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Tigers Eye Stone Meaning

sheila of satin crystals wearing tigers eye jewelry and holding a raw tigers eye in front of her face

From its golden iridescence to its metaphysical properties, Tigers Eye is a crystal of strength. Here you will learn all about Tigers Eye, from its geological facts to its healing abilities. 

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Can you benefit from Tigers Eye stones?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these statements, Tigers Eye stones can benefit and enhance your life:

  • You are drawn to the natural world of rich soil, rocky terrain, and outdoor adventures

  • You need a stone of confidence and courage

  • You want a boost of motivation in your business ventures

  • You could use patience and focus to achieve your goals

  • You feel connected with the tiger spirit animal and could use its protection

  • You are mesmerized by flashy, iridescent stones

  • Your lower chakras could use balance

  • You want to roar with success

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    What is Tigers Eye?

    Tigers Eye is a shimmering golden brown form of Quartz. It is tough like Quartz, 6 - 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, un-bendable, and glass-like.

    What healing properties does Tigers Eye have?

    Tigers Eye has many crystal healing properties. The main ones revolve around grounding and confidence.

    Drawing you to the earth with its golden brown colors, Tigers Eye is known as a powerful grounding stone. Stabilizing your emotional center, it is closely connected with self-confidence. Generating confidence leads to your success in this life. Whatever your career pursuits may be, Tigers Eye is a stone that helps you focus on these goals. 

    Here are the main healing properties of Tigers eye:

    • Tigers Eye is a great grounding stone (it pulls you down to the present reality).

    • Tigers Eye retains the power of the sun. As the brilliant solar energy nourishes your physical body, you feel grounded and connected with your place and purpose on earth.

    • Golden Tigers Eye heals and activates your Solar Plexus chakra, bringing emotional well being, confidence, and courage.

    • Tigers Eye is an effective business stone, bringing logical thinking into your dealings while keeping your emotional level balanced.

    • Tigers Eye initiates a transformation of stubborn people. It helps to bring a positive and open-minded attitude so they can let go of old habits.

      using a golden tigers eye twist massage wand on the hand
      How do you use Tigers Eye crystals in healing?

      Here are a few ways to use Tigers eye crystals in your everyday energy healing practices:

      • Grid your workspace with Tigers Eye stones for protection

      • Lie in a crystal layout surrounded by Tigers Eye stones. Place one at your Solar Plexus chakra and visualize confidence shining through

      • Use a Tigers Eye sphere for crystal ball gazing

      • Use Tigers Eye massage stones to calm your nerves

      • When you feel stressed out, squeeze Tigers Eye eggs like worry stones

      • Make a Tigers Eye gem elixir and take this water with you on your business meetings

      • Surround yourself with Tigers Eye spirit animal figurines to channel the animals' strengths

      • Wear Tigers Eye jewelry for a polished and professional look

      • Hold or wear Tigers eye for grounding energy so that it brings you to the present moment

      • Use Tigers Eye skulls to channel your focus

      • Place Tigers Eye pyramids at your desk to remind you of your business goals

      • Carry a Tigers Eye with a bullseye pattern to protect you from the Evil Eye 

      • Wear Tigers Eye bracelets to keep the stone's energy near their corresponding lower chakras

      If you want some guidance, we have recorded a free Tigers Eye Guided Meditation for your practice. 

      What chakra is Tigers Eye?

      Tigers Eye is associated with the Root chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra. It connects you with your physical surroundings at the Root chakra and stabilizes your emotions at the Solar Plexus chakra. 

      To learn more about crystals and your chakras, visit the Chakra Guide

      Tigers Eye Article - Types of Tigers Eye - Satin Crystals

      What are the different types of Tigers Eye?

