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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Young Adults

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens - Satin Crystals Shop Are you shopping for a teenager or young adult? Are you a teenager or young adult looking for the right crystal for yourself or a friend? Read on for the perfect crystal gifts that will appeal to trendy teens and the young-at-heart.

When you're gifting crystals for young and energetic people, it's important to keep up with the trend. You want to give a gift that's both meaningful and hip. Thankfully, we've got it.

7 Crystals for Teenagers and Young Adults

#1 Moldavite Locket for Super Stars

Moldavite has taken over the world spotlight. Tiktok, Instagram, and the internet are full of videos about Moldavite. Young people continue to video-document their real-life experiences of how Moldavite transformed their lives. It is the meteoric gemstone of quick manifestations. This locket is the perfect gift for your trendy teen:

"Your new Moldavite locket captures the essence of the universe and keeps it close to your heart. Own the power of the galaxy as you benefit from the vast wisdom of Moldavite. A genuine green gemstone encased in this attractive gold-toned armor makes a bold statement. Reach for the stars with this stellar Moldavite pendant. This locket comes with a real Moldavite gemstone inside. Each Moldavite piece is unique, like you!" READ MORE.

#2 Carnelian Bracelets for Fire-filled Souls

Carnelian is the up-and-coming crystal for young trendsetters. The youth are sharing their stories online about how Carnelian is helping them attract love, romance, and relationships. Ahhhhh, young love... it just can't be beaten. Be sure to pick the right size when you order.

"Every fresh day is a new chance for fun and excitement. The blazing orange color and dynamic healing properties of this bold Carnelian bracelet ignite the passion and the fire of your soul. Enjoy each moment to the fullest with this bright crystal bracelet pumping positivity through your veins.READ MORE.

#3 Quartz Skulls for Rebels

Quartz skulls hold the fascination of all. Your teenagers and young adults are especially drawn to skulls as a symbol of rebellion. It's a healthy part of growing up and finding their independence. These Quartz skulls radiate with an energy that's so good, it's baaaad.

"Skulls aid in channeling work and connecting one with the spiritual realms, passed loved ones, the Other Side, and communicating with alien races." READ MORE.

#4 Fluorite Tumbles for the Students

Does your young giftee have a knack for learning? Fluorite tumbles are perfect for those who need to study, take exams, audition, and play in concerts or sports. It helps them hold memory and focus. These tumbled stone sets are great for young people to carry in a purse or pocket. What delightful gifts indeed.

"Mysterious matte Fluorite tumbled stones enchant your mind. These colorful gemstones of dark purple and greens draw you into a higher meditative state. Finally, you can focus, concentrate, and achieve your dreams from this space of mental clarity. Take hold of your rainbow Fluorite tumbled stones and never let go." READ MORE.

#5 Chakra Tuning Sets for Healers

It's never too early to learn about crystal healing. The youth of today are bombarded with real-life stress. There's pressure to perform well in school, pressure to conform to peers, pressure to look good on social media- the list never ends. Teach your teen to handle stress and anxiety in a holistic way rather than in destructive and dangerous ways. This Chakra Tuning Fork Set is just the thing for them to focus on a positive vibration.

"Feel the vibration and open your chakras. This crystal healing set is perfect for activating all of your major chakras. It comes with a tuning fork ready to infuse your energy body with the wonderful world of natural gemstones. Unblock those debilitating imbalances and emerge as the balanced being you were meant to be." READ MORE.

#6 Amethyst Geodes for Nature Lovers

Do you know a young rockhound, aspiring geologist, nature lover, or earth lover? This Amethyst geode makes a great gift to those with exploratory minds. In its raw and natural form, this crystal becomes the top gem of their rock collection. It also relaxes and releases the mind from worry.

"Spiritual caves of the Himalayas can be accessed through this Amethyst geode right from your desktop. Glance away from your computer and into the sparkling purple crystal. It transports your mind to the enlightened realm. You are a modern-day yogi who spreads light into the universe and this Amethyst gemstone is your portal to another world." READ MORE.

#7 Gift Cards for Everyone

Can't decide? No problem. Your teens and young adults can pick their own treasures when you get them a Satin Crystals gift card. We have thousands of unique healing crystals, jewelry designs, and meteorites. Gift cards are delivered by email so you can order them last minute and not worry about delays. READ MORE.

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Lisa Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi Olivia, Carnelian can be charged in any of those methods, but if it is in jewelry form or extra polished, I’d avoid water.

Here is an article and video showing you various ways to clean, charge, and program your crystals:

Olivia - December 9, 2021

is Carnelian good to charge in salt, water, or salt water?

Sheila Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi Shakia, Standard free delivery takes 3 to 7 business days, depending on the post office. On our end we ship it out by the next business day whenever possible. You could also upgrade to priority shipping. You can read more about our shipping

Our stretch bracelets are made with stretch cord and stones. No metals.

Shakia - December 9, 2021

How long would it take for my crystal to arrive once ordered? I live in Muskegon Michigan. Also I am allergic to jewelry, I was wondering if you make neckless out of cloth like material?

Sheila Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi ed, you can read more about our Moldavite here:

Everyone feels something different when handling Moldavite or stones. That’s great that you were able to feel something with your friend’s Moldavite! Here is more on what to expect:

Ed d - December 9, 2021

Where do you get your moldavite from? When I held a friend’s moldavite it gave me the feeling of an electric current in my hand and normally I do not believe in things like this. Do those do that for you when you handle them?

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