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Jet Stone Meaning

woman holding three jet beaded necklacesDid you know that Jet stone is where the term "jet black" originates? What other fun facts do you need to learn about Jet? Stay tuned!

Get ready to learn all about Jet crystals, from geological facts to metaphysical healing properties. Watch the video and read up on this organic gemstone and what it can do for you. 

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Watch the Jet Stone Video 

Watch the Jet Stone Video for an overview of this mysterious gemstone and go over answers to your top 5 questions. 

While you are there, watch the entire A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings video series. We answer your questions on all of the most popular crystals. You can also post your questions and stories directly to the Youtube comments.

Can you benefit from Jet crystals?

You may benefit from Jet crystals if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are looking for a protection stone

  • You wish to eliminate worry and fear

  • You appreciate lightweight stones

  • You seek a mourning stone

  • You like to wear a lot of black

  • You want to root in the earth's powers

  • You are celebrating a 27th wedding anniversary

Find your perfect pieces in the Satin Crystals Jet gems and jewelry collection.

sheila of satin crystals holding jet sphere and wand

What is Jet?

Jet is a lignite, a type of coal that develops from ancient decaying wood. When the wood undergoes extreme heat and pressure, it fossilizes into Jet.

Although it is not a mineral, Jet is an organic material considered to be a semi-precious gemstone just like Amber and Pearls.

Jet is also known as Black Amber, Azabache, and Gem Lignite. 

What are the metaphysical properties of Jet?

Metaphysically, Jet is most popularly used as a protection stone. It is used to protect against the Evil Eye during physical and spiritual journeys. It is also used to break negative habits. By purifying your mind and grounding your energy bodies, Jet provides a stable base for you to absorb the White Light. 

Besides protection and grounding, Jet is used as a mourning stone, absorbing grief and filling the voids with hope. It supports you through trying times, reminding you that there is peace and harmony on the other side. 

sheila of satin crystals holding jet wands

How do you use Jet for healing?

Here are some ideas on how you can use your Jet stones in your crystal healing practice: 

    • Use a Jet wand to draw out the negative energies lingering in your aura 

    • Meditate with a Jet sphere to release your worldly woes and connect with Universal Light

    • Wear Jet jewelry when in mourning

    • Travel with Jet crystals to keep unwanted energies from entering your aura

  • Use a polished Jet stone as a worry stone to relieve anxiety and fears

  • Place Jet on your Third Eye chakra to draw out feelings of stress and replace them with positive thoughts

  • Place Jet under your bed or at your bedstand to alleviate nightmares

  • Drink a Jet elixir to fill your body with a feeling of stability

  • Wear Jet anklets to root into the vast powers of the earth

  • Grid your place of business, money area, or Feng Shui Wealth corner with Jet stones to protect your wealth

  • Place large Jet stones in the center of a meeting room, living room, or dining table to help you stand your ground in confrontational situations

  • Lie in a crystal layout surrounded by Jet tumbled stones and feel the insecure, anxious, and negative thoughts being transmuted into confident, secure, and positive ones

Lisa's personal experience with Jet

I love everything about Jet! From its powerful name to its intense black color. From its natural origins to its supernatural properties. 

What stands out about this stone is that it helps alleviates fears. Fears are so deep-seated in our minds that we don't even recognize them. The fear of money, success, violence, loss, etc. I find Jet to be an extremely powerful healer.

When I'm feeling anxious, nervous, or fearful, I'll grab Jet tumbled stones to hold on to. If I have to venture out into the wicked world, I might slip on a Jet bracelet. It's light, beautiful, and matches every outfit under the sun.

What do you like about Jet? Haven't tried it yet? Now's the time to jet to Jet.

sheila of satin crystals wearing jet earrings

Sheila's personal experience with Jet

What I love most about Jet stone is that it is so lightweight. Being a jewelry designer, this is extremely useful.

I remember the feedback I received on one of my very first pair of Black Obsidian earrings I sold some decades ago. They were too heavy! This would not have been a problem were they made from Jet. 

You don't usually find genuine gemstones in airy plastic weights. I love working with Jet for this reason and it's why you will see many Jet jewelry offerings for you at Satin Crystals. 

Now I am thinking to add some Jet anklets, perfect for that rooting energy we are all looking for! 

