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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Tigers Eye Cufflinks Gold Playful Confident Round Brown Gemstones

Only 2 left in stock - order soon.
  • Possess the confidence of the wild cat with these Golden Tigers Eye cufflinks. Add a playful and mysterious shine to your formal outfits with these gemstone accessories. Tigers Eye is an attractive stone for both men and women. 

  • The Golden Tigers Eye stones are polished into smooth, 12mm round cabochons and set in gold-plated brass cufflinks. The metal cufflinks have bullet backs which are easy to lock and unlock. 

  • Crystal healing Tigers Eye is used to increase confidence, courage and rational thinking in business.

  • Each gold Tigers Eye cufflink is assembled in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA. You will receive one pair of cufflinks per order.

  • Ready to gift in a signature Satin Crystals jewelry box. 

  • Due to the organic nature of the stones, each Tigers Eye gemstone may differ in color, patterns, and inclusions.

  • This listing is for Tigers Eye in gold-plated brass cufflinks. We also have the Tigers Eye silver-plated brass cufflinks available. 

  • Measures: 12mm Tigers Eye gemstones. Open cufflink measures 1.1 inches, closed cufflink measures 0.9 inches. 


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  • What kind of shirts do I need to wear these? Never worn cufflinks, but seems like a neat idea and I'm a big fan of tigers eye.

    Good question! We were also unfamiliar with wearing cufflinks before we started to stock them at Satin Crystals! Making a How to wear cufflinks video is in the works, but for now, we do have an article to explain more about the art of cufflink accessories :) Basically, you do need a shirt that has a "french cuff" specifically designed for cufflinks. There are many faux french cuff shirts out there, especially for women, so clarify with the seller before you buy one if you want to wear your own cufflinks. If you have additional questions about this Tigers Eye Cufflinks or any other of our products, we are here to help. Thanks for writing, Sheila Satin.