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Sodalite Crystal Meaning

sheila of satin crystals peeking through two blue and white sodalite slabs

Get ready to learn all about Sodalite crystals, from geological facts to metaphysical healing properties. Distinguish it from lookalikes like Lapis Lazuli and find out what it means to be a Sodalite stone.

Sodalite steadies your mind, releases your tension, and activates your good ideas. This soothing stone is all about centering your Third Eye chakra and providing eloquence at your Throat chakra. Watch the video and read up on this blue gemstone to find out what else it can do for you today. 

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Watch the Sodalite Video

Watch the 
Sodalite Meaning Video for an overview of this smart crystal. We look at Sodalite's properties, glow, and answer your top 5 questions on the stone. 

While you are there, watch the entire A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings video series. We answer your questions on all of the most popular crystals. You can also post your questions and stories directly to the Youtube comments.

sheila of satin crystals holding sodalite slab

Can you benefit from Sodalite?

You may benefit from Sodalite crystals if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are seeking mental balance

  • You want to calm your anxieties

  • You want to sharpen your mind

  • You seek action for all of your good ideas

  • You are having a mental block

  • You want to express yourself clearly at the Throat chakra

  • You are attracted to naturally blue stones

  • You seek restful sleep and peaceful vibrations

  • You want to connect with the Water Element

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What is Sodalite?

Sodalite is a rich blue stone showing white Calcite streaks. It does come in other colors, but the blue version is the most common in the crystal world. You will easily find it in raw and polished stones used in jewelry, energy healing, and interior decorating.

As far as mankind's use of Sodalite, the earliest traces are from Bolivia and Peru in 2,500 BC.  

hands holding sodalite spheres and raw stones

What is the meaning of Sodalite metaphysically?

Metaphysically, Sodalite is all about balancing your mind. It combines logical thinking with intuition to balance your ego with your Higher Self. It is also known as the Thinker's Stone. 

If you are feeling spacey, your mind may be in the clouds or too spiritually focused. If you are too grounded, your mind may be too focused on irrelevant or materialistic things.

Ideally, you want neither an overactive nor an underactive mind. This is where Sodalite comes in. Sodalite specializes in rational thinking so that you can organize your thoughts and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Besides mental balance, Sodalite is also known for:

  • Letting go of control issues

  • Releasing old habits

  • Alleviating defensive or oversensitive personalities

  • Fairness and justice for all

Being a logical stone, Sodalite is about taking a step back from your emotions and seeing things for how they are. Sodalite seeks truth in each situation and removes you from the heat of the moment. 

sheila of satin crystals using sodalite facial roller wand

How do you use Sodalite in crystal healing?

Here are some ideas on how you can use your Sodalite stones in your crystal healing practice: 

  • Hold Sodalite in meditation to deepen meditative states

  • Place Sodalite near your computer or wear a Sodalite pendant when working on the computer to clear electromagnetic pollution from the body

  • Wear Sodalite earrings or necklaces to eliminate mental confusion and encourage rational thought and objectivity

  • Drink a Sodalite gem elixir to hydrate the mind

  • Gift Sodalite to students and philosophers as it is a great stone for studies and understanding

  • Use Sodalite pyramids to bring peaceful vibrations to your space

  • Wear Sodalite bracelets when you are writing, studying, or working on any other projects that require inspiration

  • Send Sodalite with a child leaving home for the first time or an animal taken away from its mother

  • Place Sodalite in the bathroom to unwind in a calming, relaxing energy

    • Place Sodalite on your Third Eye and Throat chakras and lie in a crystal layout surrounded by Sodalite stones to elevate your mind and clearly speak your truth

    • Use Sodalite tumbled stones in a crystal grid or mandala when you want to manifest your positive ideas

    • Use Sodalite massage wands to release deep-seated knots and emotional baggage trapped in your body

    • Surround yourself with Sodalite animal guardians to channel your intuitive side

    • Use smooth Sodalite stones as worry stones to relieve anxiety

    • Place raw Sodalite in your garden, fountain, or healing space to connect with the Water Element

    Sheila's personal experience with Sodalite

    I am someone who values action over words, so I really connect with Sodalite’s message to make things happen! I like to use Sodalite to get things done rather than just thinking about them. 

    I always recommend Sodalite to those who have chaotic energy at their Third Eye Chakra, meaning they are not focused or thinking logically about their goals.

    Pair Sodalite with Lepidolite, which helps to ease the tension of over-analyzing, and you have soothing energy for the mind! When my mind is overactive, I can get lost in thoughts. Using this crystal combination helps me to focus on the action! 

    raw slab and nuggets of sodalite

    Lisa's personal experience with Sodalite

    Sodalite stands out to me because of its ability to activate the logical mind. So many stones assist us with spirituality and emotional well-being. But the power of logic should never be neglected. Sodalite is a stone that matches me well because I consider myself to be more logic-based than most, even though I thrive in the crystal world!

