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Larimar Stone Meaning

person holding larimar eggAre you mesmerized by the hypnotic blue hues of Larimar? There's more than just physical beauty within the depths of this unique gemstone.

Get ready to learn all about this crystal, from geological facts to metaphysical healing properties. Watch the video, discover how to tell fake versus real Larimar, and read personal experiences with the stone. 

Larimar brings you the mental holiday you desire when you can't go on an actual vacation. Wear Larmar jewelry and surround yourself with these Caribbean blue gemstones and be transported to a tropical paradise. 

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Watch the Larimar Video

Watch the Larimar Meaning Video for an overview of this healing crystal, see examples, and go over your answers to your top 5 questions. 

While you are there, watch the entire A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings video series. We answer your questions on all of the most popular crystals. You can also post your questions and stories directly to the Youtube comments.

Can you benefit from Larimar crystals?

Reap Larimar crystal benefits if you can relate to any of the following statements:

  • You need a mental vacation

  • You are drawn to the tropical blue seas

  • You seek a calming crystal

  • You want to open your Throat chakra

  • You work with Water Element

  • You wish to connect with the lost civilization of Atlantis

  • Dolphins are your spirit guide animals

  • You like to collect rare gemstones

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a rare blue gemstone variety of the mineral Pectolite. Pectolite is a common white to gray rock made up of Calcium and Sodium. The presence of Copper in place of Calcium in Pectolite results in the formation of the blue Larimar.

larimar egg for massage

What are the healing qualities of Larimar?

Larimar is best known for its energy of peace and serenity. The calming blue tones help to release tension from your aura and turn your thoughts toward gratitude. 

Larimar is the ideal stone for calming your emotions and bringing appreciation to the present moment. It encourages patience and understanding.

What are Larimar's uses in healing?

There are many ways to use your Larimar stones in crystal healing. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Place Larimar tumbled stones under your pillow and dream of your next destinations

  • Hold Larimar spheres during anxiety-calming meditations

  • Have Larimar near when you are visualizing and connecting with your dolphin spirit guardian

  • Wear Larimar jewelry to relax on your holidays

  • Lie in a crystal layout surrounded by Larimar for a mental vacation from your routine

  • Sweep away stagnant energy with the help of Larimar stones and smoke of your choice (sage, incense, palo santo, candles)

  • Wear Larimar pendant necklaces at your Throat chakra to open your communication center

  • Keep Larimar hearts in the bedroom for peaceful relationships

  • Use Larimar massage wands or small eggs to release pressure and tension from your body

  • Hold small Larimar spheres in your palms as stress balls

  • Hold Larimar eggs when you are going through changes to help transition with ease

  • Gaze into a Larimar stone when you need patience; breathe in the energy of the tropics and let time slow

  • Use Larimar moon crystals when practicing lunar rituals
person wearing larimar jewelry

Sheila's personal experience with Larimar

When I come across a perfect piece of Larimar with its sea blue colors and fascinating white veins, I am mesmerized. After having experienced the calming effects of this Caribbean gemstone, I have started to use it as part of my routine at home and on the road. Whenever I take a few minutes to meditate with the crystal at my Throat chakra, the energy of the stone opens my mind and relaxes me.

I have made it a ritual of wearing Larimar jewelry on my travels. This tropical blue crystal reduces stress and promotes interesting conversations. Wearing a Larimar pendant on my Throat chakra helps me to feel confident and brave when I'm stepping into foreign lands. This is especially fitting, as I have a strong connection to international travel.

Where I was once as shy as a mouse, I am now comfortable and happy to connect with other positive people around this big blue globe. Thanks to Larimar. 

Lisa's personal experience with Larimar

Larimar really stands out to me because of its unique color, designs, and origin. When I first heard about this "New Age" stone I became curious as to what it could mean. I had to find out for myself.

Although Larimar is mostly available in jewelry, I love this gemstone in crystal healing forms. It's harder to attain large pieces like spheres and eggs because of their high value. That makes it all the more exciting to use.

