status. She's the queen of her home and ruler of her realm. It shows. LEARN MORE. 

Add even more glam with these matching Malachite Earrings, Malachite Bracelet, and Malachite Ring. Look! There are Malachite Cufflinks too!

#4 Angel Mama Angelite Necklace

Isn't your mama the sweetest? She's like an angel dropped from heaven. This blue Angelite necklace celebrates her divine soul. LEARN MORE.

Have her spirit flying even higher when you add on the celestial Angelite Bracelet and Angelite Earrings.

#5 Mama Bear Protection Necklace

Don't mess with this Mama Bear! Protective Obsidian and a growling Tigers Eye bear pendant keep the creepers away. There's only room for good vibes in this den. LEARN MORE.

Keep your Mama extra protected with the matching Tigers Eye Bracelet, Tigers Eye Ring, Tigers Eye Earrings, and Tigers Eye Cufflinks.

#6 Sugar Mama Jade Necklace

Sugar Mama gives and gives and gives. She nurtures you with love and material luxury. It's your time to give back. This real Jade necklace knows that what comes around goes around. LEARN MORE.

Don't limit your generosity. Enhance your gift with the matching Jade Bracelets and Bangles. These cute Jade Rings are not to be missed.

#7 Whoa! Mama! Moldavite Necklace

Oh Mama, look at this! She's the queen of the galaxy! This cosmic Moldavite necklace accentuates her grand style and her eternal love. LEARN MORE.

Adorn the world's best mama with even more matching Moldavite. Check out these glamourous Moldavite Rings, gorgeous Moldavite Earrings, and green Moldavite Bracelets.


mother and daughter wearing crystal bear necklaces

Your crystal necklace experience

What type of crystal necklaces do you like best? Do you prefer to wear them yourself, give them as gifts, or both?

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

Additional crystal resources for you

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.  

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