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Crystal Healing Your Throat Chakra

sheila of satin crystals holding turquoise stones at her throat chakraDo you want to express yourself articulately? Do you want the words to flow from your mind and out of your mouth with ease? Do you want to say it loud and proud?

Yes! You want people to enjoy your company. You want them to respect you. 

Trust in your Throat chakra and these manifestations can become reality.

Once you have balanced your Heart chakra and lower chakras, you are ready to work on your fifth Throat chakra. In this Throat chakra guide, you will discover the healing crystals, rituals, and practices that provide you with the outlet for independent expression.

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How can the Throat chakra benefit you?

When your Throat chakra is open and balanced, you are: 

  • Confident expressing your opinion

  • Independent but connected to others

  • Articulate with your words

  • Humming with happiness

  • Tuned in to your inner voice

sheila of satin crystals in blue and blue jewelry touching her throat chakraWhat is the Throat chakra?

The Throat chakra is all about communication. Traditionally, communication is associated with speech and hearing. In actuality, it involves the entire brain because you must process the information that comes in and form cognitive thoughts that can be expressed when you give out information.

Although the Throat chakra is the center point of communication, it affects the entire body. Besides speech, you also express yourselves through your hand gestures, facial movements, body postures, and more. In this age of technology, words expressed through email and text are becoming commonplace forms of communication.

The Throat chakra is called Vishuddha in Sanskrit. It is related to the element of Ether. Its symbol is a downward triangle in a circle surrounded by 16 petals. Its meanings are related to purification and expression. 


Sheila's personal experiences with the Throat chakra

Along with financial frustrations (which I used abundance crystals for), I have had a long struggle with balancing my Throat chakra.

Luckily, I was able to reverse the blockages once I got into the crystal healing world.

To help me express myself more articulately, I chose 4 of my favorite blue crystals from the list above. I even made a Throat Chakra video about my experiences, which I'd love to hear your feedback on. 


Lisa's personal experiences with the Throat chakra

Of all seven chakras, I have spent the most time consciously trying to heal my Throat chakra. As I child who grew up in a relatively quiet household where no one talked about feelings, I was painfully shy in school and had a hard time making friends. Although this changed over time, it was a long and arduous process. As a young adult, I had a booming social circle and a busy schedule of fun. Yet, for several years there was a tension in my throat that wouldn't go away.

When we opened up our Satin Crystals store in San Francisco, I had a chance to better focus on this tension in my Throat. I realized that my Throat chakra was and had been blocked, probably throughout my life. I had no skills in how to properly express my feelings and they had constantly been internalized.

I have used several stones like Blue Calcite, Turquoise, and Kyanite during guided meditations and layouts related to the Throat Chakra. I have conducted classes on how to play singing bowls and lead drum circles, to ease my sense of expression and help others do so as well. After years of dedication, the tension in my throat disappeared.

I have progressed leaps and bounds thanks to my Throat chakra crystals and healing sessions. More recently, I have taken a course and read books on effective communication. The journey is lifelong, with many more steps ahead.

Currently, I keep a raw blue Aquamarine gemstone near my workstation at all times. I grab it and place it to my Throat Chakra any time I feel a lump forming within. It also helps me calm down if I feel my emotions rising- I hold on tight and try to diffuse frustration into serenity before tackling an issue. 


Why do you need to balance the Throat chakra?

It is important to keep your Throat Chakra balanced so that you can understand and express yourself correctly. Instead of fumbling for words or shouting out things you will later regret, you will be able to communicate calmly. 

The Throat chakra also involves your level of independence. When you can speak for yourself, others will come to respect you as a capable individual. When your Throat chakra is balanced, you stand up for your individuality. You become your best representative.

blue stones in a circle with a tuning fork and blue flowersWhat causes Throat chakra imbalance?

Throat chakra imbalances develop when you are first learning to become an individual. Depending on what reaction you received as a child when you were first learning words, songs, and ideas, your Throat chakra develops accordingly. 

If you were praised with compliments, encouraged, and supported, your Throat chakra was open. If you encountered ridicule, judgment, or disapproval, your Throat chakra was blocked. 

And, these occurrences happen throughout your life. So although your Throat chakra could be open and free in your home surrounded by loving family members, it may have closed up in the classroom surrounded by judgmental students. Or maybe you were admired by your fellow students, but your Throat chakra closed up at home where your family chastised you. 

No matter what the occurrence, you want to make sure your Throat chakra is open and balanced so you can face all obstacles with clear communication skills. sheila of satin crystals massaging her throat chakra with blue aventurine wand

How do you know when your Throat chakra is blocked?

You know when your Throat chakra is blocked when you are scared to speak your truth. You are afraid of what others will say or think of you if you express your opinions. You may even start to doubt your subconscious or inner voice. 

A closed or blocked fifth chakra has trouble with public speaking, creative expression, and showing affection. 