When I touch, look at, or even write about Larimar, my body and mind relax. It's such a peaceful crystal that whisks my mental state straight to the Caribbean. When I work with this Atlantis Stone, I can drop my worries and responsibilities for a cool minute. A simple session with Larimar resets my mind and I'm able to cope with real life much better thereafter.

The only other stone that has such a calming effect on me is Aquamarine. But Larimar proves to be a little brighter, a little jazzier, and a whole lot more interesting.

How can you tell if Larimar is natural?

Larimar is known for its unique appearance, featuring an array of blue to blue-green colors with distinctive white lines, circles, and radiating patterns. These features are rarely seen in one solid hue, adding to the gemstone's allure.

premium larimar marbles

Where is the best Larimar from?

Larimar is one of the only gemstones found in the Caribbean. The deposit is located in Filipinas Mine in Los Chechese in the Dominican Republic. 

The best pieces of Larimar are graded by vibrant blue colors and distinct white patterns. For an AAA+ grade, collectors look for a mix of light to deep blue colors, turtle-back patterns, and minimal mineral inclusions.

For collectors, Larimar is graded according to its color intensity and white patterns with Volcano Blue being the most valuable and Light Blue being the least sought after.

For healers, the outward appearance of Larimar is not important. In this case, Larimar is prized for its unique inclusions and metaphysical properties. 

Why is Larimar so expensive?

Larimar is expensive because of its rarity. It is a limited-resource gemstone found only in one area of the Dominican Republic. It must be carefully extracted from the mine as dynamite and heavy machines could destroy the crystal.

Unfortunately, this rarity leads to many fake Larimar crystals being sold on the gemstone market. If you see Larimar for a cheap price, it is most likely too good to be true. 

real tumbled larimar vs fake green alabaster glass

How can you tell if a Larimar stone is real or fake?

The best way to determine if your Larimar is real is to find a reputable seller who knows what they are selling you. If you do not have access to a reputable seller, here are some tips to follow to tell if your Larimar is real: 
  • Real Larimar is a 4-5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This makes Larimar a softer stone. It will get scratched by anything that is harder than a 5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, for example, Steel but won't be scratched by anything softer than a 4 like Copper. However, be aware that many pieces of Larimar are stabilized for durability and some pieces of Larimar can range higher on the scale depending on its chemical structure. 

  • Real Larimar has inclusions but will never have air bubbles. Air bubbles are an indication of glass. Use a magnifying jeweler's loupe to help you see into the stone. Brown and black mineral inclusions are normal in genuine Larimar. 

  • Real Larimar should be priced accordingly. Fake Larimar can be priced very cheaply. Real Larimar will always be priced high, especially if you have a collector's piece of vivid colors and little inclusions. 

  • Real Larimar shows variable blue to blue-green colors and random white patterns. Fake Larimar may look too consistent in color and its patterns may be too uniform. 

  • Real Larimar will be cold to the touch. Like most gemstones, Larimar will feel cold when picked up. Plastic or other fakes may feel warmer. 

  • Real Larimar has a white streak. Despite its surface colors, when scratched on a streak plate (unglazed tile), Larimar will leave a white powder. You can compare this to other stones' streak colors. 

  • Real Larimar will not burn. Plastic or resin imposters will melt and emit a putrid smell when burned. 

  • Real Larimar is never dyed and the color will not leak. Other stones may be dyed to look like Larimar. Place them in acetone to see if there is a color leak. 

  • Real Larimar is not a Quartz. If you see the stone labeled "Larimar Quartz" that is a dead giveaway that it is not Larimar. 

  • Real Larimar is always from the Dominican Republic. If you see any other origin attributed to the stone, it is a fake. 

  • Real Larimar is usually opaque. You should not see light through most Larimar. Be aware, that some thinner pieces may show translucency.

  • Real Larimar usually has white veins. Most Larimar will have random white-marbled veins running through the stone resembling webs or clouds. Note that a rare number of Real Larimar may not show white veins. 

None of these tests are conclusive in themselves. Study pictures, videos, or actual samples of the real thing and you will soon familiarize yourself with Real Larimar.

