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Chakra Tutorial

chakra stones on selenite, in water and in brown rice
What are the chakras?

Chakras are energy vortexes that connect your physical body to your energy body. Think of them as wheels of light located all over your aura. The Indian Sanskrit word Chakra means wheel.

Here is a simplified breakdown:

  • Your physical body has its energetic counterpart: Your aura
  • Your physical nerves have their energetic counterparts: Your meridians. 
  • Your physical organs have their energtic counterparts: Your chakras. 

Life energy flows freely in your aura, runs through your meridians and feeds your chakras. Your seven major chakras are all connected to one another via the Sushumna Meridian which is the subtle energy within the spine, so you want to make sure that your meridians are clear as well.

Each chakra is described as a lotus. Lotuses are rooted in the mud, rise through the waters and bloom upon the surface, symbolizes the journey from earth to spirit. Each chakra is symbolized with a certain number of petals. The Root chakra has 4 petals symbolizing the earth and materialism up to the Crown chakra which has a 1,000 petals symbolizing the spiritual realm.

There are thousands of chakras in your aura, but there are seven major ones located along your spine. These are the ones that you will hear and read about most often. 

What do the 7 main chakras mean?

There are seven main chakras located in a line aligned with your spine. They correspond to the colors of the rainbow. 

Here is a breakdown of where each of the major chakras is located, and the crystal colors associated with each:

Crown Chakra

Location: top of head 
Crystals: violet, white or clear

    Third Eye Chakra

    Location: above & between eyebrows 
    Crystals: indigo, dark blue

      Throat Chakra

      Location: base of throat
      Crystals: blue

        Heart Chakra

        Location: center of chest 
        Crystals: green or pink

          Solar Plexus Chakra

          Location: just above navel 
          Crystals: yellow, brown

            Sacral Chakra

            Location: just below navel 
            Crystals: orange

              Root Chakra

              Location: base of spine
              Crystals: red

                You can also throw in an eighth chakra at the feet for grounding. Black and brown stones are great for this chakra. 

                How does a chakra wheel flow?

                The chakra wheels flow in a clockwise motion in one side and out the other. For most chakras, life force energy is absorbed through the frontside of your body, processed through your chakra and emitted through the backside of your body.

                Meanwhile, the Root chakra absorbs energy up through the ground and flows upwards while the Crown chakra absorbs energy from the sky and flows it downwards. 

                What are the chakras responsible for?

                The chakras are responsible for pumping life energy into the major centers of your body. The most basic reference for each of the 7 main chakras is as follows:

                1st: Root ChakraPhysical Energy Center 
                2nd: Sacral ChakraSexual Energy Center 

                3rd: Solar Plexus Chakra
                Emotional Energy Center 

                4th: Heart Chakra
                Love Energy Center 

                5th: Throat Chakra
                Communication Energy Center 

                6th: Third Eye Chakra
                Intuitive Energy Center 

                7th: Crown Chakra
                Spiritual Energy Center 
                Chakra Tutorial - Stones in Tibetan singing bowl

                Why balance the chakras?

                Like rivers, your meridians and the chakras may be blocked by obstruction, drained empty. You need to keep them balanced so that you can function at your full capacity. When obstacles are removed from your energy field, you feel happy and prosperous.

                As a human being, you will constantly feel a rollercoaster of emotions. While this is normal, it also causes imbalance in your chakras depending on your mood and the situation of the day. 

                Tune your chakras like you would an instrument so that you vibrate at a harmonious wavelength. Ultimately, you want your chakras to be so balanced that they will remain open no matter what emotion or ocassion you encounter. 

                chakra stones on selenite slab

                How do you open the chakras?

                There are many ways to balance the chakras. Experiment, and you will find your favorite methods. The most important thing is that you keep your energy flowing free of imbalances. 

                When the chakras are open, your physical body will be healthy. When your chakras are imbalanced, the problem will first develop in your energy body before it reaches your physical body. If you are not a clairvoyant who can see the aura and the chakras, it is effective to clean and balance all of the chakras every once in a while to prevent blockages.

                We go in-depth on the meanings and crystal healing techniques for each of the chakras on their individual pages. Here, we discuss a general overview of way to balance all of the chakras.

                • Enjoy time connecting with nature
                • Use crystal sets and gemstone jewelry that vibrates with the chakras
                • Take time for self-care
                • Practice yoga poses or other energy-flowing exercises like tai-chi and qigong
                • Spend time with children and pets
                • Expressing yourself through your creative passions
                • Live mindfully, cherishing each moment
                • Meditation and Pranayama breathing
                • Expose your energies to the solar and lunar cycles
                • Follow your heart and learn when to say 'yes' or 'no'
                • Eat the healthy foods that are associated with each chakra

                How do you open your chakras in meditation?

                Meditation is one of the key ways to opening the chakras. Clear your chakras through meditation by visualizing the colors of the chakras. There are many ways to meditate the chakras open including the use of chanting, sacred shapes, gemstones, tai chi, crystal ball gazing, etc. You just need to find the right method for you. 

                Combine your meditation with pranayama breathing. Pranayama is a breathing exercise best learned from a spiritual teacher. Prana is a subtle energy, same as life force, universal energy or chi or ki. It can be directed through the body by the concentrated use of the mind.

                Your energy field is highly sensitive to directed breath. You can direct your energy to your chakras through focusing on your breath through pranayama and meditation.

                How do you use chakra crystals?

                Besides meditation and Pranayama breathing, you can use healing crystals to open your chakras. Crystals are like tuning forks, they help your chakras to vibrate at a balanced energy. This you can do rituals for yourself or have a crystal healer perform on your body. 

                Learn more about chakra balancing rituals with crystals

                Chakra Tutorial - woman with ulexite crystals over her eyes

                Your Chakra Progress

                Chakra knowledge was once handed down from spiritual teacher to student, a highly guarded secret so that it would not be abused by those who weren’t ready for the knowledge. In the West, sacred knowledge is now freely available and we can readily learn about the chakras, but let’s just keep in mind that intellectual knowledge is no substitute for a spiritual teacher’s guidance and your own personal experience.

                Start from the Root chakra and work your way up. Keep yourself balanced with the help of healing stones and contact us if you need assistance. 

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                Here are additional reference guides for your chakra opening journeys: 

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