Your Throat chakra is blocked if you feel socially awkward, you don't have the right things to say when you are in social situations. You feel anxious when you are around others because you don't feel like you fit in. This can lead to detachment. 

Whether you are shy or a loudmouth, your Throat chakra has different types of blockages. If you are shy, you can't seem to express your thoughts out of fear. If you are a loudmouth, you tend to blurt out whatever is on your mind without thinking things through first.

Another issue you may face is an unhealthy way of expressing yourself. We all know about the non-accusatory techniques involving "I feel..." statements. We may be aware that it is best to avoid blame when working through a problem, but how many of us put it into practice?

When emotions are involved, it's easy to engage in negative and counterproductive fighting. In an angry state of mind, it's also easier to misinterpret others and become defensive.

When the Throat chakra is blocked, you may find yourself in a co-dependent or fully dependent relationship. Your self-esteem has taken a beating and you feel like you need to rely on others to get through your day.  

One of the biggest problems with relationships is misunderstandings. Just because you say something out loud, does not mean the receiver has interpreted it the way that you intended. This is even trickier via chat and email because the receiver cannot see your body movements nor hear the tone of your voice. These visual and auditory cues usually help to clarify intent.

Miscommunication happens often when the Throat chakra is not fully open, so words and messages can become skewed.

If the Throat Chakra is blocked, you may find yourself completely stifled and unable to connect with others at all. The most unhealthy thing you can do is to bottle up negative emotions and feelings. These feelings will eventually become outbursts of violent or irrational behavior or can lead to depression. 

sheila of satin crystals holding larimar slab at her throat chakraHow do you know when your Throat chakra is open?

When your Throat chakra is open, your thoughts are neatly arranged and ready to exit your body. Whether you are talking, singing, or acting, your self-expression shines. 

You feel free to be creative and know that the world will admire you no matter what you do. And, if there are naysayers, you know that their opinion does not matter to you. Having a balanced Throat Chakra and a healthy flow of energy throughout the body helps you to remain calm, centered, and rational. In this balanced state, you can avoid the blame game, over-dramatics, and nasty insults. 

An open Throat chakra means you are an independent person. You form healthy bonds with friends, family, and lovers, but you don't let the relationship turn co-dependent or fully dependent. You know how to work out the little problems without having them escalate into arguments, grudges, or passive-aggressive silent treatments. 

A healthy Throat Chakra is crucial in connecting you with others, forming positive relationships, and maintaining your well-being.

hand holding a pile of raw blue calcite stonesWhat color is your Throat chakra?

The Throat chakra is associated with light blue and turquoise colors.


What crystals are good for the Throat chakra?

You can keep your Throat chakra open by working with and surrounding yourself in cool and calming blue crystals.

Here are the top 10 healing crystals to activate your Throat chakra. Click through to take an in-depth look at each stone: 

blue lace agate stone - satin crystals meanings
Blue Lace Agate encourages open communication and articulate speech. It has calm, soothing energy, excellent for empathetic people who need a little patience in their Throat Chakra opening journeys.

angelite crystal healing ball - satin crystals shop
Angelite is a soothing, peaceful, and uplifting stone. This healing crystal is very helpful to keep you balanced during times of transition. Angelite stone is excellent to use to activate the Throat Chakra, opening communication gateways, and expression.

apatite stone spheres - crystal healing meanings
Apatite is a stone of manifestation. Use this crystal to focus on your goals of unblocking your Throat Chakra. Program Apatite to attract understanding, comprehension, and emotionally open friends.

blue calcite ball - satin crystals throat chakra stone
Blue Calcite helps release compulsive behavior and emotional stress. This crystal helps to open the Throat Chakra to clear communication with yourself, others, and the spiritual realms. 

natural ice blue celestite geode stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Celestite is the stone to use for personal expression and public speaking. Opening the Throat Chakra, Celestite is great to use for articulate communication and bolster your singing. It is also connected with telepathy and spiritual guidance.

natural blue chrysocolla stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

Chrysocolla is a stone of hope and harmony. This crystal encourages communication, impartiality, and truth-telling. Unblock the Throat Chakra with Chrysocolla and have your positive words flow free.

blue kyanite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Kyanite's blue version connects you to your intuition and deepest truth through your Throat Chakra. This stone is especially helpful if you are searching for the truth in the matter at hand. It helps to quiet your mind, dissolving anxiety, and confusion. 

natural blue lapis lazuli stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Lapis Lazuli has a rich connection to deep peace. At the Throat Chakra, it vibrates with sincerity and eloquence. It helps remove you from conflicts and allows you to step back in grace. 

natural blue larimar gemstone - satin crystals meanings
Larimar is a great crystal to have with you when you are feeling anxious. The blue stone corresponds with the Throat Chakra, helping to balance communication, independence, and expressing your positive emotions. 
natural green and black turquoise stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Turquoise releases old vows to allow you to grow spiritually. Use the more blue version of the stone at the Throat Chakra to help you express yourself freely and ease your nerves when speaking in public. 

