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Crystal Balls for Feng Shui

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Why should you decorate with crystal balls?

Your soul yearns for the relaxing and healing vibrations of nature, even when you're inside. That's why indoor plants are popular, and so are crystal balls that fill your space with positive Feng Shui energy.

Real gemstone spheres are the best way to add color and elegance to your interior decorating style. They also benefit your space with their metaphysical healing properties. Crystal balls in the home please your eyes, nourish your soul, and infuse your entire household with harmony. 

You might be wondering which crystal spheres to pick for your home, office, and garden. This crystal ball Feng Shui guide will help you discover which gemstone spheres best fit your needs and provide you with maximum positivity. 

Where should you place crystal balls in your home?

You can decide where to place your crystal ball according to your intuition or you can consult with the Feng Shui chart.

Although it's an individual choice on which spheres to use for decoration and Feng Shui, we are going to show you the three most popular crystal balls that correspond to each room of the house and desired energy.

Crystal Balls for the Living and Dining Room

Enjoy Family Harmony with Blue Calcite Crystal Balls

The living and dining areas of your home are the heart of family gatherings. You share memories and meals in these communal spaces. You want to keep them calm and clear of negative feelings. That's why a large Blue Calcite ball placed on a central display area or in the middle of a table is the top choice. Blue Calcite spheres are keepers of harmony and happiness.

Revel in Social Success with Rhodonite Crystal Balls

Along with family and household interaction, the living room and dining room are also the places you receive friends and visitors. Be known for being the best host around and the most loyal friend. Display a Rhodonite Ball in your main area to give off the loving vibe of friendship.

Protect your Home and Kin with Obsidian Crystal Balls

In most homes, the front door opens up to the living room. You want to keep your home protected from unwanted visitors. An Obsidian sphere near the front door ensures that only good-intentioned individuals may enter. It repels those with low frequencies and manipulative intentions.



Crystal Balls for the Kitchen

Get a Jolt of Energy with Aragonite Crystal Balls

A lot of us turn to our morning coffee or tea to get us going. Even if you skip out on these caffeinated treats, you can still benefit from the jolt of natural energy that Coffee Aragonite provides you. Place this crystal ball in your coffee station; it will perk you up just by gazing upon its pleasant mocha exterior. 

Make Healthy Choices with Apatite Crystal Balls 

The kitchen is where you cook and prepare meals. If you need help sticking to a healthy regimen, an Apatite crystal ball in the kitchen is your best friend. Place it in plain sight so that the blue beauty reminds you to make the most beneficial choices for your body.

Power Elixirs with Quartz Crystal Balls

Drinking crystal elixir water is an easy and popular way to gain crystal power. If you want to amplify your gains, place a Quartz Ball inside your fridge or near your water station. It helps to energize everything you eat and drink. It's also a great alternative for those who are on-the-go and don't have time to make individual elixirs.



Crystal Balls for the Bedroom

Love with Rose Quartz Crystal Balls

Amorous Rose is known for being the ultimate stone of love. Place a Rose Quartz crystal ball near your bedside to keep your relationship in harmony. Better yet, have one sphere on each bedstand to balance the energy. Whether you are partnered or single, Rose Quartz also promotes self-love and self-care.

Attract your Soulmate with Rhodochrosite Crystal Balls

For those seeking a soulmate, a Rhodochrosite ball in the bedroom is an excellent pick. This soulmate stone gives off the vibe that you are single and ready for true love. If you have a double bed, place it on the bed stand that you don't use (and are reserving for your future soulmate). Otherwise, place the crystal ball front and center on the dresser where you can see it every day and night.

Sleep Restfully with Amethyst Crystal Balls

Divine Amethyst is known for resting your weary mind and body. Place your purple Amethyst sphere near the bed to get a restful night's sleep. If you have a safe space below, you can also place your Amethyst sphere under the bed.



Crystal Balls for the Kid's Room

Focus and Study with Fluorite Crystal Balls 

Your kid might want a little help with focusing on studies. Fluorite, the Genius Stone, is the sphere to pick. If your kid is mature enough to handle the sphere, place it right on the work desk. It is amazing to look at and they will enjoy the fascinating colors. For younger kids, place the Fluorite crystal out of reach on a high shelf near the desk.

