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How to use Crystals for Kundalini Awakening

people meditating with crystals and serpentsWhat do spiritual gurus and crystal healing masters know that you don't know? They know how to tap into the power of their esoteric Kundalini energy.

Have you heard about the Kundalini? If so, you're one big step ahead of the rest. If not, you are about to discover a secret source of power that can accelerate your quest for spiritual liberation.

You are going to learn what the Kundalini is and how to use crystals to awaken this Goddess Shakti energy. Join the ranks of the spiritual greats by making use of the  wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation, yet known by so few.

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What is the Kundalini?

The Kundalini is a sacred energy coiled in the base of your spine at the Root chakra. It is a feminine divine energy belonging to the Hindu Goddess Shakti. Similarly, the male energy of God Shiva is located at your head in the Crown chakra.

Everyone has Kundalini stored in their body, regardless of sex or gender. It is a primal life force. The word Kundalini comes from Sanskrit and means "coiled one."

What is Kundalini Awakening?

Once you are aware of your Kundalini, you can begin to awaken it. The Kundalini rising is when this female divine energy is released from the Root chakra and begins to spiral upward.

It travels up along your spine, awakening each of your major chakras as it heads toward the Crown chakra. When Shakti's female energy meets Shiva's male energy at your head, you achieve spiritual liberation. 

What stones are used for Kundalini energy?

There are 3 important crystals that aid and accelerate the Kundalini rising experience. You can use them in the rituals that are stated further along in this article.

Awakening your Kundalini is said to be a prolonged practice. Continual dedication to spiritual sessions is usually needed before liberation through the Kundalini is achieved. 

Top 3 Crystals for Kundalini Awakening: 

Now that you know more about the secret Kundalini, you can access its powers using these three healing stones. 

serpentine sphere

Serpentine is a special stone that anyone serious about raising their Kundalini should possess. Serpentine is the crystal of the snake that specializes in releasing the coiled Kundalini that lies dormant at the base of your spine.

When you meditate and do crystal healing rituals with Serpentine, your serpent  guardian gently charms your Kundalini energy toward the Crown chakra.

Serpentine protects you as you go about this delicate practice, which is sometimes deemed dangerous or painful. You feel safeguarded and guided through the Kundalini awakening with the wise and powerful Serpentine beside you.

red jasper sphere

Red Jasper is one of the strongest Root chakra stones and a prime choice for Kundalini rising. It takes dedicated practice to coax the Kundalini out of the spine's base- this is not an overnight conquest.

When you're ready to release the Kundalini from your base, massage your Root chakra with Red Jasper crystals. Use them in your Kundalini meditations. Additionally, wear Red Jasper jewelry to benefit from the energy as you go about your everyday life.

Kundalini awakening is a long-term process and Red Jasper befriends you throughout. 

chakra stone sphere

7 Chakra Stones are perfect for your Kundalini awakening journey. When the Shakti energy is finally released from your Root chakra, it slowly travels up the spine. It activates the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye chakras before reaching your Shiva energy in the Crown chakra.

Working with Chakra Stones ensures that you activate each energy vortex. If you are blocked at one chakra, the Kundalini will not budge. To achieve spiritual liberation, you must free all the chakras from baggage.

Use 7 chakra stones all at once throughout the Kundalini rising procedure or one by one depending on which chakra your Kundalini is currently parked at.

How can I use my crystals for Kundalini Awakening?

Once you have your crystals, you can begin the Kundalini awakening rituals. Remember, Kundalini awakening is a long-term process. Therefore, you want to engage in as many activities as possible.

The key element is to focus your intention on the Kundalini. That means you should first cleanse, charge, and program your stones to raise the Kundalini.

Here are 5 crystal rituals for Kundalini awakening:

1. Meditate with Kundalini stones

Meditation is the fastest route to enlightenment. When you clear your mind, you're able to tap into divine oneness. There are many Kundalini meditations you can do while holding Serpentine, Red Jasper, and 7 chakra stones.

A Serpentine sphere in the hand and a Red Jasper pyramid on your mantel while meditating are wise options. They will store your experiences and accelerate your progress.

