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3 Crystals for New Love & Relationships

couple wearing black jet braceletsIt happened. You fell in love! Is it everything you've ever dreamed of?

Naturally, you want to keep this love alive, exciting, and dripping with romance. Yet you are hesitant that it might fizzle out like in your past relationships.

Crystals encourage you to succeed in newfound love. Select the right crystals for this exciting new beginning. Keep those butterflies fluttering forever.

Even if you're still searching for the love of your life, these crystals can help you. They balance you as an individual so you can find a strong partnership. 

Learn about 3 crucial crystals for new love. But first, join the Satin Crystals VIP club to keep updated on metaphysical news. It's fast, free, and lovely

3 Crystals for New Relationships

Here are three important crystals that promote your new relationship  positively:

#1 Aventurine for New Love Growth

Aventurine encourages you to make space in your Heart chakra for your new love. A new relationship requires adjustments and compromise. Aventurine gives you the flexibility to succeed. It opens you to positive change.

Aventurine urges you to look beyond your comfort zone. Mae room for your new partner's lifestyle and habits. The only way you are going to have a happy and lasting relationship is if you make space both emotionally and physically for the other person.

Once you find a groove with your new partner, you still want to be open to growth and new ideas. This healing crystal opens up your heart and mind. In a healthy relationship, you both are constantly learning and evolving. With Aventurine, you can thrive like a flourishing green forest of love.

Your Aventurine Picks for Growing Love:

Aventurine Bracelet All-in Abundance Set

This trio of Aventurine bracelets is easy to wear while your relationship is new and fresh. They keep you open to new ideas, shared energy, and an abundance of love. Red-Orange Aventurine keeps the physical passion flowing. Purple Aventurine keeps your bond meaningful and deep. Green Aventurine keeps the Heart chakra glowing and material wealth flowing.

Pink Aventurine Orb of Understanding

Your Pink Aventurine sphere is dripping with sweet happiness. Brush away the stress and anxiety that comes with changes like a new relationship. The healing vibes of this rare Aventurine crystal ball remind you that new love is precious. Place it in an area that you and your partner occupy often, like the living room or bedroom. It symbolizes infinite love.

Blue Aventurine Heart for Communication

This Blue Aventurine heart keeps the channels of communication open. In the honeymoon phase of any new relationship, it can be hard to speak your mind. You're too enamored with your partner or afraid to say anything that might hurt them or push them away. However, honesty is key to lasting love. With Blue Aventurine, you can express yourself well with truth and kindness.

#2 Pyrite for Protecting New Love

Pyrite acts like your protective shield from the negativity that can creep into a new relationship. Whether it is your self-sabotaging thoughts or bickering between the two of you, Pyrite is here to stop the unwanted energies in their tracks. 

Once negativity takes hold, it is hard to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship. Wear Pyrite healing crystals like armor and protect your Heart Chakra from the unwanted downward spiral that so many relationships are doomed to follow.

Unlike most other protection stones that are darker in color, Pyrite is a cheery gold. Even on the hardest days, you can remain optimistic in love with Pyrite. There's no problem you can't solve together.

Your Pyrite Picks for Protecting Love:

Pyrite Pyramid for Positive Love Feng Shui

This Pyrite Pyramid is a feng-shui treasure from which new lovers can deeply benefit. Place this crystal in your new shared living space. If you do not live together, put it in a central area like the living room. The Pyramid shields you both from petty drama and disputes. It channels peaceful universal energy to cleanse the relationship of jealousy and negativity

Pyrite Angel Necklace for Words of Wisdom

Every good couple gets into arguments. They can feel nasty and negative but a dispute that is successfully solved makes the relationship stronger. When you need to find your words, put on this Pyrite Angel necklace. It clears your Throat chakra of harmful statements and allows you to express yourself in a way that your partner will understand. You also feel guarded and protected by your spiritual angel during tough times.

Pyrite Pair for New Love Healing

Are you feeling confused or vulnerable in your new love? Use this Pyrite cluster pair to do some meditation. It protects you from doubts and darkness that can creep into any relationship. The Pyrite pair will help you find optimism and answers from your higher self. Any time you feel your temper rising with your partner, take hold of these Pyrite clusters and calm down.

#3 Blue Lace Agate for Love that Lasts

Blue Lace Agate is a crystal that promotes peace, patience, and compromise. When you are starting a new relationship, one of the fastest ways to lose a new love is being judgmental. When someone is judgmental, the other person can't be themselves. This causes tension. 

Embrace your Blue Lace Agate crystals and cool down the aggression. Don't get stuck in a pattern of petty anger, jealousy, and annoyance. Relationships are about compromise. Now that you are part of a couple, you take your partner's feelings into consideration. This is how the relationship can last for a lifetime!  

