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Crystal, Mineral, Meteorite Identification

sheila of satin crystals holding open an agate mineral book

What is my Stone?

We get a lot of messages from people asking us to identify a stone or Meteorite they have by sending us a picture of it.

If your stone was purchased from Satin Crystals, we can help you identify your crystal or meteorite, which we guarantee authentic.

If your specimen was not from our shop, we DO NOT do mineral identification.

The reason Satin Crystals does not ID stones from other sources is that we want you to have accurate information. It's not 100% possible for us to tell a stone's qualities and authenticity through photos, therefore we err on the side of caution and suggest you take the following steps instead:

How do I identify my Crystal or Meteorite?

There is only one way to get your crystal 100% verified. Send your specimen to a certified laboratory: meteorite testing laboratories or gemstone testing laboratories

    How else do I identify my Crystal or Meteorite?

    The above option is the only way. If you do not feel like spending the time, energy, and money it takes to have your specimen verified, you can gather opinions and try to make an educated guess. Keep in mind that these options are not 100% valid, only a scientific test can validate your stone:

    1. Ask the person from whom you purchased it

    2. Take your stone to a local gem shop so they can inspect it in person

    3. Research your stones in Rock and Mineral books or online references

    4. Post your question and mineral photo on forums so that a professional gemologist or mineralogist can give you an answer

    Is my Gemstone or Meteorite real or fake?

    If you purchased your crystal from us, it is real. We also tell you if the natural stones have been treated in any way. 

    At this time we only sell three synthetic stones and state it clearly in the listings: Hematine, Opalite, and Goldstone. 

    If you purchased your crystal elsewhere, we are unable to tell you if it is real or fake. Therefore, refer to the above 3 methods on how to get more information.

    Satin Crystals does not do photo identification for real versus fake stones. If you wish to try and determine its authenticity by yourself, here are some references we have available to you:

    For all other stones, you can research the correct method, contact a professional at, or post your picture on Reddit What's This Rock.

    Where can I get real Crystals and Meteorites?

    When you want to save yourself the headache and stress of wondering if your specimen is real, shop at Satin Crystals. We have been in business since the 1990's- we know our stuff and we want to give you the best. Everything is hand inspected by Sheila, Lisa, and Ann Satin. Take a look...Shop with confidence at Satin Crystals now.

    Does my Satin Crystals order come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

    You've seen sellers promising you a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with your purchase. Here's a reality check for you: the COA is worth nothing more than the cheap paper it was printed on. Look closely, it's just a piece of paper that they printed from their home office (often with spelling and grammar mistakes). They did it to make you feel better. COAs have nothing to do with the authenticity of gemstones, it's a marketing gimmick.

    Here at Satin Crystals, we are straightforward. No, we don't give you a Certificate of Authenticity because it has no value. The only true way to know if a crystal is real is to have it tested in a science laboratory.

    We guarantee you that 99.9% of the companies offering you a COA did not have the crystal lab-verified by a real scientist. That's why it's meaningless. In the rare instance where it was lab verified, expect to pay well above market prices for your stone and ask for proof that the certificate is signed by a qualified scientist not the business owner or part time employee.

    Is Satin Crystals Real?

    Sometimes people ask us to prove we are legitimate. This is understandable because you want to be sure you have an authentic product and seller before you invest.

    There's not a way to "prove" it per se, but yes, we are a real and registered business with authentic products.

    We can offer the following tips so you can investigate and make your own decisions:

    • Check out our ABOUT page to learn more about the Satins and our 20+ years of adventures and experiences with crystals and gems.
    • Join the VIP CLUB to get free emails with all kinds of important information, updates, and deals on gems and minerals. 
    • Send us an EMAIL any time. 

    Where do I go from here?

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.