2. Massage the chakras with Kundalini crystals

It takes time and dedication to release the Kundalini from your Root chakra. Gently massaging the base of your spine with a Red Jasper crystal can coax this energy awake. You can also use a Serpentine egg to rub the area. The key is to be slow, steady, and gentle.

3. Exercise breath control in a Kundalini layout

Your breath is the source of life force. It is a powerful tool that is so easily forgotten. When you are releasing the Kundalini, you want to breathe down to the core, to the base of your spine.

Take a few minutes each day to sit in a crystal layout of Serpentine and Red Jasper tumbled stones as you focus on your breathing. Also, try breathing with a Kundalini stone mandala in front of you or while doing a Kundalini crystal layout.

4. Chant mantras with Kundalini crystals

You can infuse Kundalini mantras into your meditations and do them with or after your breathing exercises. You can also write your own mantras that center around Kundalini awakening.

To amplify the power of your chant, wear a Kundalini necklace or pendant at the Throat chakra or hold a stone up to your throat.

5. Practice tantra with Kundalini stones

Kundalini awakening is known as tantric activity. To arouse the Kundalini, you can engage in healthy tantric sex, tantric dances, and/or tantric yoga. These techniques combine methods like visualization meditations, chants, mudras, pranayama, and inner-universe yoga.

Be sure that your Kundalini stones are nearby on a table or in your pocket. Wearing your Kundalini jewelry is an easy way to ensure you get positive energy no matter where you go.

What does Kundalini Awakening feel like?

As with any metaphysical experience, the feelings and visions that arise during Kundalini Awakening vary from person to person. 

Many people report that they can physically feel the Kundalini in their spine as it moves up. Some say that it is uncomfortable and overwhelming. This is because as the Kundalini hits each of your energy vortexes, you are forced to reckon with the emotional pains and blocks that have been stored in your mind and body. The Kundalini will not rise any further until all issues are resolved in the Chakra center where it currently resides.

That is why Kundalini raising is a long-term process. To ease the emotional pain, make use of high-intensity protection crystals like Obsidian and Smoky Quartz in each session. You may be working on Kundalini rising throughout many lifetimes.

When the Kundalini is fully awakened, Shakti energy meets Shiva at the Crown chakra, and spiritual liberation is achieved. You will never feel the same again. Your energy body gets a major upgrade. You achieve enlightenment, nirvana, and spiritual bliss.

What are the 3 best spheres for the Kundalini?

Crystal spheres are one of the best tools for Kundalini awakening. They are easy to hold as you do your rituals. Spheres can also be displayed attractively in your home where they give off peaceful vibrations.

Which of these three spheres calls to your Kundalini? Why not get one in each of the top Kundalini stones? Here they are:

What are the obstacles to Kundalini Awakening? 

The Kundalini awakening is a long process that can span over lifetimes because it requires complete spiritual awareness and the release of negativity.

There are three major obstacles you must overcome before achieving liberation. They are called granthis, which are psychic knots, and are as such:

Brahma granthi knot is in your lower chakra region. The obstacle to overcome is your attachment to physical pleasures, material objects, and excessive selfishness. It is also associated with negativity, lethargy, and ignorance.

Vishnu granthi knot is in your middle chakra region. The obstacles to overcome are emotional attachment and attachment to people. It is associated with passion, ambition, and assertiveness.

Rudra granthi knot is in your higher chakra region. The obstacle to overcome is the psychic concept of yourselves as an individual. You must surrender the ego and transcend duality to spiritually progress. 

What jewelry should I use for Kundalini Rising?

By now you are aware that Kundalini rising is a long-term commitment. Yet you are naturally drawn to spiritual enlightenment. As someone who knows about the Kundalini, you are already ahead of the masses.

Alongside the practices mentioned above, it's wise to wear Kundalini jewelry. That way, you receive positive energy daily, even as you go about your worldly affairs.

Here are some of the top jewelry pieces in Serpentine, Red Jasper, and Chakra Stones:

Continue your Kundalini Journey

Now that you know about the power of Kundalini crystals, you're better prepared for this spiritually elevating journey. Continue evolving your mind with the following guides:

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Do you experience spiritual shifts?

Did you use ever work with your Kundalini energy? What does it feel like? What Chakra is your Kundalini currently in?

We would love to hear about your experiences. Contact us through the form below. 

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