The only way to know for sure if your Larimar is real is to send it to a certified gemological laboratory. You can also find more tips on the Crystal Identification Help.

caribbean calcite vs real larimar

What stone is used to fake Larimar?

There are many stones used to fake Larimar. The following stones can be dyed blue and passed off as Larimar to unsuspecting buyers: Howlite, White Quartz, Agate, Chalcedony, or Amazonite. 

The following stones are often misnamed Larimar as they resemble Larimar's looks: Blue Calcite, Aragonite, Aquamarine, Smithsonite, Amazonite, and Hemimorphite. 

Caribbean Calcite is a crystal made up of Blue Calcite and white and brown Aragonite. It comes from Pakistan and not the Caribbean. It is named for its blue colors and is sometimes passed off as Larimar. 

Chinese Larimar is very similar to Larimar in appearance but is actually a Hemimorphite stone found worldwide. Hemimorphite has a higher density than Larimar, so if you can't tell them apart, you will want to perform a density test

Familiarize yourself with real Larimar, buy from trusted vendors, and don't be fooled!

red larimar sphere and egg in palm of hand

What colors is Larimar?

Real Larimar only comes in a particular shade of blue. Other colors are not Larimar.  

Green Larimar, also known as Snowflake Jade, is a manmade creation using Alabaster or Glass. Note that Real Green Larimar exists and leans more towards a blue-green color. 

Pink Larimar is called Natrolite. It is a natural stone from Indonesia. It has similar patterns to Larimar but it is not Larimar. 

Red Larimar is Pectolite with Copper inclusions. You will also see Real Blue Larimar with Red Hematite inclusions called Red Larimar. 

White Larimar is Pectolite. Pectolite is the rock that Larimar originates from, but it is not Larimar itself. Larimar must have turned the Pectolite blue with its copper inclusions to be the real deal. 

What is the difference between Turquoise and Larimar?

Turquoise and Larimar are two different crystals. They can be confused for one another due to similar coloring. Turquoise usually shows a deeper blue-green color with brown and black veins. Larimar shows a paler blue color with white veins. 

larimar sphere and slab

How did Larimar get its name?

In 1974, Miguel Méndez from the Dominican Republic and Norman Rilling, a Peace Corps volunteer and geologist from the US, discovered Larimar stones along the beach in Barahona Province. These pieces had been dragged into the ocean by the Bahoruco River and the two men decided to name the stone “Lari-mar”, a combination of Larissa (Méndez's daughter) and “mar” (the Spanish word for sea) as it resembled the crystal blue Caribbean Sea.

The first discovery of Larimar to be recorded was by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes, a Priest from Barahona who in 1916 requested to mine the stones for commercial purposes but was denied. In 1974, after Miguel Méndez and Norman Rilling discovered Larimar, they began commercial mining at Mina de Larimar, also known as Los Chupaderos. The mine is named after the town in the Enriquillo region where Larimar is found.  

What is another name for Larimar stone?

Larimar is also known as Atlantis Stone and Dolphin Stone. The names are based on Edgar Cayce's prediction of a blue stone in the Caribbean and the association of dolphins with the Lost Continent of Atlantis. That being said, it is also known as Caribbean Stone. 

What are the mineral facts of Larimar?

Here are some facts about this amazing mineral. 

  • Chemical Formula: NaCa₂Si₃O₈(OH)

  • Mohs Scale of Hardness: 4-5

  • Surface Color: Blue, Green, White

  • Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

  • Group: Pectolite

  • Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): Perfect

  • Fracture: Uneven

  • Tenacity: Brittle but tough when compact

  • Luster: Silky

  • Transparency: Translucent to Opaque

  • Crystal System: Triclinic (three axes with unequal lengths at non-perpendicular angles to each other)

  • Crystal Habit: Tabular, Radiating Fibrous, Spherical, Columnar, Massive

  • Fluorescence: Possible

  • Specific Gravity: 2.84-2.90

Is Larimar still mined?