    Although my preference is usually polished stones and spheres, I really enjoy seeing Sodalite in its natural form. Raw chunks of unpolished Sodalite make me feel happy and balanced. When I look into Sodalite, I feel like I can weather any storm.

    When it comes to jewelry, I like Sodalite in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and all of it! What a wonderfully easy stone to match up with denim jeans and other outfits alike. Sodalite for the win!

    sodalite spheres and pyramids

    What are the mineral facts of Sodalite?

    Sodalite has a chemical composition Na4Al3Si3O12Cl. Here are more scientific facts about this mineral: 

    Mohs Scale of Hardness: 

    Surface Color: White, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink

    Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

    Group: Tectosilicate: Feldspathoid Family (resemble feldspar but with different structure and lower silica content, occur in rare and unusual igneous rocks)

    Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): Indistinct/Poor

    Fracture: Uneven, Conchoidal (clam-like concave like when glass breaks)

    Luster: Vitreous (glassy)

    Transparency: Transparent to Opaque

    Crystal System: Cubic

    Crystal Habit: Dodecahedral or Massive (hunks of stone)

    What does Sodalite look like?

    Sodalite is most commonly a royal blue stone with white Calcite veins. Some people say it looks like the Earth. Each stone is unique in its colors, patterns, and inclusions. 

    Rare versions of Sodalite may come in other colors, but the ones you will find most often for crystal healing will be this blue and white stone. 

    sunset sodalite sphere

    What is the orange color in Sodalite?

    The orange color in some Sodalite crystals is inclusion of Feldspar minerals. The Feldspar minerals could be Peach Moonstone or orange Sunstone.

    You can find this orange-veined stone under the trade name Sunset Sodalite. 

    Where is Sodalite found?

    Sodalite is commonly found in the USA, Brazil, India, Canada, Namibia, Greenland, and Norway. Smaller deposits may come from Portugal, Brazil, Bolivia, Romania, Burma, Scotland, Guinea, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Russia. 

    sodalite dinosaurs and cats

    How does Sodalite form?

    Sodalite occurs in syenite rocks (an igneous rock that forms when magma cools in very high temperatures deep in the earth, showing little to no Quartz minerals, but mostly Feldspar) and trachyte rocks (a fine-grained version of syenite).

    It also occurs in pegmatites, which are coarse-grained granite igneous rocks consisting mainly of Quartz and Feldspar and occurring through wide veins of finer grain rocks (like syenite and trachyte).

    It is usually opaque, but sometimes you will find translucent Sodalite, especially from Namibia or Italy. 

    Why is it called Sodalite?

    Sodalite is called Sodalite because it is crystallized from sodium-rich magma. It was named after its sodium content in 1811 by Professor Thomas Thomson, a Glasgow chemist in the United Kingdom. Sodalite means "salt stone" in Ancient Greek (soda = sodium, lithos = stone). 

    Sodalite's other names include Alomite, Canadian Bluestone, Canadian Lapis, and Princess Blue. 

    lapis and sodalite pyramids

    Is Sodalite the same as Lapis Lazuli?

    Sodalite is not the same as Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite is a mineral containing Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium whereas Lapis Lazuli is a rock containing the three minerals Lazurite, Calcite, and Pyrite. Both stones show a rich blue tone and white patches of Calcite.

    Here are some ways to tell Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli apart:

    • Sodalite does not show golden Pyrite inclusions as Lapis does

    • Sodalite may be translucent at times, but Lapis is always opaque

    • Sodalite has coarse grain crystals so its colors will look more patchy while Lapis has a finer grain so its colors look more blended and smooth

    • Sodalite usually has a darker blue whereas Lapis has a brighter blue known as "ultramarine blue"

    • Sodalite will have a white streak vs Lapis's blue streak when you do the crystal streak test

    • Sodalite should be priced lower than Lapis if it is priced correctly

    Learn more about Lapis Lazuli Facts.

    How can you tell fake Sodalite?

    Luckily there is not much fake Sodalite out there. Sodalite is relatively affordable and there is not enough demand for imitation Sodalite. However, you should be careful that you are not paying for Sodalite if you are seeking Lapis Lazuli. 

    The best way to determine if your Sodalite stone is real is to find a reputable seller who knows what they are selling you. The only way to know for sure if your Sodalite is real is to send it to a certified gemological laboratory.

    If you do not have access to a reputable seller or you don't want to send your stone to a lab, here are some tips to test Sodalite at home: 

    • Real Sodalite has a hardness of 5.5 to 6. It will not scratch any stones or materials above 6 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. It will scratch anything lower than 5.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. 

