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Malachite Stone Meanings

malachite meanings and healings

    Has Malachite caught your eye? Fall in love with Malachite as you learn all about this mesmerizing crystal, from its geological facts to metaphysical healing properties.

    Malachite is an electrifying stone, appropriately known as the Power Stone. Its powerful energies are ready to jumpstart your life and get your energy moving again. This is a stone that wants to see you succeed. 

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    For those of you who prefer the vibrancy of voice and visuals, click on our Youtube video to watch our overview of Malachite Stone.

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    Can you benefit from Malachite?

    If you can relate to or if you aspire to any of these properties, Malachite is right for you

    • You would love a Power Stone by your side

    • You seek a lucky manifestation crystal

    • You want to clear out past traumas

    • You are plagued by the Evil Eye

    • You have some serious Heart chakra baggage

    • You are attracted to Mother Nature's organic artwork

    • You are mesmerized by lush green colors

    • You need nature's green color to gaze at when stuck indoors

    • You are drawn to the rare, high-end and fancy things in life

    What is Malachite?

    Malachite is a beautiful, green-banded stone which is an altered form of Copper. It is a secondary mineral of Copper, meaning it is formed after Copper is weathered and oxidized. 

    The light and dark green bands are unique and all the patterns are one-of-a-kind, making Malachite a very easily recognizable stone. 

    What is the spiritual meaning of Malachite?

    In crystal healing, Malachite provides such an intense force that it is known as the Power Stone. 

    Malachite is like your blunt friend; instead of tiptoeing around your feelings, it gets right to the point. It is the crystal that you want by your side when you are clearing out emotional baggage. Malachite puts you back on a healthy path of success and prosperity.

    Call on Malachite when you are ready for a spiritual transformation. 

    Here are some of the major metaphysical meanings of Malachite:

    • It has a strong, aggressive energy, effective in releasing trapped emotions and bringing change 

    • Malachite breaks unwanted ties and bad habits

    • It helps you to become more independent and responsible for your actions

    • It releases inhibitions and encourages you to express your true feelings

    • It releases psychosomatic problems developed in this life or a past life

    • It restores your ability to breathe deeply (great for people with asthma)

    • If you are already balanced, confident, and optimistic, Malachite will increase these energies

    • Malachite is a stone of abundance, luck, and prosperity
    malachite sphere and rose quartz heart

    How to use Malachite for healing?

    Here are some ideas on how you can use your Malachite stones for energy healing: 

    • Wear or place Malachite over the Heart to get the chakra flowing again

    • Gift a matching Malachite heart to a beloved friend, lover or family member to strengthen your bonds

    • Use the indirect method to create a gem elixir or gem spray. Drink or spray the Malachite infusion over your Solar Plexus chakra. This helps if your emotional issues are affecting your physical health

    • Manifest with Malachite crystals to increase the abundance in your life

    • Lie in a crystal grid, with Malachite stones over your Heart or Solar Plexus chakra to bring up your emotional past to the surface

    • Use Malachite Eyes to protect against the Evil Eye

    • Gaze into a Malachite crystal ball and let your mind access the secrets of the metaphysical world

    • Wear Malachite jewelry to constantly remind yourself of your transformation goals

      Important notes for empaths: 

      • Malachite enhances negative and positive energies, so it is only recommended for use on mellow, yin energy people or in balance with a softer stone.

      • Working with Malachite can be draining as it clears out your aura of negative experiences. You may want to balance Malachite with soothing stones like Rose Quartz and Aventurine.

      • Malachite's energy may cause slight heart palpitations. If you are feeling uncomfortable, remove it immediately and replace it with a gentler stone.

      sheila from satin crystals holding up a malachite angel at her heart chakra

      What chakra is Malachite for?

      Malachite is associated with both the Heart and the Solar Plexus chakras. It is most commonly linked with the Heart chakra because of its green color. Your Heart chakra vibrates with the color green.

      At the Heart chakra, Malachite draws out the emotional pain of past heartbreaks for release. 