      You are probably most familiar with golden brown Tigers Eye. However, this mesmerizing stone is also found in a few other natural formations. 

      golden tigers eye sphere

      Golden Tigers Eye shows rich chocolate and warm brown colors and a yellow shimmering chatoyancy. Use Golden Tigers Eye for confidence, courage, emotional balance, and logical thinking in business transactions. Golden Tigers Eye helps balance the Solar Plexus and Root chakras.

      hawks eye circle

      Hawks Eye, also known as Blue Tigers Eye or Falcons Eye, shows deep brown, black and bluish tones under the reflective property known as chatoyancy. The dark shimmering stone is used to balance the Third Eye chakra. The stone brings you attentiveness to the world and fellow creatures. 


      red tigers eye sphere

      Red Tigers Eye, also known as Ox's Eye, is golden brown Tigers Eye after it has been heated, either naturally in the earth or by humans. This shimmering red stone can be used for stimulating passion for the project at hand. Red Tigers Eye balances the Root chakra. 

      tiger iron sphere

      Tiger Iron stones show a natural mix of Golden Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and metallic black Hematite. It helps you focus your scattered ideas and make a solid plan for the future. Tiger Iron is all about getting things done. This uniquely mixed stone is used to balance the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras.

      Is Tigers Eye a protection stone?

      Tigers Eye can be used as a protection stone by filtering out low vibrations and only letting high vibrations into your aura.

      Program the crystal to channel the tiger spirit. This spirit is on high-alert and always cautious. However, once something or someone has proven to be trustworthy, the tiger will embrace its energy open-heartedly. 

      Tigers Eye can also be used for protection in your business ventures, keeping out doubts and low self-esteem so you will shine with confidence in your career-related goals. Besides protecting you from self-sabotage, you can physically place Tigers Eye in your workplace for a professional atmosphere. 

      tigers eye heart and angel
      What role did Tigers Eye play in history?

      Here are some interesting facts about Tigers Eye through the ages:

      • Roman soldiers wore engraved Tigers Eye in battle for protection

      • Golden Tigers Eye was used as the eyes in the statues of Egyptian gods

      • Tigers Eye jewelry has been found in some ancient Egyptian and Assyrian tombs

      a selection of tigers eye stones and greenery

      Where should you place Tigers Eye for Feng Shui?

      Depending on your goals, there are several places for your Tigers Eye stones in Feng Shui. 

      • If you are looking for focus and success in business, place your Tigers Eye in the Career & Life Path area.

      • If you want to project increased confidence in the world, place your Tigers Eye in the Fame & Reputation area.  

      • If you are starting a new career, place Tigers Eye in the New Beginnings area. 

      Check out the Feng Shui energy map for correct placement in the How to Fill the Home with Crystals guide. 

      sheila of satin crystals holding four tigers eye palm slabs

      Sheila's personal experience with Tigers Eye 

      I am very attracted to rich, earthy tones. I like to use Tigers Eye for grounding. I love the brilliant chatoyancy of Golden Tigers Eye.

      Holding smooth tumbled Tigers Eye in my hands helps to bring me back to earth, which is especially great in the car when my mind wanders!

      I use the rough Tigers Eye as a natural background for photographing and a rustic display piece to place small plants and other crystals. 

      When we used to have a physical store, we would place a Tigers Eye Ganesh figurine to bring in success in business. It has helped as we are now thankfully exclusively online! 

      Best Seller Tigers Eye Made by Sheila 

      Sheila is our top jewelry designer here at Satin Crystals. Her Tigers Eye pieces are a hit for their beauty and power. See what our customers are raving about most:

      "These hand made Tigers Eye bracelets are quadruple strung for sturdy wear. You can choose your exact size instead of being sent some generic "one-for-all" that doesn't fit. They are simply elegant and energetically effective in bringing your roaring success."


      "Rustic in a romantic and nostalgic style, this Tigers Eye necklace compliments anyone who wishes to wear it. Winking with an iridescent sheen, the mysterious stones add confident charm to your essence. It sings an ode to nature with brilliant tones of red, brown, and dark blue. Feel down to earthy while looking like divinity with this Tigers Eye necklace on."  


