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Red Jasper Pyramid God Prometheus Crystal

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$60.00 - $70.00
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Size: 2.25-2.25 inch

This Red Jasper pyramid is rumbling with the powerful force of the Fire God Prometheus. Feel the energy of life and passion stir your soul when you gaze upon the sacred treasure. You are an adventurer with a strong will to succeed.

Red Jasper activates your fire-filled passions. It is a stone of strength and vitality. Live your life like you mean it. Read more about Jasper.

Your new pyramid is polished from natural and untreated Red Jasper. This is a matte red stone with patterned inclusions. Each stone differs; retaining natural pits, grooves, veins, and inclusions. As a hand-polished piece, the edges will not be machine-perfect. Pyramids are measured by width; height will vary.