    • If you cut open your Real Sodalite it will release a Hydrogen Sulfide or rotten egg sulfur smell. 

    • Real Sodalite may fluoresce yellow to orange under long-wave UV radiation. 

    • Real Sodalite can be distinguished by its blue color. If it is not blue, you can distinguish it from the rest of its Feldspathoid family in that it is the only stone that contains chlorine. Dissolve it in HNO3 (as you will find from swimming pool test kits) and it should give a positive chlorine test. 

    • Despite its blue color, Real Sodalite will have a white streak in the crystal streak test

    None of these tests are conclusive in themselves, but they may help you on your path to Sodalite identification.

    Is Sodalite treated?

    Most Sodalite is not treated. Some Sodalite may be dyed to enhance its blue color. To determine if your Sodalite is dyed, place it in pure acetone (nail polish remover) and see if the color leaks.

    Do note that real Sodalite's blue color will not be affected by acetone but the stone itself may be damaged by the chemical. 

    sodalite necklace glowing under uv light

    Does all Sodalite glow?

    Most Sodalite does glow under UV light, giving off a yellowish-orange appearance. The fluorescence is due to the sulfide molecular ion in the stone. 

    However, keep in mind that not all Sodalite will glow, even if it is the real deal. It depends on how the specific crystal was formed and how much sulfide is present in the resulting stone. 

    hackmanite heart pendant pink under uv light

    What is Hackmanite?

    Hackmanite is a pink or purple, sulfur-rich form of Sodalite. It is known for its tenebrescence, or reversible photochromism, meaning its color is more saturated in the dark or UV light and slowly fades when returned to white light.

    Tenebrescent minerals like Hackmanite show darker colors in one wavelength and bleach their colors on exposure to a different wavelength. It is a rare phenomenon and the color change can be repeated infinitely without affecting the natural colors of the stone. However, keep in mind that heating the crystal will destroy the tenebrescence for good.

    Hackmanite was found in Greenland in 1986 and was named after a Finnish geologist Victor Hackman. The first gem-quality Hackmanite was found in Quebec, Canada in 1991. The International Mineralogical Association uses Tenebrescent Sodalite as the proper name for Hackmanite. GIA suggests any stones that do not show tenebrescence to be classified as Sodalite despite their sulfur content or pink colors. 

    In general, Hackmanites from Greenland and Canada start pink or purple and quickly fade to grey or greenish white in the sunlight or artificial white light. Hackmanites from Afghanistan and Myanmar vary in color changes. Check out the possibilities on the Gemology Project page

    Once the color has faded in sunlight, you can restore the Hackmanite's colors by storing it in the dark for a prolonged period. Others say you must place it under UV light (short wave UV light of 254nm is most effective) to see the color reversal. The color changing time and depth of color will vary from stone to stone. 

    While most Hackmanites are purple or pink, you can also find them in green, red, or blue. 

    sodalite pyramids, spheres, slab

    Magical Sodalite Incantation

    This is a message from Sodalite from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski's book "Crystal Therapy":

    "I understand addictions and the course they can cause a life to take. Only an honest review and candor with yourself and others can break the cycle, for communication is the cornerstone of transformation. Your ability to be of service to others, and to lift your light to help them, will improve as you move forward. I'm here to support you in the process of opening up and becoming vulnerable. Ease your fear by finding written or spoken words to guide you in your journey, and practice with me by your side. Patterns are broken with steady patience and self-love, so release control and accept support from those around you in all dimensions. You're safe, and the blocks you once placed for your protection are removed so that all your senses are rejuvenated."

    What does Sodalite mean in divination?

    Drawing Sodalite in a gemstone divination session means:

    It is time to slow down so that you can express yourself more clearly

    Use Sodalite at your Third eye chakra to calm your mind and gain clarity for decision-making. Wear or hold Sodalite when dealing with others. The crystal's measured vibrations will help you choose your words and speak wisely. 

    What chakra is Sodalite?

    Sodalite is associated with the Third Eye chakra. Here it balances the mental energy. It can also be used at the Throat chakra to articulate your thoughts. 

    To learn more about crystals and your seven chakras, visit the Chakra Guide.

    hands wearing sodalite rings and bracelets

    How do you clean Sodalite crystals?

    Sodalite can be washed in water but don't use any harsh chemicals. You should still be careful using the water method if your Sodalite is in its raw form or has any natural fracture lines within its polished form. Also, if your Sodalite piece has a lot of White Calcite, this is much more susceptible to water damage. In this case, we recommend gently cleaning the crystal with a wet cloth. 

    Sodalite should be kept separate from harder stones and jewelry if you want to avoid scratches or damage. 

    If you are looking to metaphysically cleanse, charge, and program crystals, visit our Crystal Care guide. 

    Does Sodalite fade in the sunlight?