Stay Serene and Calm with Angelite Crystal Balls

Kids get active and hyper. Sometimes you want to calm them down. An Angelite sphere keeps the vibe Zen, helping to bring serenity to chaos. You can let them know that their own little Guardian Angel is watching over them through the blue orb. Place it near the bed for a calm nightly routine, out of reach of younger kids.

Explore and Learn with Jasper Crystal Balls

Kids love crystals! Jasper is one of the most diverse stones, and a great way to introduce them to the world of minerals. Jaspers of many varieties catch their attention and make hands-on tools for geological learning. Younger explorers should be supervised at all times when handling crystals.



Crystal Balls for the Bathroom

Cleanse your Soul with Larimar Crystal Balls

You cleanse and care for your physical body in the bathroom, but what about your mental and emotional bodies? Place a Larimar sphere in the bathroom to bring you the cleansing water-element energy of this peaceful stone. It does away with dark, destructive thoughts and brings you fresh new inspiration to cleanse all of your energy bodies.

Self-Reflection with Lepidolite Crystal Balls

Let's face it, we spend a lot of time in deep thought while in the bathroom- during our showers, bubble baths, or other pressing business. Lepidolite crystals help you use this time in positive self-reflection rather than wasting your thoughts on stressful worldly affairs. Keep your mind clean and clear. Lepidolite crystal balls in the bathroom keep you on the right track.

Self-Care with Garnet Crystal Balls

Are you a busy bee who hardly has time for yourself? A Garnet crystal ball in the bathroom helps you slow down. Look in the mirror- it's you. You are important, too. Garnet spheres remind you to pamper yourself, indulge in the good life, and keep self-care a priority.



Crystal Balls for the Home Office

Succeed in Business with Tigers Eye Crystal Balls

The home office is where many people work and keep productive. If you are looking to achieve something in work, business, or the material world, place a Tigers Eye sphere on your work desk. It gets you primed and pumping to form goals. This golden sphere will keep your eye on the prize. 

Lead with Bloodstone Crystal Balls

Bloodstone crystals bring out your leadership skills. Move up in the social ranks by amplifying your natural abilities. Bloodstone crystal balls help you achieve in the areas of business, negotiation, legal and contractual matters. Place it in a central area of the office to benefit from its diverse powers.

Attract Abundance with Aventurine Crystal Balls

When you're working in the home office, you are intent on bringing abundance and prosperity to yourself and your family. Aventurine balls are the best stones to capitalize on financial gains. Place this crystal ball in your safe, money area, or wherever you work your ledgers. 



Crystal Balls for the Garden

Nourish your Garden with Moss Agate Crystal Balls

When your garden is thriving, so is your spirit. Keep your plants and flowers happy by placing Moss Agate balls in and around them. They energize people, plants, and animals of the natural world.

Ground your Core with Petrified Wood Crystal Balls

The grounding energy of your garden is centered and amplified with Petrified Wood balls. Showcase a nice earthy piece in your green haven. Any time you want to rest your frazzled nerves, pick up this sphere for instant grounding. Petrified Wood gives your garden a pleasant vibe, motivating you to spend time in this outdoor space while engaging in activities like yoga, gardening, meditation, and reading.

Do Magic Rituals with Moonstone Crystal Balls

Every month we are blessed with a New Moon, a Full Moon, and sometimes even more lunar events. When you put a Moonstone ball in the garden, it is energized by the power of the moon every night. During the special New Moon and Full Moon phases, it is primed and ready with powers to help you in magical rituals and crystal healing. 



Crystal Ball Care

Before you place your crystal ball in its ideal Feng Shui location, you need to clean, charge, and program the orb. That way, it is cleared and ready to bring you maximum advantages.

Shop for real Crystal Balls

Check out our entire Collection of Crystal Balls. We have spheres for any energy you desire. They encompass the colors of the rainbow spectrum and range from marbled size pocket stones to large showpieces.

Keep the Crystal Ball Rolling

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