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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+
TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Moldavite Jewelry Showcase

sheila of satin crystals wearing moldavite jewelryAre you done with the ordinary? Dress in extraordinary Moldavite jewelry and break free of mundane expectations.

Born of earth and star, this Green Tektite is filled with the energy of the entire galaxy. Treat your body, mind, and soul to something exciting and extraterrestrial. Your jewelry collection is craving that rare flare. 

Learn all about how Moldavite gemstones benefit your life when you access our VIP community. We invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP Club today. It's free and easy. 

Watch the Moldavite Jewelry Video

Watch the video showcase of the best Moldavite jewelry pieces. Then, shop for your crystal treasures below. 

Shop Moldavite Jewelry

Here are 7 out-of-this-world Moldavite jewelry pieces to get your soul soaring through space and your style singing with joy:

#1 Moldavite High Vibration Necklace

Gaze into the mysterious depths of your new Moldavite gemstone as it transports you to the great Unknown. Wear the Green Tektite necklace and vibrate at a higher frequency. This galactic treasure shows you how to let go of life's little dramas and move into a Universe of positivity. LEARN MORE.

    #2 Moldavite Keeper of the Universe Locket

    Your new Moldavite pendant captures the essence of the universe and keeps it close to your heart. Own the power of the galaxy as you benefit from the vast wisdom of Moldavite.  A genuine green gemstone encased in the attractive gold-toned armor makes a bold statement. Reach for the stars with this stellar Moldavite locket. LEARN MORE.

    #3 Moldavite Shooting Star Necklace

    This deluxe Moldavite has traveled far distances just to be with you. Wear it close to your heart to benefit from the infinite friendship of this rare alien green gemstone. Set on a substantial sterling silver chain, the Moldavite necklace makes a profound impact on both your look and your energy. Be noticed, be boosted, be as brilliant as a shooting star with sterling Moldavite. LEARN MORE. 

      #4 Moldavite Slice of Space Pendant

      Did you know that you can own your very own slice of space? This refined and real Moldavite pendant brings you the secrets of the stars. The delicate meteorite vibrates with enormous force, opening your subconscious to a world beyond this world. Set in sterling silver, your Moldavite pendant is a unique treasure; show it off front and center or slip it under your shirt to keep as your little cosmic secret. LEARN MORE.

      #5 Moldavite Ring Galaxy Energy

      Want the whole world in your hand? Why not the whole galaxy?! With your new Moldavite ring, you'll feel as if you can do anything. The green gemstone Tektite sits securely in the clutches of an adjustable sterling silver band. Show off this token of the stars while gaining meteoric healing benefits of Moldavite. LEARN MORE.


      #6 Moldavite Big Alien Pendant

      So you like your Moldavite large, real, and full of deep space powers? This Big Alien Moldavite sterling silver pendant is the juicy piece of rare dark green Tektite that you have been waiting for. Make a colossal statement when you wear the awesome gemstone on your favorite necklace chain. Big Alien Moldavite keeps your spiritual side stimulated and your stylish side satisfied. LEARN MORE.

        #7 Moldavite Beyond the Globe Pendant

        Your real Moldavite necklace proves that you are both of and beyond this globe. You are a galactic citizen, in touch with the physical and metaphysical realms. A gorgeous green gemstone lies securely in an antiqued locket. The Moldavite necklace vibrates with the power of space and stars. Why go for boring, when you can go for extraordinary? LEARN MORE.

        Your Moldavite Astral Journey

        How do you feel wearing Moldavite jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? Which ones are you missing?

        We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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        Lisa Satin - June 17, 2022

        Hello Leah,

        Thank you for writing to us about the Moldavite pendants, we would be happy to assist you in finding the right piece.

        Moldavite naturally ranges from a neon green to a dark midnight green. The coloring doesn’t affect the properties, all have the same healing energy which you can read about in our comprehensive Moldavite Meanings Page.

        The Real Deal pendants and Big Alien pendants will also vary in color, shape, and form. The photos you see are examples of some pieces, but each pendant is totally unique. The color and shapes come from nature.

        If you do have a preference in tone, let us know and we’ll do our best to select the darkest or lightest for you.

        If you need more information on how to pick, visit our how to choose the right crystal tutorial.

        Both of these style pendants have been popular and well received by our customers, so it’s down to your preference in style :)

        Please let me know if you need further guidance or help placing the order.


        Lisa Satin

        Leah N. - June 17, 2022

        Hello! I can’t decide on whether to buy the Moldavite Pendant Green Alien or the Modavite Pendant The Real Deal. Could you please tell me if the Darker Green Alien Pendant has a stronger or different energy then the lighter real deal pendant? Or does the colour matter? I’m looking for a good strong energy! :) Thank you!

        Lisa Satin - January 13, 2022

        Hi Justine, We are thrilled to hear that you’ve decided on our real Moldavite. It’s such a shame the number of fakes out there.

        Justine - January 13, 2022

        Hello! I spent a very long time trying to learn all I could about Moldavite before ordering it, and the your YouTube video showing how to tell if your Moldavite is real or fake led me to your website! I’m so thankful for that because before looking into it I almost bought some off of Etsy for a very low price. I truly want to get everything I can out of Moldavite so I want the real thing. Your business and family is a blessing. I know we do not know each other, but it comes across that you love what you do and care about people and authenticity. I will most definitely be coming back to your site in the future when I want to get more crystals. Thank you SO very much. I know I made the right choice coming to you. Sincerely, Justine ❤️

        Sheila Satin - November 25, 2021

        Hi Adolfo, thanks for creating an account.

        We do have loose Moldavite not in jewelry form, but mostly only tiny pieces left, so you may want to carry it in a pouch and then the pocket:

        They all come in display cases, but they are easy to remove from the case.

        adolfo - November 25, 2021

        Hello. I just created my account.
        Do you have moldavite that I can carry in my pocket?
        I think all the moldavite you have are with a pendant.
        Thank you for your reply.

        Sheila Satin - June 14, 2021

        Hi Aretha, thanks for writing. Unfortunately there are no Moldavite rings coming in as far as we know. We have been waiting for more for a few months, but with the high demand and low supply, we have not gotten a hold of any yet. But, stay tuned on our email list and we’ll announce new products there!

        Aretha - June 14, 2021

        Hello! Thank you for reaching out!! Do you have an idea when you will be getting more molavite rings in?

        Lisa Satin - May 6, 2021

        Hi Felicia,

        Thank you for writing to us! I’m so happy to hear that we were recommended to you on Youtube. And yes, you can feel good that you’re actually going to get real Moldavite instead of the many fakes out there :)
        We look forward to hearing about your experiences with Moldavite and any other crystal you decide to work with.
        If you have any questions or comments to share, reach out to us any time :)

        Felicia M - May 6, 2021

        I heard about yall through a youtuber chaotic witch aunt. Ive been searching for moldavite for a while and yall seemed like a perfect fit for me. I took a look at what else yall have and will definitely be a returning customer so signing up asap! Thanks again. Will def be recommending yall to anyone looking for beautiful crystals and jewlery. Have a wonderful day!!

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