Another memorable experience I had with Jet is when looking at the search history. Many people were using the term "azabache" to find Jet stone. Not familiar with the term, I looked it up. Now it all makes sense. As the Spanish term for protection and also referring to the Jet stone from Spain, this black gemstone is the epitome of keeping out the unwanted and safeguarding the positive. 

woman holding two jet spheres

What are the mineral facts of Jet?

The chemical name for Jet stone is hydrated hydrocarbon. Here are some mineral facts about this gemstone: 

Mohs Scale of Hardness: 2.5-4.0

Chemical Formula: CHO-2H2O

Surface Color: Black, Brown

Streak Color: (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): Brown

Group: Lignite (fossilized charcoal)

Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): None

Fracture (where you break the crystal, not on a natural cleavage): Conchoidal

Luster: Dull matte to glassy vitreous

Tenacity: Brittle 

Transparency: Opaque

Crystal System: N/A

Crystal Habit: Amorphous lumps and masses

What colors does Jet come in?

Jet is best known for its velvety black color, but it can sometimes occur in a dark brown tone.

Jet stone is what inspired the phrase "jet black" (it has nothing to do with airplanes!).

How do you clean Jet crystals?

Jet can be washed in water but don't use any harsh chemicals. Never place Jet in a jewelry cleaner.

You should still be careful using the water method if your Jet is in its raw form or has any natural fracture lines within its polished form. In this case, we recommend gently cleaning the crystal with a wet cloth. You can even use mineral oil to shine the stone after cleaning. 

Jet should be kept separate from harder stones and jewelry if you want to avoid scratches or damage. 

If you are looking to metaphysically cleanse, charge, and program crystals, visit our Crystal Care guide. 

jet tumbled stone and a lighter on fire

How can you tell if Jet is real or fake?

Jet has a lot of lookalikes and imitations and it is easy to get confused between real and fake Jet. Real Jet is the most lightweight of its lookalikes and fakes so it is usually very easy to tell it apart from the others. 

The best way to determine if your Jet stone is real is to find a reputable seller who knows what they are selling you. The only way to know for sure if your Jet is real is to send it to a certified gemological laboratory.

If you do not have access to a reputable seller or you don't want to send it to a lab, here are some tips to test Jet at home: 

  • Burning Real Jet with a hot pin will smell oily like petroleum or like coal whereas plastic will smell like burning plastic and glass will not burn

  • Real Jet is lighter and warmer than glass, but will still be cool to the touch and not as warm as plastic

  • Real Jet will not scratch glass but glass will scratch Real Jet

  • Real Jet will have a brown streak when streaked on an unglazed white ceramic tile or piece of paper (note: Vulcanite can also leave a brown streak)

  • Real Jet will float or sink very slowly in water compared to other materials

  • Real Jet will produce static electricity when rubbed against natural fibers, just like Amber

  • Real Jet will not have mold lines 

  • Real Jet will not fade in color

None of these tests are conclusive in themselves, but they may help you on your path to Jet identification.

To read more about Jet imitations like horns, tortoiseshells, and bois durci, visit The Gemmological Association of Great Britain

woman holding jet tumbled stone and wand to third eye

What is Azabache?

Azabache is the Spanish term for Jet. Azabache Jet comes from the northern coast of Spain. It is very popularly used for protection, especially carried or worn by those following the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail.

Learn how Azabache became the stone of the Camino

What is French Jet?

French Jet is a fancy name for black glass that was used to imitate Jet stone. It was especially prevalent when Jet was very popular and expensive. It is also called Vauxhall Glass. 

What is Vulcanite? 

Vulcanite is a material combining tree sap with sulfur. It was invented in the 1840s and was used as a Jet imitation. It is black to dark brown, but unlike Jet, Vulcanite does fade. When rubbed vigorously it will have a rubber or sulfuric smell rather than the coal smell of Jet. It will also stain in water. 

What is Gutta Percha?

Gutta Percha is another rubber-like material that was used to imitate Jet. It was made from rubber trees in Southeast Asia and is molded into jewelry rather than carved like Jet.

Gutta Percha is similar to Vulcanite except that it is also extremely salty if placed on the tongue. 

obsidian and jet stone massage wands

How do you tell the difference between Jet, Onyx, Tourmaline, and Obsidian?

It is easy to tell the difference between Jet, Onyx, Obsidian, Tourmaline, and other natural black stones because Jet is always lightweight. It is much lighter than all of the other genuine black gemstones out there. If you have the same size in each stone, Jet will be about half the weight of the others.  