Your Blue Lace Agate Picks for Lasting Love:

Blue Lace Agate Ring of Eternity

A ring is a symbol of eternal love. It is gifted to partners as a momentum of commitment and partnership. A Blue Agate ring on your finger will remind you of your relationship goals. It calms your temper when you're feeling upset so that you can tackle issues with a rational mind. You become a peaceful problem solver and a caring lover.

Sage Agate Stones Tumbling Together

When you have a partner, the two of your tumble through life together. You are not alone anymore. This Agate tumbled stone set is a perfect tool to keep your love journey peaceful and united. Plant tumbled stones in the home for a calm vibration. Carry a few in your pocket and give more to your lover. You will feel connected and find it easier to communicate too. 

Blue Lace Agate Sleep Bracelet

The cornerstone to any new relationship, and any successful day even, is a good night's sleep. Don't let moodiness and cranky vibes ruin a blessed relationship. This Blue Lace Agate bracelet incorporates calming Amethyst and lovely Rose Quartz to form a comprehensive healing bracelet. 

Crystals and Compromise

Crystals won't automatically make your relationship better. You must work to build your relationship to the point where you can stand side-by-side and walk as equals. Relationships take consistent effort through the ups and downs. With the right combination of love and crystals, you will discover the ability to see through the differences. You have what it takes to succeed in a  long-lasting relationship. 

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You have learned about 3 vital love crystals for new relationships. There are so many gems and jewelry that can help you in the realm of true love. Check out the Satin Crystals Love Stone Collection or shop right here:

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Lisa Satin - August 22, 2023

Thank you for writing to us, Winny! Yes, we do ship internationally to Malaysia using DHL express!

There are several nice stones for attracting love, such as Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Moldavite. This link will take you to our video of the Top 7 love crystals:

You can shop our Love Crystal collection here:

Winny J. - August 22, 2023

Hi Satin Crystal Team, My name is Janice from Malaysia and I interested to buy crystal. Do you ship to Malaysia? I’m looking for a gemstone to attract love. What is the best gemstone I can use to attract love? What is your recommendation? And I’m also looking for a gemstone to attract beauty and health. Please recommend. Thank you. Best Rgds, Winny

Sheila Satin - January 13, 2022

Hi Natalie, thanks for writing.

At the moment we offer Morganite with its gemstone family members in our Rainbow Beryl bracelet:

As for Protection stones, there are many. We prefer Obsidian, but you may prefer another one. Check out the options here:

You will find contradictions in every aspect of energy healing. This is because every one of us vibrates at a different frequency. What works for me, may not work for you. You can be guided by others’ opinions, but ultimately you will forge your own path and learn to trust your intuition to find out what’s right for you. If you are feeling spooked, that is what you will attract. If you are feeling protected, that’s the energy that will surround you. Here is more on learning to trust your intuition:

Natalie S - January 13, 2022

Dear Lisa or Sheila,
1.I was told about a true attracting Romantic Love 💕 crystal is one called Morganite. Do you carry any of these as I know they look almost identical to Rose Quartz?

2. I also wanted to know what is the “Best” protection stone/Crystal and how to wear it, place it etc to also ward off “horrible nightmares” which I have often after 2 strokes and other things that haven’t been due to medical issues?

3. I also bought a glass Ganesh and told to place it in my Bedroom facing the door or window by another Indian friend to ward off bad dreams etc, I’m a bit confused as I was previously told by 3 Chinese friends to never put a “God” statue or even a Buddha Oil Burner in the bedroom as it will bring misfortune to any romantic love which I did find to be spooked by because it was true…?

I’d be most grateful if you could help with the above questions please?
Happy and Safe and Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all at Satin Crystals!!!

Sheila Satin - September 28, 2021

Hi Bernadette. here are some links to guide you:
Our Garnet Article is not yet complete, but it’s a starter here:

Bernadette - September 28, 2021

Hi. I’m new to stones. How to I take care of Carnelian and Garnet stones. In cleansing, powering and programming them. I’m using them to help me with my libido and love. Thank you

Bernadette - September 21, 2021

Hi. I’m new to stones. How to I take care of Carnelian and Garnet stones. In cleansing, powering and programming them. I’m using them to help me with my libido and love. Thank you

Sheila Satin - April 20, 2020

Hi Debbie, you can find our Diopside collection at:

At the moment we have a Diopside egg and a few jewelry pieces in the collection, as this is one of more rare gemstones.

Let me know if I can help you further!
Sheila Satin

Debbie - April 20, 2020

Do you carry the stone diopside? Thank you!

Lisa Satin - April 2, 2020

Hi Adity,

It sounds like you may want to use Rose Quartz for this Pink Supermoon on April 7th. You will want to program it to attract healthy love and relationships.
Please check out the following articles for more details on how to do this:

Cleaning, Charging, and Programming Crystals:
Properties of Rose Quartz:
Pink Supermoon is Coming:
Charging Crystals under the Full Moon:
Crystals for Love and Romance:

Other Love stones to consider are Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Moldavite. You can see the whole collection of Love Crystals at:

Sending you good vibes,

Lisa Satin

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