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30 Job Stones for a Better Work Career

job crystals around a laptopLet's get down to business! Job Crystals help you get the career, position, and pay you want. It doesn't stop there. You can keep climbing the ladder of success when you find your passion. 

In this showcase, we feature 30 Job Crystals that get the job done! Admire the crystal balls, work stones, power pyramids, and abundance animals that accompany you on your job journey.

Invest in yourself and believe.

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Top 30 Job Crystals

Are you at the start, middle, or top of your career? We have crystals that help you succeed no matter where you stand. See the top-pick crystal balls, stones, pyramids, and animal figurines.

Stately Spheres of Success

Elegant crystal balls accompany you along your job journey, ensuring happiness and success. The sphere is a perfect piece to place on your desk or feature in the office. A geometrical genius, it emits energy in all directions to ensure teamwork and harmony from all perspectives. It becomes a piece of intrigue amongst colleagues and coworkers.

Do you need a ball for boss energy? Confidence? A meaningful career? There's no limit to what you can do and what your crystal ball can do for you.

#1 Mahogany Obsidian Crystal Ball for Boss energy

"Classy, exquisite, and refined, I am for the boss who commands success and respect. My status is backed up by my skills"

#2 Sardonyx Crystal Ball for Strong Sophistication

"Strong and sophisticated, I highlight your admirable traits like loyalty, talent, and sharp thinking in the workplace. My style is suave and smart."

#3 Moss Agate Crystal Ball of Green Glitter

"I bring life and meaning to the work you do. When you reflect upon your inner nature, everything falls into place"

#4 Ruby Fuchsite Crystal Ball of Relationships

"I foster strong relationships and the healthy network you need to succeed"

#5 Tigers Eye Crystal Ball for Golden Champions

"I harness the confidence of the tiger to your working persona. I pounce for my prize and a champion every time"

 #6 Hawks Eye Crystal Ball for Visionary Seers

"I have the sharp eye of a hawk; I am a visionary and innovator"

#7 Green Crocodile Jasper Crystal Ball for Protection

"I watch over your career so nothing and no one gets in your way"

#8 Red Jasper Crystal Ball Spirit of Mars

"I activate your natural passion and zest so that you shine like a fireball at work. You embody the spirit of Mars."

#9 Polychrome Jasper Crystal Ball for the Journey

"I am your happy helper throughout the job journey, from the hunt to the hire to your rise to the top"

#10 Petrified Wood Crystal Ball for Strong Growth

"I bring a strong and stable presence to your mind as you can grow and flourish in your career."

Crystals that Get the Job Done

When you work smartly, you deserve to feel proud, get paid well, and still maintain your overall well-being. These crystals are about getting the job done in a productive and prosperous manner.

Work with these Job Crystals to manifest the position you want, negotiate the pay you deserve, and feel the satisfaction of accomplishing your life missions. You can have it all!

#11 Aventurine Citrine Jade Set for Money Makers

"With a magnificent money mindset, I secure all the raises and the riches I desire"

#12 Lower Chakra Tumbled Stones for Worldly Success

"My worldly mission is important, I am a productive and prosperous human being"

#13 Ruby Fuchsite Massage Wand for No Stress

"I feel no stress, as I am simply the best"

#14 Mahogany Obsidian Massage Wand for Balance

"I work hard, play hard, and relax right"

#15 Aventurine Ganesh for Business Wealth

"I am the guardian of your business and the bringer of wealth"

#16 Tigers Eye Ganesh for Business Success

"I ensure business success because you are doing your best"

Status and Power Pyramids

An important element of job success is securing your status and power. Crystal pyramids do just that. They are the perfect pick for placing on your desk while benefiting from Universal Energy. The pyramid's apex draws down higher wisdom and manifestation that leads you to the apex of your professional potential. You are the maker of your material world. 

 #17 Green Aventurine Pyramid for Top Income

"I am on the top of the income pyramid. Money trickles up to me"

#18 Ocean Jasper Pyramid of Opportunities

"My opportunities are as vast as the ocean and the sea"

#19 Red Jasper Pyramid of Passions

"I put passionate fire into the things I do and others take notice. When I work from my heart, I am rewarded in many ways."

#20 Crystal Pyramid of Total Wellbeing

"I put passionate fire into the things I do and others take notice. When I work from my heart, I am rewarded in many ways."

#21 Mahogany Obsidian Pyramid for Safety

"Jealousy and ill-will have no place in the workplace; I am guarded against office politics"

#22 Apache Gold Pyramid of Ancestral Skills

"The wisdom of my ancestors is passed down to me via talents and skills. I build and expand upon my natural gifts"

#23 Moss Agate Pyramid of Work Forces

"I honor my life energy by doing what I love. My life force is a part of my workforce"

#24 Tree Agate Pyramid for Career Growth

"I climb the corporate ladder to the top"

#25 Tigers Eye Pyramid of Job Confidence

"I am a master of confidence who gets the job and then gets the job done!"

#26 Green Jasper Pyramid of Crocodile Eyes

"The eye of the crocodile watches over me as I embark on my job journey"

Animals of Abundance

With the right attitude, you go far in life. Stay focused on your goals, take smart risks, and climb your way to the top. Animals of abundance and confidence accompany you and cheer you along your career route. When you need a special dose of support, these friendly guardians are there for you. 

#27 Tigers Eye Bear for Fearless Courage

"I have a fearless yet friendly personality that gets me far in my working world"

#28 Tigers Eye Frog for Jumping Advancement

"I bounce to brilliance by making leaps and bounds at work"

#29 Green Aventurine Rabbit for Prolific Prosperity

"My abundance multiplies at amazing rates, and I love it!"

#30 Green Aventurine Owl for High Earnings

"My income flies sky high and I'm a top-tier earner"

Career Crystals for You

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