Jet is also a little warmer than the cool-to-the-touch Onyx, Tourmaline, and Obsidian crystals. 

A very subjective test that can be used if you are more familiar with gemstones is to clink the stones to your teeth. Jet will have a duller, more plastic-like sound whereas the other stones will have a higher pitched, glassy sound. 

amber and jet beaded necklaces

What is the difference between Amber and Jet?

The difference between Amber and Jet is that Amber is fossilized tree sap whereas Jet is fossilized tree wood.

Amber is translucent and comes in a variety of colors whereas Jet is opaque and comes only in black or dark brown. 

Black Amber is a trade name for Jet stone. Real Amber that looks black like Jet will show other colors like dark red, blue, or brown when held to the light because of its translucency. 

Learn more about Amber Stone Meanings

How can you tell the difference between Bog Oak and Jet?

Bog Oak and Jet are very similar in that they are both fossilized from ancient trees. Bog Oak was formed after being buried in peat marshes or bogs. It was used to imitate Whitby Jet but has a very dark brown color rather than black. It will leave a brown streak on a white unglazed tile just like Jet will, but it will not be as shiny as Jet when polished. 

If you are trying to identify Victorian Era Bog Oak jewelry, it usually came from Ireland and had Gaelic designs like shamrocks and harps. It was a cheaper version of Jet jewelry. 

How can you tell the difference between Coal and Jet?

Here are some differences between your common Coal and Jet stone:

  • Coal is not as uniform nor as tough as Jet

  • Coal contains fossilized plants rather than fossilized wood like Jet

  • Coal is colder and more brittle than Jet

  • Coal has a black streak versus Jet's brown streak when doing the stone streak test

hand holding petrified wood and black jet stone balls

Is Jet Petrified Wood?

Jet is not a Petrified Wood. Jet is fossilized from ancient waterlogged trees and therefore shows only black or dark brown colors.

Petrified Wood is also formed from ancient trees, but not necessarily waterlogged trees. It is crystallized with many minerals, is heavier than Jet, and comes in a variety of colors. 

What chakra is Jet?

Jet is associated with the Root chakra. It is good for grounding and centering your aura to the earth. Place or wear Jet at your feet to root into the power of the earth and feel supported throughout your life. 

To learn more about crystals and your seven chakras, visit the Chakra Guide

woman wearing jet bracelets

What crystals go well with Jet?

If you are looking to pair your Jet with other crystals in healing, here are some good crystal combinations: 

Amber and Jet create a yin and yang union. Amber emits a golden light and feminine qualities that balance with Jet's mesmerizing darkness and masculine qualities. Use them together like a battery, charging up your energies from negative to positive. 

Hematite and Jet make a good combination in grounding your lost or chaotic energy. Hematite has weighty, metallic energy while Jet has lightweight, invincible energy. Together they help align your energy bodies from the Crown chakra down to your Root chakra. This steadfast pair of stones is great for keeping your mind sharp and your senses heightened in the present moment. 

Howlite and Jet come together because opposites attract. Howlite, with its white Crown chakra energy, keeps you on your right path in life while Jet, with its black Root chakra energy, keeps the evil at bay. 

Moldavite and Jet work together to lead you to a higher vibration. Jet paves the way, prepping your thoughts and mind for spiritual success. Moldavite takes you to the next level. Jet silently supports you as Moldavite transforms your life for the better.  

Moonstone and Jet are your trusted travel companions. Where Moonstone works with your intuitive nature to keep you out of trouble, Jet keeps you centered and aware in the physical moment. Whether you are making a trip to the local grocery store or traveling to an international location, keep this crystal pair with you on the journey. 

These are just a few popular Jet crystal combinations. The pairings are unlimited and we encourage you to experiment. Read more in What Crystals Work Well Together?

hand holding jet stone massage wand

What does Jet mean in divination?

Drawing Jet in a gemstone divination session means: 

There are negative aspects of life you need to deal with immediately. 

Use Jet stone to scan your energy body for any blocks. These negative build-ups are preventing you from moving forward.

If your energy body is clear, use Jet stone to protect your space and your aura from outside evil. 

Where should I put Jet in my home?

Jet can be placed anywhere in the home where you need some protection energy. Grid the stones around a room or place larger pieces in the center of the room. You can also choose to place them at the front door to keep out unwanted intruders.

For Feng Shui energy, place Jet in the "Travel & Spirituality" bottom right corner of your space. This keeps you protected during your physical and metaphysical journeys.  