    Common blue Sodalite is not known to fade in the sunlight, however, Tenebrescent Sodalite, or Hackmanite, will fade in the sunlight but can regain its colors (see paragraph above about Hackmanite). 

    Can you put Sodalite in moonlight?

    Sodalite is perfect to place in the moonlight when charging it with crystal healing energy. Sodalite is a feminine, yin-energy stone that is all about your intuition. The moon has similar healing powers. 

    Learn more about Crystals and the Moon

    What is Sodalite used for?

    Sodalite is most popularly used for decorative items. It can be found in jewelry, crystal healing shapes, and home decor items like countertops and coasters. Because it comes in massive chunks, it can easily be used in large interior design projects. 

    pile of sodalite jewelry and pyramid

    Is Sodalite found in jewelry?

    Sodalite is easily found in jewelry because it is known as the “poor man’s Lapis”. It is prized for its natural blue color and remains one of the more affordable blue gemstones despite its rarity. 

    Sometimes Sodalite will be nearly all white Calcite with just a hint of blue. Sometimes it will be a dark blue with no inclusions. The bluer the Sodalite has, the more value it has on the market and the more costly your Sodalite jewelry is.

    Many people are attracted to the blues and whites of Sodalite, reminding them of a romanticized stormy night. At Satin Crystals we offer all sorts of jewelry, accessories, and healing tools with genuine Sodalite stones.

    sodalite nuggets, bracelet, carnelian bracelet

    What crystal goes with Sodalite?

    If you are looking to pair your Sodalite with other crystals in healing, here are some good crystal combinations: 

    Amethyst and Sodalite are a recommended pair when you are seeking spiritual serenity. Both of these crystals are about balancing the mind. Whether your mind is full of worries, nightmares, or obsessive thoughts, Sodalite and Amethyst together can calm the chaos. 

    Aventurine and Sodalite can be used together when you are seeking an abundance of intelligence. Aventurine calls in an abundance of all kinds and Sodalite is all about smarts. If you want to be wise in your thoughts, your actions, and your words, use Sodalite and Aventurine to activate your big brain. 

    Carnelian and Sodalite get those creative juices flowing. Sodalite helps to order your thoughts and focus your mind at the Third Eye chakra, while Carnelian activates the creativity at your Sacral chakra. Use this combination when you need inspiration, motivation, and are ready to manifest your desires. 

    Labradorite and Sodalite is a mystical crystal combination that dives deep into your spiritual self. Sodalite and Labradorite go hand-in-hand when you want to fully appreciate the magic in the world. Sodalite calms your mind as you adventure on your astral travels led by Labradorite. The excitement of the rid is tempered by Sodalite's balancing energy, keeping you full of wonder without the overwhelm. 

    Lepidolite and Sodalite is a favorite crystal combination for those with overactive minds. These are both stones that alleviate the running brain. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, use Sodalite and Lepidolite together to help you breathe deep and focus on the present moment. 

    Rose Quartz and Sodalite together prioritize your true self. Sodalite is always in search of the truth, sweeping away irrelevant distractions and unnecessary drama. Rose Quartz is all about love, and in this case, self-love. Use this Sodalite and Rose Quartz crystal combination when you want to focus on yourself and let everything else fall in place thereafter. 

    Selenite and Sodalite connect you with the Water Element. These intuitive crystals have introspective qualities. Use Sodalite and Selenite together when you want to look within and find the solutions to your current problems. This supporting pair purifies your thoughts and binds you with healing properties. 

    Tourmaline and Sodalite keep you calm and collected. Tourmaline is one of the most popular protection stones out there. Use Sodalite with Tourmaline when you want to feel secure and in control of any situation. 

    These are just a few popular Sodalite crystal combinations. The pairings are unlimited and we encourage you to experiment. Read more in What Crystals Work Well Together?

    Where should I put Sodalite in my home?

    Sodalite should be placed in the bedroom to ease overactive minds and bring restful sleep. Sodalite flows with Water Element energy, so it is also perfect to place in the bathroom to provide a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. If you have a home office, place Sodalite at your desk to organize your thoughts and tasks each day. 

    For Feng Shui energy, place Sodalite in the "Knowledge & Growth" bottom left corner of your space. Instead of getting stuck making the same mistakes over and over again, Sodalite will help you overcome your lessons the first time around.  

    For more on placing crystals, visit How to Clear & Fill the Home with Crystals

    Can Sodalite have flashes?

    In high-quality Sodalite, you may see a flash on the crystal's surface. This is a dancing sheen similar to the sheen you see in Moonstone. 

    sheila of satin crystals holding sodalite dinosaurs

    Do you love Sodalite?

    What attracts you to Sodalite? Have you used Sodalite for healing? Continue with your crystal healing education in the following guides. 

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