      For those with deep-seated trauma in the Heart chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra will be impacted as well. The emotions you are not able to release through a blocked Heart chakra will inevitably be stuck in your Solar Plexus, which is your emotional center. Using Malachite at the Solar Plexus chakra relieves emotional pain and opens up the door to begin working on the Heart chakra. 

      To learn more about crystals and your seven chakras, visit the Chakra Guide

      Is Malachite good luck?

      Malachite has been used as a lucky stone by healers for many centuries. It is not as commonly known for its lucky vibrations as Jade is these days, but we're here to bring Malachite back to the lucky limelight.

      Check out the Malachite Lucky Clovers article and learn how this crystal can bestow good fortune upon you.

      Is Malachite a birthstone?

      Malachite is not on the traditional birthstone list.

      However, Malachite is linked to and can enhance Scorpio zodiac signs. 

      It is also used as an anniversary gemstone for your 13th year of marriage. What a lovely gift for men and women!

      sheila of satin crystals holding up a raw malachite bracelet

      Is Malachite toxic to touch?

      Malachite can be toxic if absorbed or inhaled in excess because of its copper content. We all have trace amounts of minerals in our bodies and that is healthy, but a large amount of copper in your body may be poisonous.

      If you are working with Malachite for crystal healing or just using it for adornment or jewelry, there is not much to worry about. Malachite has such a small amount of copper in these forms, that it is of no concern. After all, you have handled copper pennies, copper pots and other forms of copper for all of your life without problems. That being said, use common sense and caution when dealing with raw Malachite. Do not drink gem elixirs used from raw Malachite.

      If you are working with Malachite in lapidary practices like cutting stones or grinding it into powder, then you should use extra caution. Prolonged exposure to large amounts of Malachite dust may impact your health. Check out Rock 'n Gem's article on a few simple precautions that can almost completely eliminate the threat of injury from most rock dusts.

      Like everything in life, excess is our enemy and balance is the key!

      How do you clean Malachite?

      Malachite is a 3.5 - 4 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it a relatively soft stone, easily scratched by anything harder than a copper penny. It is the same hardness as Calcite or Fluorite

      Malachite should be cleaned with care. A simple soft cloth will do. If the crystal piece is polished, running it briefly under cold water will be okay. Don't leave it in the water for too long or you'll find the polish wearing off, and don't use hot water as it is sensitive to heat. 

      Protect your Malachite jewelry from scratches, temperature changes & prolonged sunshine. Never use harsh chemicals or high heat. We recommend hanging or storing your Malachite stones and jewelry in a safe space. 

      Energetically cleaning Malachite with brown rice or salt may scratch the surface, so choose another crystal healing care method.

      malachite rhino and malachite hippo touching noses

      How does Malachite form?

      Malachite forms when Copper rises up to a point in the earth where it starts to oxidize. Malachite occurs when Copper reacts with carbonated water or limestone. Did you know that Malachite contains 58% Copper?

      Malachite often forms as stalactites and crystal coatings in underground caves like Calcite does. When you cut these pieces, you'll often find bands and bullseye patterns from the layered formations. 

      You can also find Malachite growing in tiny little hair-like crystals resulting in a velvety look when forming densely over a host rock. To better understand this phenomena, the weathered green you see on copper roofs or kettles is a form of Malachite.

      How is Malachite extracted from the Earth?

      Malachite is extracted from Copper mines and caves. Prospectors will know that there is a Copper deposit in the area if first spot Malachite. Malachite crystallizes near the Earth’s surface and its green tint is easily recognizable. 

      Copper and Malachite are found in ores. The term “ore” refers to any mineral containing a valuable constituent for which it is mined and worked. The ore is smelted to extract metals and minerals. 

      Malachite in History

      • Over 4000 years ago Malachite was used to produce Copper.

      • When crushed, Malachite was popularly used for its green pigment as eye coloring and paint in ancient times. The green color does not fade.

      • Bronze objects partially or wholly converted into Malachite have been found at ancient Assyrian sites.

      • In the Middle Ages, Malachite was hung on children's beds and worn by adults to ward off evil spirits and dark magic. 

      • Malachite can still be seen in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St Petersburg. In the early 1800s, 16 tons of Malachite was formed into the Russian cathedral's massive pillars. 