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sheila of satin crystals holding angelite and blue kyanite massage wands at her throat chakraWhere is the Throat chakra located?

The Throat Chakra energy vortex flows in a clockwise motion through the throat and out the back of your neck.

How do you open the Throat chakra with crystals?

Once you have collected your desired Throat chakra crystals, you'll need to know how to use them.

With crystals in hand, you can: 
  • Visualize your Throat chakra like a ball of blue light. Imagine the light getting stronger and stronger as the crystals infuse the Throat chakra with strength. 

  • Visualize your Throat chakra like a beam of light, flowing strong and free like an open channel. 


Here are some practical ideas on where to put the crystals: 
  • Lie down and place Throat chakra polished stones on and under your throat

  • Sing, hum, or just make a freeing noise while holding Throat chakra stones to your throat

  • Hold Throat chakra spheres and meditate

  • Use Throat chakra massage wands gently over your neck 

  • Hold gemstone eggs in each hand and visualize the Throat chakra opening

  • Place Throat chakra tumbled stones in your pockets

  • Surround yourself with Throat chakra stones and lie in a crystal layout

  • Drink a Throat chakra gem elixir 

  • Bathe in water infused with Throat chakra stones, or place them around your tub

  • Vibrate your Throat chakra stones over your throat with a tuning fork

sheila of satin crystals holding blue massage wands as a microphoneHow can you strengthen your Throat chakra?

Alongside your healing crystals, there are many other ways to keep your Throat chakra balanced. Have your gemstones by your side while engaging in other expressive exercises like: 

  • Surround yourself with the world of music: singing, listening, playing musical instruments, joining a drum circle, attending a musical, etc. 

  • Attend or conduct a sound bath where the focus is on the Throat chakra. 

  • Practice communication: have a meaningful conversation, write letters, give a speech, etc. 

  • Have a Reiki practitioner use their healing energies to unblock your Throat chakra. 

  • Laugh out loud. There's no need to be polite, everybody loves the sound of deep guttural laughter. 

  • Recite what you are going to say beforehand. This will give you the confidence to be spontaneous in the future. 

  • Apply throat-opening essential oils like peppermint, lemon, or clove to your neck area, or drop them in a diffuser. 

  • Do specific tai chi, qigong, and yoga asana poses to balance the Throat chakra. 

  • Gazing at the color blue. Make a game of finding all of the blue colors as you go through your day; like a holistic version of  the children's game "I Spy."

  • Work on releasing your communication fears with a crystal healer, hypnotherapist, or clinical psychologist. 

How should I wear Throat chakra jewelry?

If you are not actively engaged in a crystal healing session, but want the benefits of Throat chakra crystals with you throughout your day, consider wearing blue gemstone jewelry.
Here are some ideas for wearing Throat chakra jewelry:  Shop the whole Throat Chakra Jewelry Collection at Satin Crystals. 

blue aventurine stones and flowersWhat is the mantra for the Throat chakra?

If you are doing some manifestation work at the Throat chakra, here are some positive affirmations to get you started. Chant these mantras to attract your desires: 
  • I am strong and independent

  • I speak my truth

  • I am a happy and articulate person

  • I take the time to listen to others

  • I am confident in expressing myself

  • I let people in while maintaining boundaries

  • My Throat chakra flows open and free

  • I take full responsibility for my actions

  • I attract people with clear communication skills

  • I easily show affection through words and actions

Learn How to write your own Affirmations

What food is good for the Throat chakra?

The Throat chakra thrives on foods that soothe your soul like chicken noodle soup, tea and honey, and apple pie. 

You could also choose to feed your Throat chakra with naturally blue foods. These are a little hard to find but think blueberries, blue corn, or if you're lucky enough, a "blue fig" from the Blue Marble Tree.

sheila of satin crystals holding three angelite massage wands to her lipsWhat note is the Throat chakra?

Every chakra vibrates at a specific frequency. The Throat chakra vibrates at 672 Hz or the musical note E. At this vibration, you can align the Throat chakra to flow open.

Use tuning forks, musical instruments, and singing bowls specific to the Throat chakra's note to balance this area. 

Your Chakra Progress

It becomes harder when we are buried in the computer and cell phone all day long, but connecting with real people (and pets!) is irreplaceable. With a balanced Throat chakra, you will make the most of this invaluable part of life. 

Once your Throat chakra is open, you can move on to your top two spiritual chakras. But don't forget to revisit your lower chakras often to make sure they are working just the way you want them to. 

Here are additional reference guides for your chakra opening journeys: 

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blue calcite ball, raw stones and blue flowers
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How does your communication center feel? Do you use any of the recommended blue healing crystals to open your Throat Chakra? We would love to hear your stories. Write to us below and either Sheila or Lisa will get back to you.

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