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Alien Tektite Jewelry Showcase

libyan desert glass necklaces You're the talk of the town Universe with Tektite jewelry. When you wear Tektite, you feel more than alright. The power of the cosmos buzzes through your body. You are a galactic beauty and a superstar.

Take a look at this attractive Tektite Jewelry Showcase. With these alien pieces, your fashion sense will shine like the brightest star in the solar system. Elevate your style to a whole new high with these 21 unique designs. 

What will you wear this week?

Black Tektite for protection?

Yellow Tektite Libyan Desert Glass for joy?

Green Tektite Moldavite for total manifestations?

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21 Tektite Jewelry Designs

Here at Satin Crystals, we offer you jewelry designs that will blow your mind. Unique meteoric Tektite is an eye-catcher and a conversation starter. Combine the power of the stars with a fantastic fashion style. Celebrate your uniqueness in this great big Universe.

Black Tektite Jewelry

#1 Black Tektite Obsidian Bracelet Space in your Face

You're a lover of the universe, and you're proud of it. This bold Space in Your Face bracelet boasts 5 lusciously satisfying alien Black Tektite nuggets and real volcanic Mahogany Obsidian beads. From magma to meteorites, you gain galaxy power while wearing this statement jewel of many worlds. 

Yellow Tektite Jewelry

#2 Libyan Desert Glass Necklace Sun-Star-Sand Trinity 

Glow with the trinity of sun, star, and sand power when you wear this sterling silver Libyan Desert Glass necklace. Each Great Sand Sea Glass is rare and original, glistening with sunny essence that warms your inner soul. The astral treasure is crafted from real yellow Tektite of the Sahara Desert. You may feel as though you're flying through space to a place of unmatched happiness every time you wear this Libyan Desert Glass necklace. 

#3 Libyan Desert Glass Necklace Yellow Star Sun Catcher 

The sun no longer feels out of reach when you capture its sunny essence in your Libyan Desert Glass cage necklace. Wear the magic of the cosmos close to your heart when you sport this stylish choker. You are the center of the solar system glowing with the balancing energy of this rare yellow Tektite. Boost your energy level and self-confidence with raw Libyan Desert Glass.  

#4 Libyan Desert Glass Necklace Royal King Tut 

King Tut wore a real Libyan Desert Glass jewel to symbolize his royalty, and now you can too. Harness the power of the pharaohs through your authentic Libyan Desert Glass necklace. Set on adjustable sterling silver, this bright yellow Tektite delivers you the energy of the sun, stars, and ancient sands. You look and feel royal with this Libyan Desert Glass adorning your aura.  

#5 Libyan Desert Glass Pendant Power of Sol 

The power of the sun brightens your soul when you wear this authentic Libyan Desert Glass pendant. Sun God Sol watches over you and delivers happiness day after day through your natural yellow Tektite gemstone. Set on a sterling silver bail, this rare treasure encourages originality and embraces your true self. 

Geen Tektite Jewelry

#6 Moldavite Necklace Green Alligator Galactic Guardian

Your Moldavite alligator necklace connects you with the mightiest guardian of the galaxy. The protective sterling silver alligator guards three precious faceted gems. It keeps your soul safe during astral travel and your aura clear of energetic predators. Completely fascinating, this unique Moldavite necklace is a cosmic catch. 

#7 Moldavite Bracelet Halley's Comet 

Only once in your lifetime does Halley's Comet make her debut across Earth. This elegant Moldavite bracelet captures the rare essence of her cosmic beauty. Real, faceted Moldavite accompanies you on your transcendence from ordinary to extraordinary. The natural Tektite gemstone orbits your wrist while sterling silver makes a spectacular, shimmering statement. 

#8 Moldavite Pendant Big Alien Green Tektite

So you like your Moldavite large, real, and full of deep space powers? This Big Alien Moldavite sterling silver pendant is the juicy piece of rare dark green Tektite that you have been waiting for. Make a colossal statement when you wear the awesome gemstone on your favorite necklace chain. Big Alien Moldavite keeps your spiritual side stimulated and your stylish side satisfied. 

#9 Moldavite Pendant Mini Monster Manifestation

You're not afraid of monsters! Your Moldavite Mini Monster pendant helps you achieve big manifestations. The real green Tektite gemstone is set in an adorable sterling silver monster claw.  When you wear the Moldavite pendant, you feel fierce, fine, and totally divine. You're on top of the Universe! 

#10 Moldavite Ring Constellation Lyra

Your real Moldavite ring channels a melodic song from the Universe. Stunning green gemstones sparkle like the 5 stars forming Harp Constellation Lyra. All parts of life converge like a symphony when you wear sterling silver jewelry. You look brilliant in this euphoric Moldavite ring. 

