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How to Use Meditation Crystals

lucia of satin crystals with hands in meditation

Do you want a more peaceful, easier, drama-free life? Would you like to attract money, new love, true friendships? Are you looking to enhance your psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, clairvoyance? Do you want a thinner body, better health, nicer job?

If you answered yes to any of these, Meditation is for you. 

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

The benefits you reap from meditation may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or a mixture of these. There are no limits to the power of your mind, and no limits to what you can meditate upon. 

Meditation relaxes your mind, which is connected to the relaxed rhythms of your body. Relaxation is the biggest benefit in life. It helps you deal with any obstacles in a calm manner. 

The visualizations you do under meditation allow you to better manifest your goals in the waking state. When meditation becomes a part of your routine, you will find yourself benefiting from the relaxing peaceful serenity it brings.

How do you Meditate properly?

Instead of forcing your eyes closed and getting frustrated with yourself, learn how to meditate properly.

Your Meditation should have a clear intention. Before you begin, focus on what you would like to achieve. A few examples may be general relaxation, financial abundance, or spiritual awareness. It can even be more specific, like meditations for better parenting, breaking addictions or pain relief.

Once you have your clear intention for your meditation practice, then you can get into a comfortable position, smoothly close your eyes and let your mind melt into the abyss of relaxation.

Guided Crystal Meditation Directory

Let Satin Crystals take you on a spiritual journey to the metaphysical world through guided meditations. Click above to start watching the crystal meditation videos or click on the menu at the top right corner of the video to choose a particular episode.

Find the meditation scripts for the following stones here: 

tim of satin crystals meditating with a quartz sphere

How do you Meditate with Crystals?

Using crystals in meditation helps you keep protected, focused on your goals, and amplify your benefits. They also ground you back to reality after your meditation.

Do you find yourself getting caught in a web of thoughts throughout the day? Your mind is a complex and amazing system of ideas, innovation and intuition. You are capable of so much.

Sometimes those thoughts get to be overwhelming or riddled with negativity. That's when it is time to stop, take a deep breath, grab your meditation crystals, and relax into a refreshing state of renewal.

Protection Crystals to use Before the Meditation:

When you alter your state of mind, you are opening up to a new realm of energies. During meditation, we aim to access the higher good and positive light. But we are also more susceptible to negative energy and dark forces entering our body because the aura is in a more open state. Therefore, having protective crystals on or around you is a must.

In all our years doing meditations at Satin Crystals, we have always had protection crystals like Obsidian Balls or Tourmaline Chunks to protect our group.

On a personal level, we would adorn ourselves with protective jewelry like Rainbow Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Onyx or Smoky Quartz Bracelets.

There is no reason to risk spirit possession and dark forces in your altered state of mind.

Grounding Crystals to use After the Meditation:

When you meditate, your energy body and your physical body undergo changes. That's why most people feel very spacey and dazed after a deep and effective state of meditation. It is a relaxing feeling.

However, you want to to ground yourself back to reality so you don't faint upon standing up. Also, you want to make sure that your aura and mind is back to its natural waking state and not stuck in a light trance. If you are stuck in a trance, other peoples' messages and influences might be overpowering or harmful.

After deep meditations, we recommend you hold Grounding Crystals in your hand for several minutes before getting out of your chair or bed. The best grounding stones to hold are Moqui Balls, Jasper Stones, and Agate Stones.

To help you ground back to reality, drink a lot of water after your session.  

tim of satin crystals focusing on a giant septarian druzy quartz stone egg for meditation

What crystals do I use during meditation?

When you meditate, you may have a goal in mind. It could be as simple as wanting to release stress and relax your mind. It could be more complicated, like wanting to prepare the mental state for a specific job interview by leading yourself into a visualization. No matter what the case, there are crystals that will help you amplify your success.

Why walk, when you can run?

Here are the best crystals to use according to your meditation goals:

I want happiness

natural clear quartz stone ball - satin crystals meaningsQuartz

I want to meet my spirit guides

purple amethyst sphere - crystal healing meaningsAmethyst

I want to relax my mind

natural blue and white sodalite sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want better health

natural hessonite garnet biotite stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsGarnet

I want to have a fitter body

apatite stone spheres - crystal healing meanings

I want to meet my guardian angels

angelite crystal healing ball - satin crystals shopAngelite 

I want to understand the meaning of my dreams

natural light green jade stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsJade 

I want to develop my psychic abilities

natural blue lapis lazuli stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsLapis Lazuli 

I want to raise my Kundalini to open all 7 chakras

natural green serpentine stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsSerpentine

I want to overcome my fears and achieve goals

natural indian bloodstone sphere - satin crystals meaningsBloodstone

I want a better job

natural orange banded stone sphere - crystal healing meaningsCarnelian

I want success at work

natural golden brown tigers eye stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Tigers Eye

I want to stop my angry outbursts

amazonite crystal ball sphere - satin crystals stone meanings


I want to visit a Past Life

gray and white fossil stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsFossils 

I want to connect with nature more

natural red jasper stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsJasper 

I want more wealth

green aventurine stone sphere - crystal healing meanings at satin crystalsAventurine

I want to heal my emotional stress

natural golden yellow calcite stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsCalcite 

I want to heal my broken heart

natural blue chrysocolla stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsChrysocolla

I want cash flow

natural yellow citrine stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsCitrine

I want positive energy

natural copper metal sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want better grades in school

natural green and purple fluorite stone sphere - Satin Crystals meanings

I want to be a mystic

natural indigo gabbro stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to overcome my fear

natural black jet stone - satin crystals meanings

I want to understand the supernatural

natural iridescent labradorite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to open my higher chakras

natural purple lepidolite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to overcome past trauma

natural green malachite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to connect with aliens

natural green moldavite raw stone meteorite - satin crystals meanings

I want to astral travel

seymchan meteorite specimen - satin crystals meanings

I want a new chance at life

natural peach moonstone stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want the healing energy of

natural green and white moss agate stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Moss Agate

I want to keep my aura safe

Natural rainbow obsidian stone sphere  - satin crystals meanings

I want to get rid of negative energy

black onyx stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to learn from past mistakes

natural brown petrified stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Petrified Wood

I want to party 

natural pyrite cluster stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want a soul mate

natural pink rhodchrosite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want a stronger social circle

natural pink and black rhodonite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want love

natural pink rose quartz stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Rose Quartz

I want to heal my lower chakras

natural septarian stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to protect myself from someone negative

natural black shungite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to cleanse my home or office space

natural brown smoky quartz stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Smoky Quartz

I want a radiant and attractive aura 

natural red sunstone stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want higher knowledge and wisdom

natural black tektite meteorite - satin crystals meanings

I want to be safe when I meditate or travel

natural pink rubellite in white quartz stone sphere - satin crytals meanings

I want to be able to express myself better

natural green and black turquoise stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

I want to be less jittery or spacey

blue lace agate stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

The Top 5 Meditation Crystals

Besides the specialized stones listed above, here are the top 5 meditation crystals we recommend for your general practice. If you are looking for a general enhancement and deepening of your meditations, use one of all five of these healing crystals that are well known for their high spiritual vibrations: 

purple amethyst sphere - crystal healing meaningsangelite crystal healing ball - satin crystals shopnatural blue lapis lazuli stone sphere - satin crystals meaningsnatural green moldavite raw stone meteorite - satin crystals meaningsnatural clear quartz stone ball - satin crystals meanings

Click on the individual stone or browse through them all at once in the Meditation Crystals Collection

How to use Meditation Stones

After cleaning, charging and programming your crystals to focus on the goal of your meditation, you can either place the stones around your body or hold them in your hands during the session. 

If you are prone to going into a deep meditative state, we recommend wearing the healing crystals in jewelry form instead. This way they will stay in your aura without the fear of dropping and breaking the crystals.

How the Mind Works

Throughout most of your waking state, you operate on the conscious mind. The conscious mind is busy analyzing and evaluating everything that comes its way.

You get stimulus from the outside environment, temperature, sounds, people, etc. You also get messages from internal sources: memories, thoughts, future projections, etc. Your conscious mind is the constant thinker. You go about each day consumed in thoughts.

These endless thoughts, especially when they are negative, can be extremely draining. They create stress, anger, anxiety, fear. Many destructive thoughts lead to physical disease and illness.

On the other hand, positive thoughts bring you closer to your spiritual nature and help you achieve your dreams.

Sweet relief from the conscious mind comes when you sleep. During sleep, your subconscious mind takes charge; it never analyzes. The subconscious has direct access to the Higher Self and the spirit world, which often deliver messages and symbols to you in your dreams.

To learn even more about this phenomena, discover the 5 Categories of Brain Waves: Why Meditation Works. 

lucia of satin crystals wearing obsidian stretch bracelets in meditation pose

What is the Goal of Meditation?

There is a state of mind that lies between the conscious and subconscious. This is the altered mind. The goal of meditation is to offer you a controlled gateway to the altered meditative state.

When you meditate you are still consciously aware of your surroundings, yet simultaneously connected to the subconscious realm. This is a relaxing and natural feeling.

