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Fooled by Fake Hematite?

hand holding three hematite eggs What you thought was Hematite is actually Hemalyke, a manmade replica.

Be one of the very few people in the world who knows what real Hematite is...

How can you tell if Hematite is real?

Sorry, but your Hematite could be fake if…

It is overly shiny, overly smooth, or overly perfect. It can also be magnetic. 

Sure, the sellers told you it was Hematite because they didn’t know the difference. Or maybe they thought you wouldn’t buy it if you knew the truth?

That’s okay.

There’s nothing wrong with manufactured Hemalyke, but you want to experience the true protective powers of nature-made Hematite, don't you?

Your Hematite is real if...

It has lines and grooves just like other natural gemstones. Hematite is often a shotgun silver with ochre or can be outright red. It will always have an underlying "red streak" when doing the streak test on the stone. 

The power of real Hematite can never be replaced by Hemalyke. 

Go ahead, try it for yourself…

Shop Natural Hematite Stones

Here are a few real stones from the Satin Crystals' Hematite Collection to add to your treasures. 

Hematite Sphere Au Naturel Protection Stone


You are amazed at the protective powers of Hematite and you want a sphere that is au naturel. Be one of the rare people in the world who is not tricked into thinking that shiny, mainstream, man-made "Hemalyke" is Hematite. Skip the glossy imposter and take hold of this real Hematite orb that wears its birthday suit with pride. Lines, divots, and pockets of ochre bring you untampered, protective forces. You want Hematite that's real; this crystal ball delivers.

Hematite Egg The Real Deal Power Gemstone


This Hematite egg is the real deal. Embark on new journeys with the safety and protection of a genuine Hematite crystal by your side. Did you think that overly glossy Hematine or Hemalyke was Hematite? It's not. But this ruggedly handsome egg is full of  natural power thanks to its authentic nature. Feel the real.

Hematite Owl Animal Set Wise Guardians

Perched dutifully on their respective tree limbs, these Hematite owls will watch over your aura energies. These genuine Hematite stones have a shiny metallic black surface and organic veins. The stones have been carefully carved into a pair of owl figurines. These adorable stone birds can stand upright wherever you want them to perch. 

Hematite Cluster Red Fire Crystal of Hungary

Your gemstone is made from authentic raw hematite crystal of Gant, Hungary. It boasts a bubbly form with bold red color, which is unique for this otherwise predominantly metallic crystal. Hematite brings charisma and charm. It is grounding, keeping you balanced and level-headed. 

Hematite Tumbled Set Real Protection Grid Stones

Are you looking to grid your space with real Hematite? These natural Hematite stones are tumbled for your healing pleasure. Smooth and solid, this set of ten weighty stones are ready for chakra layouts, protection rituals, and grounding energy. 

Hematite Tower Point of Protection

This Hematite tower calls down all of your guardian protectors at all of the right times. The protective powers of real Hematite can be enjoyed in this natural silvery specimen, polished into a smooth point and left rocky and rugged at the base. Feel grounded and secure knowing that you have a strong protection crystal at your beck and call. 

What about Hematine?

And look! We even have Hematine for you! The difference between Satin Crystals and other shops is… we don’t try to trick you. We name our stones for what they are.

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - April 3, 2023

Vinod, Thank you for considering us for your jewelry project. We do not have gems that fit into rings, for the most part. The real Hematite we currently have available can be found here:

How else can we assist you?
Lisa :)

Vinod G. - April 3, 2023

Hi Satin Crystals, Hope You’re well!

I’m from Kashmir, India and I’m looking for original and genuine hematite gemstone for my silver ring.

Do you have some sample pictures and can you ship it to me? Moreover, please share the cost of the gemstone including the shipping cost before I proceed to confirm the order.

Anticipating your reply!

Lisa Satin - May 26, 2022

Hello Adam,

Thanks for your question. You can find the answer in our Ultimate Bracelet guide.

Scroll down to the section titled “What wrist should I wear my healing bracelet on?”

It is the same concept for the pocket stone.


Lisa Satin

Adam T. - May 26, 2022

Hello good afternoon I have a question for you which side of the body should hematite be on for in your pocket or if you want to wear a bracelet? Is there a certain side it should be worn on is there different benefits to wearing it on the left side verses on the right side please help me out thank you for your help and time have a good day!!

Sheila Satin - May 29, 2021

Hi Jennifer, many people carry their stones in a pouch, purse, or pocket. As long as it is within your aura, you should feel the effects!

Jennifer - May 29, 2021

Can you carry the hemitite in your pocket or purse and still feel all the effects.

Sheila Satin - February 4, 2021

Hi Cecilia, thanks for writing to us and welcome to the world of crystal healing.

In order to best focus your intentions if you are using your crystals for healing, it is highly recommended that you cleanse, charge and program your bracelet before use. Basalt is okay in the water method. If the Basalt has pits and craters and you choose the salt method, keep in mind that salt may get trapped in the holes. Here are the methods you can choose from:

Let us know if you have any other questions,
Sheila Satin

Cecilia R - February 4, 2021

im completely new to crystals and im super interested!
i have a basalt crystal bracelet and was wondering if i have to charge it and if so what would be the best method.
thank you!

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