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Crystals in the 4th Dimension Shift

sheila of satin crystals holding up a large raw log of white selenite for the 4th dimension shift

The Role of Crystals in the 4th Dimension Shift

Crystals are beautiful, meaningful, and powerful gifts to humanity from Mother Earth. They have existed since the beginning of mankind, and have shaped the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Crystals were used by the Incans, Mayans, and native civilizations to connect to the higher realms and as a source of healing. The significance of Healing Crystal Power is becoming clearer in today’s society, for it is an important catalyst towards the 4th dimension ascension.

The dimension shift is happening all around us and even within us. Earth is changing physically as vibration rates rapidly increase. Human beings are experiencing evolution physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually since 2012.

While these changes occur, our need to utilize crystal energy becomes stronger and stronger. More people are finding themselves intrigued with these natural gems. Yet we do not understand how or why crystals are so important.

Why is Crystal Energy Important?

Not only are healing crystals filled with Earth energy, they are also a window to the higher realms. These stones can pick up subtle energies that are not consciously known to the ordinary human, and can reflect spiritual worlds that are not yet be seen by the human eye. As people start bonding with crystals, their awareness and understanding of different dimensions begin to blossom. The pure vibration of healing crystals help humans raise their own vibrations, especially when used for meditation, gazing, and spiritual work.

Crystal healing is a growing art and science in today’s society as well. As we discover modern medicine’s limited capacity to heal, alternatives and natural therapies are on the rise. Because many of the issues we deal with are created from the mental, emotional, and energy bodies, drugs are not always the effective solution. Crystals contain an array of healing energy and vibrations that can tune into the subtle bodies and dissipate blockages that make us ill.

Moving into the 4th Dimension

During the Earth Shift, our bodies are undergoing all kinds of great changes. Healing crystals shield us from the dark forces that are attempting to keep humanity in the third dimension. The positive energies that crystals bring to our world are very much needed to combat the cloak of negativity that is gripping Earth.

Healing crystals instill a sense of peace and compassion within us, replacing the predominant mentality of violence and selfishness. They energize and raise the bodily vibration to the fourth dimension level. Without raising the body vibration, an individual will not be able to exist in the dawning New World. We must work together to utilize crystal energy during this transition. We must use crystals for protection, meditation, and deep healing.

Once the Dimension shift is complete, the true power of healing crystal energy will be unveiled. These natural gems will become one of the major modes of therapy for the body mind and soul.

Crystal gazing and dowsing will become common practice, and these precious stones will provide humankind with a gateway to connecting with different civilizations, planets, and dimensions. We will learn how to use crystal energy for transportation and energy.

In the fourth dimension, the power of healing crystals will truly shine.

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