      "Looking for something that shimmers of sophistication? This genuine Tigers Eye ring is adjustable to fit many fingers. It comes in captivating copper, glistening gunmetal silver, or glamorous gold bands-  you decide." 



      sheila of satin crystals with tigers eye jewelry
      Lisa's personal experience with Tigers Eye 

      Tigers Eye is my husband's favorite stone. When we lived in Budapest, he would choose a piece of Tigers Eye every time we went crystal shopping. If he wasn't with me, I would gift him one upon returning home.  

      Tamas' Tigers Eye collection is featured in our dining room. It includes a Tiger's Eye ball, egg, skull, rabbit, dragons, mice, cat, dog, merkaba, several polished pieces, several raw pieces, and much more.

      I am also a fan of Tigers Eye. Like Sheila, I love the golden brown chatoyant pieces. The stone feels masculine and protective to me. I have several Tiger's Eye necklaces and earrings. They are so easy to match with my muted wardrobe and bring dazzle to the dull.

      I enjoy Blue Tigers Eye too, which is called Hawks Eye.

      Tigers eye Article - Mineral Facts - Satin Crystals Boutique

      How is Tigers Eye formed?

      There is debate on how Tigers Eye has formed. Here are the two schools of thought:

      1. One school of thought says that Tigers Eye starts as Crocidolite Asbestos (a fibrous blue mineral made of Iron and Sodium). Over time Quartz becomes embedded in the Crocidolite fibers. It absorbs and replaces the Crocidolite, but retains the fibrous shape of the former mineral. Traces of the Crocidolite's Iron remain to give the stone its golden color and this is known as Tigers Eye. (If less Iron remains, the stone will be more of the original blue Crocidolite color and this is known as Hawk's Eye.)

      2. The other school of thought says that the Crocidolite and Quartz form together at the same time in a sealed, vein-filling formation.

      Either way, the fibers of the Tigers Eye are bent and crumpled rather than straight. We can, therefore, see a brilliant, silky iridescent effect in the stone known as chatoyancy. The more chatoyant the stone, the more valuable it is to the collector.

      Does Tigers Eye contain asbestos?

      Yes, Tigers Eye does contain asbestos, as you read above. However, the asbestos fibers are crystallized within the Tigers Eye so completely that there is zero threat to you as a crystal enthusiast.

      The asbestos fibers are replaced by Quartz and iron inclusions during Tigers Eye's formation. In geological terms, this replacement is called pseudo-morphing.

      Tigers Eye Article - Bear Carvings - Satin Crystals Boutique

      Where does Tiger Eye come from?

      A lot of Tigers Eye comes from South Africa, but the stone is also found in India, Thailand, Australia, UK, Brazil, China, the USA, and Namibia. 

      It is found in an open pit setting, directly under the earth's soil. The large deposits in South Africa and Australia are focused on mining Tigers Eye. The smaller deposits in other countries are more focused on mining for Iron or Asbestos. 

      How rare is Tigers Eye?

      Tigers eye is not found worldwide like other forms of Quartz, but it is not too rare because of the large deposits that come out of South Africa. 

      That being said, you will find different grades and qualities of Tigers Eye. The more chatoyant the surface, the more valuable. If you find Tigers Eye with bullseye patterns, those will be rare as well.

      Marra Mamba Tigers Eye is all mined out years ago from Australia, so this will be very rare to find in its true form. 

      hand holding rough tigers eye slab with two tigers eye merkabas on top
      What does Tigers eye look like?

      In its rough formation, Tigers Eye can be mistaken for any unimpressive brown rock. However, when polished, its brilliance shines.

      Tigers Eye is most commonly found in golden brown color with an iridescent surface sheen known as chatoyancy. You will also find a darker blackish-blue version called Hawks Eye. 

      Surface Color: Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black

      Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

      Group: Silicates (silicon+ oxygen)

      Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): None

      Fracture: Conchoidal (clam-like concave like when glass breaks)

      Luster: Vitreous (glassy)

      Transparency: Translucent (allows light through the crystal but not fully transparent)

      Crystal System: Hexagonal/Trigonal (3 equal axis @ 120’ to one another and a 4thaxis perpendicular to the other three)

      Crystal Habit: Fibrous

      tigers eye owl pair and mint and parsley
      How do you cleanse and charge Tigers Eye?