Through meditation you increase the vibration of the body and mind. Because it is a different state, your physical body may feel unusual sensations during meditation. Some common occurrences you may feel during meditation are:

  • The disappearing of feeling in all or parts of the body

  • Vibration in all or parts of the body

  • Voices/sounds/messages through the ears

  • Changes in body temperature

  • Possible dizziness, out of balance feelings

To reduce the feeling of spaciness after meditation, make sure you cling on to your grounding stones for awhile.

Most sensations are caused by a change of the body vibration. Each person will have a different experience, which may vary from meditation to meditation. 

Best Seller Meditation Crystals


Chakra Meditations

Chakra meditations are very popular and very powerful.  During a chakra meditation, you will spend a lot of time visualizing, opening, and activating the 7 main chakras. This is an excellent opportunity to incorporate colors and specific energies into your meditation.

Chakras can be visualized as beams of light, spinning fans, or lotus flowers.

To speed along your progress, add these crystals to your chakra meditations:

7th Crown (Spirituality)
Amethyst, Lepidolite, Selenite

6th Third Eye(Clairvoyance)
Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite

5th Throat (Communication)
Turquoise, Angelite, Chrysocolla

4th Heart (Love)
Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Rhodonite

3rd Solar Plexus (Emotions)
Golden Calcite, Citrine, Septarian

2nd Sacral (Sexuality & Creativity)
Carnelian, Moonstone, Sunstone

1st Root (Health)
Garnet, Copper, Jasper

tim of satin crystals meditating with a blue calcite stone egg at his third eye chakra

Mindfulness Meditation Benefits

Meditation allows you to transcend from the busy mind into a relaxed state. Each day, your mind processes thousands of bits of information, which often leads to stress and worry. 

When you enter the state of meditation, you are reminded that your True Self is much more than these trivial nuances that often come up in life. When you quiet the mind, you are able to enjoy the calm and peaceful state of meditation. This is a true reflection of the Soul - tranquil and perfect no matter what is happening around you.

Through meditation, you strive to exist in peace. Any experience that was perceived as negative is actually a false reality - for you are a being of happiness and light.

Through mindfulness mediation, you become more aware of the difference between reality and what is a self-created false reality. With the Third Eye Chakra opening up through mindful meditation, you can see people in a new light. You can see the soul of the person rather than the ego. This eye opening revelation goes both for yourself and others.

Top Jewelry for all day Zen Mindset

What is Spiritual Meditation?

Through the quieting of the mind, not only are you able to strip away the stress of busy life, but you may also get in touch with another side of your soul's essence. You find the power that lies within, the guidance and intuition that is stored and programmed at the soul level. This is when you can enter into a spiritual meditation. 

As you explore the depths of Being, you can better connect to the “Spirit World”.  Although there is no real division between the physical world and the spirit world, you may have lost sight of your spiritual side because it is not always tangible to the eyes and ears. Through meditation, you can re-establish this spiritual connection.

Spiritual connection through meditation opens up limitless channels. You can get in touch with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, Masters, Light Beings, Alien Beings, and any other being in the universe whom wish to communicate. These connections can give you valuable insights and guidance. Messages of the light can come to you as words, symbols, images, sounds or feelings.

The stronger you connect with the spiritual realm, the better developed your intuition becomes. You gain a better understanding of the universe at large. Through this spiritual meditation, your awareness and consciousness rise.

Spirit Animals, Guardian Angels & Friends

Why journey alone? Satin Crystals has a collection of figurines that guide you along your spiritual path. They assist you while you meditate, and look over you all day and night. These friends include totem animals, guardian angels, protective skulls, gods and goddesses.

animal skull gods godesses angels figurines by satin crystals

Individual Self-Meditations

Meditating alone is a much different experience than meditating with a group. In Individual self-meditation, you can put yourself into a trance and let your mind be the guide. It is often easy to stay focused if you remind yourself of the intention of the meditation as you begin.

Allow your mind to be your guide, but don’t let it force the experience. In self-meditation, it is very effective to let go of the reigns and let the universe guide you. Listen through silence and take what comes. 

Just be careful not to fall asleep, but if you do, happy dreams!

Shop meditation crystals

Ready to expand your Meditation Crystal collection? Shop right here for your perfect gemstones: 

Meditation for Self-Improvement

Because you constantly strive to better yourselves and your world, meditation is an excellent method to focus and enhance your life. You are more than the physical body; you are a being of the Universe, swirling with vibrations.

Meditation aids you to discover your own depths and how to relate to the world around you. Only by knowing yourself first can you then help others. 

Here are additional resources to improve your meditations and crystal healing journeys: 

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