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Rare and Obscure Orbs Crystal Ball Showcase

female model holding up two black arfvedsonite spheres

You should know about these rare, unusual, and obscure crystal orbs that barely get the spotlight. Most people don't even know that they exist!

This October screams of unusual energy. Admit it, things are weird around the world right now. What more, we have a rare Blue Moon coming right on  Halloween. It's the perfect time to embrace the obscure. You'll gain so many crystal healing benefits that only these oddballs can provide you.

Satin Crystals has hundreds of crystal balls; there's something to match us all. 

Do you know about these mysterious gemstones? It's time to learn a little something, have a little fun, and do a little shopping. 

9 crystal spheres you never knew about

Arfvedsonite Crystal Ball

Arfv... what??? This mysterious midnight orb stirs your interest. Its dark exterior  yields a universe of flashing blue rainbows. It is the epitome of metaphysical beauty, full of intriguing magical qualities. Arfvedsonite spheres are for you if you love rare and attractive gemstones that boost spiritual growth while keeping you protected.

Apache Gold Crystal Ball

The Apache Gold ball of beauty is waiting to unlock indigenous secrets. Feel the solid power of Chalcopyrite and Black Schist come together and take you on a soul's journey. When you want spirituality in a bedazzling golden package, pick up your Apache Gold sphere and embark on the ride of your life. 

Basalt Lava Crystal Ball

This is not just any Lava, this is the more exclusive and elusive Basalt. When you want a protection stone that works as strong and forcefully as a volcano, Basalt is your best bet. It is erupting with energy to blow away the winds of negativity and usher in an era of good vibrations. This ruggedly handsome sphere is the perfect fit for you.

Chalcedony Crystal Ball

You've heard of Chalcedony, but admit don't know what it is. That's because Chalcedony isn't a gemstone. It is the name of a certain appearance, such as that in this Chalcedony Red Jasper ball. The life-like minerals are brewing in motion through a milky gemstone interior. Feel the magic floating from your orb, entering deep into your soul, and empowering you to achieve the impossible. 

Chiastolite Crystal Ball

That's right, this truly unusual gem is called Chiastolite. With crosses on both sides, this Chiastolite sphere is ready to keep you protected and connected. Meditate with Jesus Christ Consciousness. It takes you to a new level of awareness when you hold this crystal's power in your hands. The pinkish-brown beauty is rare and energetic, ready to give you the world and beyond.

Chrysoprase Crystal Ball

Chrysoprase is so unknown that it is given the nickname Australian Jade to boost its status. The truth is, this valuable gemstone holds its own. The colorful green stone takes you on a jungle safari where you capture the treasures of the world. Hold the energetic Chrysoprase sphere in your hand and allow it to free your inhibitions. What an exciting masterpiece display and a powerful manifestation orb.

Dumortierite Crystal Ball

It's hard to say, harder to spell, but easy to love. When your ego is running rampant, the deep blue beauty puts your skewed perspectives on pause. Get in touch with your inner wisdom and channel your flow of intuitive knowledge- it's all there within. Access your power when you let the Dumortierite crystal ball work its metaphysical magic.

Spiderweb Obsidian Crystal Ball

Obsidian is world-renowned... yet Spiderweb Obsidian lurks in the dark corner of the gemstone world. You never heard of it because it is so rare. The Spiderweb Obsidian sphere is nature's dream catcher, removing obstacles so you can grab your goals. This unique, protective webbed stone makes an eye-catching crystal ball for all of your spaces. 

Zebradorite Crystal Ball

"What is Zebradorite and what does it do for me," you ask. Zebradorite is a Feldspar stone. It grants you the calm strength of your Zebra spirit animal. The vivid crystal ball gives you the willpower to discover your purpose while being acutely aware of the present moment. Through your conscious actions and efforts, you achieve your dreams and find happiness.

Crystals Balls and Beyond

Do you have a crystal ball collection? Are you just starting, or is your space filled with stunning spheres? Do you have any rare orbs? We want to hear about it all.

Meanwhile, keep the ball rolling by following these links: 

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We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions on gemstone spheres. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - October 9, 2023

I was not familiar with Blue Stone but upon looking it up, it seems to be a Basalt from Australia and/or a Sandstone from Northeast America. We do not have this in stock nor do we know where it’s sold.

This is the Basalt sphere we carry:

Here is our Sandstone collection:

Our large collection of blue-colored stones can be seen here:

Dan S - October 9, 2023

Have you got Blue Stone or know where to get it?
Cheers, Dan

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