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Green Jasper Crocodile Eye Protection Stone Healing Quest Crystal

  • GREEN JASPER PYRAMID: This delightful beauty of a pyramid is made from Crocodile Jasper. The black eyes peering through the green swamp take you on a journey into the deep jungle. When you place it on display in your home or office, the pyramid becomes a protector piece that is in full guardian mode. Nothing beats the energy and intrigue of Crocodile Jasper, own it today.
  • CROCODILE JASPER MEANING: Green Crodocile Kambaba Jasper extracts the little known energy of the deep forest wildlife and marshes. Its watchful black Crocodile and Alligator eyes become your fiercest guardians, keeping you safe as you navigate through the adventures of life and spirit. Green Jasper is an excellent friend for those who need a break from the daily grind. It brings back the love and healing energy of nature.
  • ORIGIN, CHAKRA, BIRTHSTONE & AFFIRMATION: This stone comes from Madagascar. It opens up the Heart Chakra flow. Jasper is the birthstone for zodiac sign Aries. The affirmation for this pyramid is "I'm watching out for you with 1000 eyes".
  • PYRAMID MEANING: Pyramids are sacred geometrical shapes that hold the wisdom of Your ancestors. They bring you universal knowledge and truth from above.
  • 100% HAPPINESS: Why choose Satin Crystals? Simple. We only send you the best, hand-picked treasures. We don't sling out random rocks like the rest.


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