For more on placing crystals, visit How to Clear & Fill the Home with Crystals

How is Jet formed?

Jet formed when woody materials from ancient trees were washed into waterways, became waterlogged, sunk to the bottom of the waters, and got covered with rich sediments. The waterlogged wood became compacted with pressure, degraded, and heated in the earth.

The result of this ancient process formed what we now know as Jet stone. 

Is Jet made from Monkey Puzzle trees?

The wood that formed Jet came from a family of ancient, cone-bearing trees known as Araucariaceae and existed in the Jurassic period (200-145 million years ago). These trees are like our present-day Monkey Puzzle or Araucaria Tree, also known as the Chilean Pine.

Sometimes you can see plants fossilized within your Jet stone, but most of the time you will need to look under a magnifier to confirm the presence of the preserved plant structures in the stone. 

Where is Jet found?

Jet is found worldwide in locations like Spain, France, Poland, Russia, India, China, the United States, Cambodia, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Austria, Italy, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom. 

What is Whitby Jet?

Whitby Jet is a fine-quality Jet found in Whitby, East Yorkshire, England. It was popular in Britain from the Neolithic period to the Victorian age.

Although Jet's popularity waned since the Victorian Age, Whitby is still the most famous Jet deposit for its intense black color, smooth texture, and a relative hardness. 

The mining for Whitby Jet is now illegal in order to preserve the Whitby cliffs and keep them from collapsing. You can still find Whitby Jet in seams of shale along the cliffs and beach shores without mining for it. Small pieces of Jet wash up from the seas and can be found in the seaweed and rocks below the cliffs. Just don't go climbing the fragile, shale-lined cliffs! 

hand wearing jet bracelets holding jet massage wands

How hard is Jet?

Jet ranges from 2.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Whether you have a soft Jet or hard Jet will determine which side of the range your particular crystal lies. 

Soft Jet occurred when the carbon was compressed with fresh water, making it a little softer. Hard Jet occurred when the carbon was compressed with salt water, making it a little harder. 

Does Jet break easily?

Jet is only a 2.5 to a 4 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, so it is a softer stone. It can be brittle and break easily. Handle it with care. 

Find out what else your broken Jet could mean in crystal healing: Broken or Lost Crystal Meanings.

Why is my Jet stone crumbling?

Once in a while you may notice some white crumbling of your Jet beads or stones. There is no definitive cause but here are two educated guesses: 

  • Your Jet is on the softer, 2.5 side of the Mohs Scale of Hardness so it is more susceptible to decay. 

  • Your Jet had natural Pyrite inclusions and the Pyrite started to rot. To learn more about Pyrite disease, visit the Pyrite Meaning

Can Jet stone burn?

Jet burns like coal. It will release an oily odor. The odor is from the oils Jet absorbed from surrounding oil-rich organic debris like algae and plankton when it was forming. 

woman holding jet pyrite bracelet

Does Jet contain Pyrite?

Jet can contain natural Pyrite inclusions depending on the presence of the mineral when the Jet was formed. Jet with Pyrite is not as common as plain Jet. Pyrite is a metallic golden stone. 

Learn more about Pyrite Meanings

Can I wear Jet jewelry?

Jet jewelry is ideal for wearing, stacking, and layering because it so lightweight. It is about half the weight of gemstones like Quartz, Tourmaline, and Agate. Jet's neutral black color is great for unisex jewelry designs and goes well with all sorts of colorful stones. 

Jet jewelry can be worn every day, but take care not to wear it during exercise or rigorous manual labor, as the stone are brittle and can break with harsh wear. 

Jet is easy to polish and has a great luster when shined. It is prized for its velvety, silky black glow. Its color does not fade with time. 

woman holding jet cuff bracelet

Is Jet a good gift?

Jet makes the perfect gift for anyone needing protection, is going through mourning, or is celebrating their 27th marriage anniversary. 

Is Jet a stone for Goths?

After the decline in Jet's popularity, it gained a new audience with the Gothic crowd. Many Goths wear and sell jewelry featuring Jet stones.

Twice a year the town of Whitby hosts a Goth Weekend inspired by its association with Count Dracula. The writer of this fiction novel, Bram Stoker, wrote about his blood thirsty vampire shipwrecking on the shores of Whitby.

Lovers of the dark side and the jet black stone come to celebrate each year in Whitby.

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