      Where is Malachite found?

      These days, Malachite is popularly found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but it is also found in many other places around the world like Zaire, Namibia,  Australia, Morocco, Mexico, England, Arizona, France, and Russia. The Ural Mountains of Russia produced an impressive amount of Malachite back in the day.

      This lovely alligator was carved from Democratic Republic of Congo. Imagine how much careful work it took for polish this wonderous creature:

      Magical Incantation of Malachite

      This is a message from Malachite stone from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski's book "Crystal Therapy":

      “Recall the sustenance and source of love with me. I serve as a key to heart awareness, ready to assist you in the journey of discovering and experiencing oneness in all ways. Complete and perfect in individual form, no two of my stones are alike, and in that uniqueness, you’ll find the beauty of acceptance. Learn here to accentuate that which makes you distinctive, along with the grace of knowing that you’re also part of the one life essence, for although we all appear different at first glance, the commonalities of our hearts are evident. I’m here to help magnify this power of love in your life, so invite me to join you in meditation so that I may amplify your intention to heal on all levels and across all directions of time and movement, opening you to receive the gifts of universal support and love.”

      female holding large malachite egg in both hands

      Is Malachite good for anxiety?

      Green being the color of nature, rejuvenation, and growth, Malachite is one of the crystals that is good for anxiety.

      Gaze into this crystal's comforting green bands and be transported to your special place of peace. Imagine rolling green hills, lush green forests, and tropical green jungles. Even if you can't get out of the house or office, you can let your mind and spirit wander into a green space with Malachite's energy. 

      Harnessing this energy naturally lowers your stress, allows you a moment to breathe deeply and be in harmony with Malachite's vibrations. 

      Is your heart beating fast? Are there butterflies in your stomach? Is there a nervous feeling in your chest? Grab on to your nearest piece of Malachite, close your eyes, and feel the anxiety subside. 

      Sheila's Personal Experience with Malachite

      Besides being attracted to the beautiful banded look of Malachite, I experimented with this stone in healing the Heart chakra. Placing it over my heart, I was pleasantly surprised that I could feel the thumping vibrations of the stone in my aura.

      The Malachite was not too powerful for my energies, so I did not have to counteract it with Rose Quartz. Others who were doing the same crystal layout as I was were grateful for the softer energies of Rose Quartz to balance out the “power stone”. I can see why Malachite can have such a draining effect as it removes emotional blockages from our hearts.

      I have also used Malachite stone after my first session of Martial Arts when I came home with a swollen wrist and a bruised knee. I slipped a natural piece of Malachite into my sweater sleeve to hold it over my wrist and another in my pants leg over the knee (you can also use surgical tape). I held the Malachite and could feel the pain collecting into the stone. After a good night’s rest, I could no longer feel the pain on my knee, although the bruise remained, and my wrist could move normally again! Thanks for the power of Malachite and the mind. 

      Lisa's Personal Experience with Malachite

      Malachite is right up my alley. It's bold green, shiny, and powerful. There are two types of Malachite that I love most.

      I am drawn to the pieces that boast attractive botryoidal patterns. Those are the ones that have interesting circular formations that look like protective eyes. 

      Also, I pine over the Malachite-Chrysocolla combination stones. The mix of blues and greens win my heart and ignite my heart chakra.

      Malachite is the first crystal I think to use when I need to do deep healing for myself or others. It's a pretty power player, that it is.

      Malachite Mineral Facts

      For those interested in the mineral composition of Malachite, here are some scientific facts:

      Surface Color: Green

      Streak Color: (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): Pale Green

      Group: Carbonate (all Carbonates contain 1 Carbon ion surrounded by 3 Oxygen Ions. They then string on other ions to create their crystal structure. Malachite adds on Copper and Water ions to form itself)

      Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): Perfect

      Fracture (where you break the crystal not on a natural cleavage): Subconchoidal (Not as curved as Conchoidal. Conchoidal is a clam-like fracture which looks like broken glass) to Uneven/Brittle

      Luster: Adamantine (very gemmy) to Silky to Dull

      Tenacity: Brittle (little resistance to breakage)

      Transparency: Translucent (allows light through the crystal but not fully transparent) to Opaque (no light can enter)

      Crystal System: Crystals rarely form in Malachite, but then they do they are Monoclinic (3 axis of unequal length).