Larimar is still mined with hand tools by local miners who have the expertise to excavate dozens of feet below the surface for the stone. Due to difficult mining conditions, local miners must identify deep underground "tubes" or "chimneys", digging dozens of feet below the surface to extract this stone.

There was also a delay in Larimar mining in 2022 when the mine was temporarily shut to improve safety conditions due to two fatalities. 

The extents of Larimar deposits have yet to be fully determined, meaning that the current supply could become depleted at any time. 

scratching  larimar with a knife

How do you care for Larimar?

Larimar is a relatively soft stone, so you want to keep it away from stones and materials harder than a 4 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness to prevent scratches. 

You can clean Larimar with water and a soft cloth, however, do not leave it in prolonged water and take it off when showering. Humidity could crack your Larimar stones.

To retain the gloss on your polished Larimar, keep it away from harsh chemicals. 

While its blue is usually stable, to be on the safe side, you want to keep Larimar out of prolonged sunlight to keep it from fading.

If you are looking to metaphysically cleanse, charge, and program crystals, visit our Crystal Care guide. 

person holding larimar sphere at throat chakra

What chakra is Larimar good for?

Larimar is good for balancing the Throat chakra. Here it opens your communication center to better express yourself and understand others. 

To learn more about crystals and your 7 chakras, visit the Chakra Guide

What does Larimar mean in divination?

Drawing Larimar during a gemstone divination session means: You need to slow down. 

Use Larimar to calm your body and your mind. Let your everyday worries melt away as you focus on the bigger picture: enjoying your life in this moment and beyond. Whatever problem you think you have can be dealt with in due time. 

woman wearing larimar bracelets and rings

What happens when you wear Larimar?

Larimar's blue beauty encourages you to embrace your inner strength and courage. The beautiful gemstone is a powerful talisman of inspiration when worn as jewelry. Especially beneficial at the Throat chakra, wearing Larimar pendants, earrings, and necklaces are perfect for expressing yourself with clarity and confidence

Beaded Larimar bracelets and necklaces are not as commonly produced because small beads must be extracted from large chunks of Larimar during production. This difficulty is reflected in the higher cost of these exquisite pieces.

Can you wear Larimar every day?

Larimar can be worn in jewelry every day. It is durable but is prone to scratching. If you use your hands a lot, wear necklaces or earrings instead of bracelets or rings.

Do note that most real Larimar beads and polished stones you find in the gemstone market are stabilized for durability. 

What pairs well with Larimar?

Moonstone and Larimar are both serene stones. If you are seeking relaxation in your life, choose this tranquil combination. 

Moqui Marble and Larimar provide the perfect contrast of grounding earth energy with spiritual sky energy. Balance your aura with this crystal combination promoting peace and stability.

Where should I put Larimar in my home?

In the home, Larimar can be kept anywhere that you want peaceful energy. Place it in the bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere in which to unwind, in the bedroom to help you sleep, or in the living room for relaxation. 

For Feng Shui energy, place Larimar in your "Travel & Spirituality" area at the bottom right corner of your room or house. For more on placing crystals, visit How to Clear & Fill the Home with Crystals

woman with two larimar hearts

Does Larimar attract love?

While Larimar is not an official "love crystal," it does help to balance your emotions. It keeps your mind and heart open so you can better connect with and attract like-minded individuals who are on the same relaxed wavelength. 

Larimar is also used to alleviate the pain of broken relationships, extract the lessons you were meant to learn, and navigate through to a loving future. 

What day is National Larimar Day?

The Dominican Republic declared November 22 of every year National Larimar Day. Read more in Dominican Today:

"With this legislation, some ministries could allocate part of their budget to carry out activities to promote this semi-precious stone in the country and abroad, such as the ministries of Energy and Mines, Environment, Culture, and Tourism.

Also, these public institutions should carry out activities to commemorate the day and hold an annual celebration in the province of Barahona, where the Larimar School-Workshop and Museum is located.

Over the years, the aim has been to promote public policies that care for and preserve this type of distinctive elements of cultural heritage."

larimar egg, sphere in palm of hands

Ready to buy Larimar?

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