#11 Moldavite Pendant Constellation Lyra

When you put on this Moldavite pendant, your stars align. Love, luck, and manifestation are written in your name. The gorgeous sterling silver jewel features 5 real Moldavite gems that resemble the constellation Lyra. You glow like the brightest star in the Universe wearing the Moldavite pendant. 

#12 Moldavite Pendant Infinity Clear Slim Space

This translucent green Moldavite pendant is a slice of empowerment. When you slip on the galactic treasure, you feel omniscient and infinite. Let the stars and the sky be your playground because you can do anything. Set in sterling silver, your Moldavite pendant says it all. 

#13 Moldavite Pendant The Real Deal Green Tektite

No more beating around the bush, you want the real deal Moldavite and not those fakes floating around the web. This genuine Moldavite pendant is exactly what you seek. Wear the deluxe raw green gemstone close to your heart and experience the transformation of a lifetime. Now that your quest for real Moldavite is complete, your soul's adventures are just about to begin! 

#14 Moldavite Earrings Orbit of Attraction Garnet

These real Moldavite earrings have you spinning in an orbit of attractiveness. Let health, wealth, and love gravitate to you through the magnetic powers of rare green Moldavite and red Garnet. You are a stunning force of beauty in this great big universe. Who knew that spiritual transformation could look so good?

#15 Moldavite Pendant Dance of Passion Garnet

When you fall in love, time stands still. You dance the night away. This supreme Moldavite pendant features a sparkling green gemstone passionately kissed by red Garnet jewels. Set your heart free. Let your love expand beyond the confines of time or space. The sterling silver Moldavite Garnet pendant fuels your passions forever and ever. 

#16 Moldavite Earrings Swing on a Star Sparkling

Feel as though you're swinging on stars when you wear these new Moldavite earrings. A constellation of Moldavite crystals hangs gracefully on sterling silver, infinitely energizing your consciousness. The sparkling green gemstones give your spirit an astral thrill while adorning you with an essence that's simply surreal. 

#17 Moldavite Necklace Sterling Silver Hedgehog

Cute yet mighty, your new Moldavite Hedgehog necklace is a comfort to your tired emotions. Find healing rejuvenation with the support of your hedgehog and Moldavite gems near your heart. The adorable friend nudges awake your senses and restores your spiritual purpose. Feel like one in the world when you wear this sterling silver treasure. 

#18 Moldavite Ring Big Green Stargazer

This precious Moldavite ring delivers the Universe to your fingertips. Gaze into the big sparkling treasure as you tap into the brightest stars of the galaxy. Your premier gem is impressive in size, cut, and energy. When you wear this real Moldavite ring, all eyes turn to you. You are the center of the solar system. 

#19 Moldavite Pendant Luck of the Irish

Amplify your fortunes with this charming Moldavite pendant. What a lucky treat to encounter such a big, shimmering green gem. Your luck doubles thanks to the sterling silver Irish Celtic Knot. The Trinity knot ties you to the wise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Moldavite opens you to a metaphysical realm. Wear your Moldavite pendant to be the luckiest soul in the Universe. 

#20 Moldavite Necklace Cosmic Window

This real Moldavite Necklace is your cosmic window of wisdom. When you put on the gorgeous green gem, your mind awakens to deep spiritual revelation. The meteoric Moldavite necklace features a raw natural window pendant that serves as a gateway to different dimensions, worlds, and times. You are truly special and it shows. 

#21 Moldavite Necklace High Vibration

Gaze into the mysterious depths of your new Moldavite gemstone as it transports you to the great Unknown. Wear the Green Tektite necklace and vibrate at a higher frequency. This galactic treasure shows you how to let go of life's little dramas and move into a Universe of positivity.  

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Lisa Satin - January 30, 2024

Hi Lin!

We operate online only and communicate via email, we haven’t done in-person or over-the-phone business for over a decade. I would recommend you find a local rock shop or meteorite shop if it’s important for you to feel the stone beforehand :)

The pieces we have are all listed here. The first two listings are random pick (although we don’t have anything in a heart shape) and the latter two are exactly as photographed:

Overall, our customers have been pretty happy with the Libyan Glass.

Lin - January 30, 2024

I would love to be able to purchase Libyan desert glass in personbsonI can feel which one resonates with me. Would that be possible and if so, where are you located? Also, do you have some that are close in the form of a heart? Not that it is cut to form a heart just naturally formed. If possible could I have a call back as well. Thank you for your time and help.

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