      Crystal Habit: Aggregate formation where groups of crystals grow together but are not easily distinguishable from each other like in a cluster: Botryoidal (like a bunch of grapes, a rounded mass of crystals), Encrusting (thin crust of Malachite over a host rock), Massive (just a chunk of Malachite, the individual growth to hard to see), Radiating (distinct crystals growing out from a common point), Stalactitic (hangs from caves as Stalactites, forms from the evaporation of dripping water full of minerals).

      hand wearing malachite stretch bracelet

      Is Malachite jewelry safe to wear?

      If you are concerned about Malachite's toxicity or its fragile nature, rest assured that Malachite jewelry is safe to wear. Most of the Malachite jewelry you will find on the market has been polished or even stabilized so that there is no fear of toxic dust or leaching. Millions of people wear Malachite every day without issue.

      Here are 7 Malachite jewels ready to adorn your spirit: 

      Why is Malachite so expensive?

      Well, expensive is a relative term, but in general we would say that Malachite is an intermediate stone in terms of cost. Because high-quality Malachite is a relatively rare stone, it is is more expensive than your other semi-precious gems like Quartz and Agates. However, compared to precious stones like Rubies and Emeralds, Malachite may be considered quite cheap for its beauty. 

      Malachite pieces with unique formations like Bullseye, Clovers, Waves and Mosaics are more expensive because of their value to collectors. You may also find pieces of Malachite that have formed with the the more rare blue Azurite, also known as Azur-Malachite, and this bumps up the price as well. 

      Check out these fantastic one of a kind Malachite spheres and eggs:

      How can you tell if Malachite is real?

      Because it is such an attractive stone, you will often find imitation Malachite on the gemstone market. These fakes may be called "Malachite Agate" or different versions of "Malachite" with the quotation marks noting that they are not actually Malachite. Sometimes they are dyed Agates, Jaspers or other actual stones. Other times they are just patterned resin that have been dyed to look like the real thing. 

      malachite chunk being scratched by a copper penny

      Here are a few ways to tell if your Malachite is real:

      • You can identify imitation Malachite by its very uniform and unnatural black and green patterns. 

      • If you see any other color crystal than green claiming to be Malachite, that's a sure sign that it is a fake. Malachite only comes in green. 

      • Malachite bubbles in cold and weak hydrochloric acid, one of the few green minerals that does this. 

      • You should be able to scratch real Malachite with a copper penny. 

      At Satin Crystals, we only use genuine Malachite for our jewelry pieces and we only import authentic Malachite raw and polished stones. 

      Is Malachite the poor mans Moldavite?

      Malachite is definitely not the poor man’s version of Moldavite. Monetary value is a manmade concept put on stones because of supply and demand and rarity rather than their healing energy.

      If you were out in nature and found both stones for free, it would be up to you to determine which one you are most attracted to and vibrate with. A Quartz crystal is no less powerful than a diamond, it just in the world that we live in humans have marketed them differently. In the same way, a Moldavite is no more powerful than a Malachite! 

      Want to know more about Moldavite? Visit Moldavite Gemstone Meanings

      Buy Malachite Online

      Buying Malachite online can be tricky if you are not familiar with the natural patterns of this gemstone. Lucky for you, we have become skilled in spotting the fakes after the last decades of working with this mesmerizing stone. 

      We only carry authentic Malachite in our shop. Rest assured that when you are buying Malachite from Satin Crystals, it is always natural and we always indicate whether any treatments or enhancements have been made to the stone. Some Malachite will be enhanced by filling in the voids with wax or treated to be more stable. 

      For your convenience, you can find your perfect piece right here: 

      Continue the Crystal Journey

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      Do you love Malachite?

      What do you like about Malachite? Is it one of your favorite stones? Have you used it for healing? We'd love to hear your stories or answer any questions you may have. Contact us below and we'll get back to you. 

      Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.