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How to Use Crystals to Improve your Meditation

Whether you are new to meditation or you have been practicing it for years, there are always ways to improve your technique so that you can get the most out of your journey. Meditation is good for the body, mind, and the spirit. Meditation clears the mind and rids it of the negative energy that has seeped in throughout your day.

Meditation with crystals helps you deepen your meditation so that you can reach the ultimate level, bringing you more awareness and taking you to a deeper mindset. It doesn't matter whether you are meditating at home, office, or in the park, carrying your meditation crystals with you can heighten your results. Since there are so many to choose from, you may find it hard to narrow down the choices to just the top five.

Meditation Crystals Suggestions

Black Tourmaline - This crystal will boost protection, help during mediation to create a positive attitude which will bring more good than bad. If you suffer with anxiety and self confidence, then this stone will give you more stability and help you feel centered.

Rose Quartz - Pink in color, this rose quartz attracts love. With rose quartz, you will discover how to love who you are and instill more compassion in your heart. If you are looking for love or need to improve your love life now, the rose quartz can attract love. Letting go of hurtful things said or done in the past as well as finding a way to make peace for all that you do, rose quartz can help.

Moonstone - If you want to channel your intuition, moonstone may be able to help. The color of the moonstone will vary but the results are all the same. Its easy to lose sight of your intuition throughout the day as stress and problems can almost crush what intuition you have, making you doubt your self. Trust the moonstone to help you channel and concentrate during meditation.

Quartz - This clear crystal is for clarity and power. Quartz can help you unlock your spirituality and help you focus on releasing emotional and physical pain. Bring back your creativity and inspiration with the clear quartz crystal.

Amethyst - The deep color of purple can bring stability and peace. The amethyst is often used in meditation because it helps to generate balance in your life. It can also help to create peace as well as patience within. If you are looking for inner strength and to help balance your emotions, amethyst may be able to help. When things get tough, get out the amethyst.

Make your Meditation Personal

It's also important that you don't limit yourself to just these crystals. Sometimes the ones you are destined to use for that particular meditation will attract your attention to it. Add it to the list above or switch it out. Your meditation is personal and needs to be customized accordingly.

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