      Tigers Eye is a relatively hard stone at a 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Therefore, it is safe to clean in water. The stone is also okay in saltwater, but if you are worried about ruining a glossy polish on your Tigers Eye, we suggest using plain water or a running stream. 

      We highly recommend recharging Tigers Eye's energy in the soil. Because it comes from just below the Earth's soil when brought to the light by man, Tigers Eye finds great comfort at the base of your favorite plant.

      Tigers Eye also loves solar energy, so charge it in the sun. Better yet, a solar eclipse! 

      To learn more about crystal cleansing and charging, watch the video at Crystal Care

      How do you activate Tigers Eye?

      To activate Tigers Eye's healing properties, you want to program the stone to focus on your intention. Because Tigers Eye has many metaphysical properties, you want to work on one goal at a time. To program your crystal, positively form your intent and infuse the thought into the stone's vibrations. 

      To learn more about programming your crystals, visit Crystal Care

      sheila of satin crystals holding a tigers eye skull and buddha head
      Divination with Tigers Eye

      Drawing Tigers Eye in a gemstone divination session means: Your thoughts are scattered and you are not making priorities to meet your life goals. Use Tigers Eye to focus and build your confidence to take action towards your desires. 

      Magical Incantation of Tigers Eye

      This is a message from Tigers Eye from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski's book "Crystal Therapy":

      "As golden rays captured in physical form, I bring to light the possibilities offered by confidence and trust in the Universe. You walk along the path of purpose in full majesty when I'm by your side; in me, you find the delights of accomplishment through your strength of conviction, steady focus, and clear vision. I'm accentuated male energy to those who crave the ability to stand firm in their beliefs and to show the world their truth while sharing their unique gifts. In my golden form, I work directly with the sacral and solar-plexus chakras by adding potency and stability and increasing poise and self-esteem."

      tigers eye stones and greenery
      What are Tigers Eye affirmations?

      We have 15 free Tigers Eye Affirmations for you to use in manifestation with you stones. Use these mantras as-is or be inspired to create your own. 

      How do you know if your Tigers Eye is real?

      Here are a few ways to identify your Tigers Eye
      • If your stone has a chatoyant, cat-eye movement, on the surface, it could be Tigers Eye. This is best seen in polished stones.

      • Real Tigers Eye will have either a golden brown color, a dark reddish color, or a blackish-blue color. Any other color means it is fake or dyed. 

      • The natural colors of Tigers Eye will show up in bands or striations rather than a solid color. 

      • Because it is harder than glass, real Tigers Eye will be able to scratch glass. The glass should not be able to scratch the stone. 

      Is Red Tigers Eye natural?

      You will find Red Tigers Eye occurring naturally, however it is very rare and therefore expensive if you do find the real thing. Most of the Red Tigers Eye on the market is heated. 

      Just like most Citrine on the market is heated Amethyst, Red Tigers Eye is heated Golden Tigers Eye. 

      Is your Tigers Eye dyed?

      Blue Tigers Eye, or Hawks Eye, is a naturally occurring stone. However, you will find dyed versions on the market. The dyed versions will look much brighter and blotchier than the naturally dark and banded Blue Tigers Eye. 

      If you see a bright green Tigers Eye, it is definitely dyed. 

      Is Cats Eye and Tigers Eye the same things?

      Cats Eye and Tigers are not the same things. They both do exhibit the cat's eye effect on the surface of the stone, but they are different minerals. 

      Tigers Eye is a Quartz with iron inclusions creating a brown tone. Cats Eye is a Chrysoberyl formed from beryllium aluminum oxides, coming in many different hues from brown to green to red. Cats Eye is a harder stone than Tigers Eye at an 8.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. 

      Shopping for Tigers Eye Stones

      Tigers Eye is a strong addition to your stone collection. Shop the Tigers Eye  Collection on the website or here on the blog:

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      Does Tigers Eye draw you in?

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