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Chalcedony Red Jasper Sphere Brewing Magic Spell Stone Crystal Ball


This Chalcedony ball feels alive. Gaze into its purple and red Jasper minerals brewing in motion through the milky gemstone interior. Feel the magic floating from your crystal ball, entering deep into your own soul, and empowering you to achieve the impossible. Life is enchanting once again with this unusual Chalcedony sphere. 


If you can relate to one or more of these statements, this sphere benefits you:

  • You are brewing with magic
  • You believe your soul is limitless and infinite
  • You like stones that enchant with their interesting patterns
  • You need to strengthen your Root chakra 
  • You love the feel of real and genuine stones


In crystal healing, Chalcedony is a stone of kindness. It is just what you need in today's world full of hostility, violence, and selfishness. Chalcedony reminds you to stop bullying, and stop being bullied. Use it to foster group stability at home, work, or during recreation. Chalcedony soothes your mood and gets you pumped up for teamwork. 

Learn more about How Chalcedony Benefits You.


Your new crystal ball is polished from natural Chalcedony stone. This is a milky, translucent white stone which may show light banding. It is filled with purple to red Jasper inclusions and may contain organic drusy craters and veins.

These spheres come from spiritual India. Each unique piece is hand-inspected by Sheila or Lisa Satin to make sure you get a beautiful, powerful, and authentic stone.

Use the menu above to select your preferred size. For your reference:

  • 1.7 Inches is 4.5 ounces
  • 2.1 Inches is 7.5 ounces
  • 2.7 Inches is 15 ounces
  • 3.4 Inches is 26 ounces
  • 3.8 Inches is 36 ounces
  • 4.0 Inches is 43.5 ounces


    Feng Shui energy placement for this ball depends on which of the stone's powers you want to focus on: 

    • Magic Energy: Near a windowsill or garden to soak up the moonlight
    • Gazing: Palm of your hands
    • Root Chakra Work: Lower Body
    • Aesthetics: Near a window or bright light to showcase its beauty


    The crystal ball is a foundation stone for true healers, psychic readers, and the spiritually inclined. Use your sphere for:

    • Gazing: It is the fortune teller's tool to reveal past, present, and future
    • Meditation: Hold it in your hands to reap the benefits of crystal power
    • Massage: Gently roll it against tired and stressed areas of your body.
    • Feng Shui: Place it in your home, office, or desk for positive energy.

    For complete uses and instructions, visit How to use Crystal Balls.

    Always clean, charge, and program new stones. Learn how to Crystal Care


    1. You get the best in beauty, quality, and authenticity because Sheila & Lisa Satin handpick and inspect every stone to meet high standards.

    2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It is our goal to deliver the perfect pieces you deserve. If something's not right please contact us so we can fix it, replace it, or refund it fuss-free.

    3. We are a boutique, not a big box corporation. That means we are always here to provide you with friendly and personal service.


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    Thank you for your positive energy at Satin Crystals!

    Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments. 


    Ask a Question
    • Hello. I love my chalcedony jasper ball. What is the meaning of this particular jasper ? Thanks 🙏🏼

      I'm so glad you like the Chalcedony Jasper sphere :) 
      It gives you the best of Chalcedony and Jasper. On the actual page, you can find its healing traits. In addition, it has the properties of Red Jasper, which I'm writing here below:
      Red Jasper activates your Root Chakra and ignites the Kundalini energy up the spine. This brings you physical strength, health, and vitality. Jasper nurtures your soul. It helps you to look and feel younger by reminding you to take time and self-care. Jasper is a balancing crystal with grounding energy. It helps you be centered and calm through any challenge. This stone makes you brave enough to overcome fears and obstacles.  
      The full meaning of Jasper can be found on our article:
      More good news! As we are in the middle of our Jolly Jasper campaign, you'll be getting additional information about Jasper. Today we sent out an email on how to do Jasper affirmations. On Monday we will send you an email about how to use your Jasper ball for the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon which happens on the 14th. A few more articles will be coming next week that should give you good ideas on how to put your Jasper ball and stones to use :)
      If you have any specific questions, let me know!
      Lisa Satin